"Julian said the F-word"

When I was told this, I knew it was time; discipline time. It almost feels wrong to say I like it when my students use inappropriate language, but one of my favorite ways to discipline applies to when an expletive is used.

I let the student know that his poor word choice bought him an opportunity to come up with 50 alternatives to the word he used. He had said the word because he hurt his finger, so I had him write 50 things that he could have said that were more appropriate for school. He didn't finish the list (because class ended), but what he came up with so far is purely amazing! It totally made my day. Here it is, a list of 36 alternatives a 3rd grader came up with for the F-word:

1. darn
3. owch
4. snap
5. OA
6. Hay
7. Freak
8. Flapjack
9. My fenger
10. help
11. shoot
12. crud
13. pi
14. kck
15. Tocoa
16. Hert
17. pain
18. crismus
19. Jiminy crismus
20. Fidellsticks
21. dore
22. stop
23. gold
24. blue
25. snap
26. dangit
27. Flapnog
28. ows
29. freak
30. 5
31. 4
32. 3
33. 2
35. com
36. boop


I almost just watched an episode of Gossip Girl. I need to change my life.

I got home from FHE tonight around 9:30 and played with my brother for a bit, made myself some non-needed dessert -twice, then decided to get down to it and actually start the homework for my online class. I was quickly distracted by email and then (inevitably) Facebook. I have no idea how I'll pass this class if I keep up these habits as I am. I have become a lazy, non-productive bum.

Take away the beer and there you go

I go to work at 10am everyday (usually waking an hour beforehand) . Come home on average at 3:30pm. Then begins TV, maybe a nap, A whole lotta nothing, eat some dinner, then I'll usually do something social.

I'm actually doing very well with the social part of my life. It seems like I'm up to something evrynight. Usually sports and church things. An occasional party here and there. But honestly, as a whole, I waste so much of my day sleeping in and catching up on Seinfeld. I was inspired by John Bytheway just recently to change things up. In a book of his that I was reading, he described how he one day decided to switch up his least productive hours (10pm-12am) for his most productive (6am-8am). He began going to bed at 10pm and then waking up at 6am. This gave him 2 extra hours before school to get things done. He used this time to write his first book. Who knows what I could accomplish if I used my time more wisely like that?! I could begin doing art again, I could get back in shape, I could pass my online class!!!

I need to shape up. I'm going to shape up. I have set my alarm for 6:30am. Let's see how this goes.

Pro Bono

Text message received Oct 15, 1:02pm from Rob Greer: There is a ticket for the U2 concert available for under 40 bucks on Tuesday. We will leave about 4:30. Who wants it?

Thanks to my quick texting skills, I snagged the ticket and was thus on my way to a wonderful night shared with Bono, The Edge, and Fergie. Below is my description of the night, as dictated to one of my friends on Facebook:

...Speaking of suffering, yes the traffic was pretty crazy last night. Everytime we were going 6mph past a limo on the freeway, I’d try looking in to see if Bono was inside. Black Eyed Peas were on their last couple of songs by the time we got in. started talking to us about how he “got a feeling” U2 was going to be amazing tonight –then they broke into that song (And dancing commenced). Then they left and the waiting began. Not too long, though.
Oh. My. U2.
Tyler, it was amazing. With or Without You, Vertigo, Where the Streets Have No Name, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For… It was so cool because it’s their “360 tour”, so they had this round stage in the middle of all the floor people, and then they had another skinny stage ring around it with bridges connecting the two. It made it so they could reach people from the inside stage and then run around the outside one too. They said they did it to be “more intimate with their audience.” Oh, if only I could have been one of those lucky people down on the floor. They also had this huge round screen in the middle of the stage showing close-ups of the band in HD. And the videography was done so so well. Thank goodness, because my seat was like a mile away and that was the only way that I could tell what was going on down there. They did 2 encores! Oh what a heavenly night. It ended at like 11:30+traffic+being way out in Glendale =I fell asleep so I don’t even know what time it was when I got home.


Quentin Blake

I like that previous post's illustration so much, I decided to put up more by the same children's book illustrator


Am I becoming what I most despise?

Am I becoming one of those people who you so know is a teacher? -But like in a bad way. I remember sitting in Relief Society years back and having the teacher "shoosh" me. "She is so a teacher," I'd think to myself as I sat there not liking her too much. I mean, this is church, not school -lighten up. Things have changed since then. Now I am a real teacher. I have experience. I've worked with high schoolers and elementary kids. ...And I'm in the Relief Society presidency.
I'm often at the front of the RS room -either conducting, teaching, or just participating. I had never noticed how chatty everyone is. It is so rude to the teacher. I almost "shooshed" them once -that's when I realized what I was becoming -one of "them."
I think it's a good thing that I know of this dreaded trait, though. If I know it exists, then I can recognize it in myself and avoid it, right? I will not become one of "them". I will find other ways to make sure the ladies are showing respect to the teacher and gaining from the lesson -like by using the EFY "let's keep the spirit that we feel with us the whole lesson" smackdown I layed a few weeks ago. That's still Miss Honey-esque, right?

This One Time, When I Was An Art Major...


Is This Heaven?

...No, it's the Brendan Leonard Show. -That is actually a direct quote from the show, that's just how wonderful it was. This show played all summer long in 2003. Those were wonderful times. This show was a huge part of my life. It was the one time in my life (hopefully the only time) when I was a devoted member of a message forum.

The Brendan Leonard Show featured eight 19-year-old young men just doing creative skits and games and such that they made up. It was hilarious and they were just being themselves. Also, it was totally clean. For more info, check this out.

I truly felt like the members of the show were my friends. I would even refer to them as that if I ever met someone from Illinois. ie: "Oh you're from Illinois?" ..."What part?" ..."Oh, cause I have some friends in Winnetka."

Even though I haven't watched the show in over a year, BLS still has an influence on my life today; the show's bands-of-the-day are often featured on my iTunes Top 25 Most Played, favorite quotes from the show still slip out every now and then, most of my infamous moves as an EFY counselor this summer came directly from this old fav, and I'll easily choose Dasani over any other water (because Kevin Sheehan made it clear that it was the best).

And I just realized that I pay extra attention to the kids in my art class who look similar to the members of BLS. There are a couple of boys with shaggier hair who look like Kevin Carlson. When they act up, I find it more amusing than disruptive. I'm pretty sure if other kids did the same things, I would discipline them.


Is yours? I came upon this website having no clue what it was. A friend on Facebook mentioned this acronym in their status and I was curious to see what it meant, so I googled it and came across this website. I am now addicted. Here are some pretty average favs:

"Today, I had to choose between a strawberry flavored Dum Dum and a mystery flavored Dum Dum. I decided to be adventurous and choose the mystery flavor; it was strawberry flavored. MLIA "

"Today, I realized the word bed actually looks like a bed. MLIA "

"Today I was chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, and all shooting some b-ball outside of the school, when a couple of guys, who were up to no good, started making trouble in my neighbourhood. They continued on their way and didn't bother me at all. MLIA "

"Today, I was sad about Michael Jackson's death. So I looked up all his songs and downloaded them illegally, but I didn't feel bad cause he doesn't need the money anymore. MLIA. "

"Today, I saw a commercial for the Snuggie. I thought it was stupid idea but I couldn't change the channel because I was under a blanket and I didn't want my arms to get cold. MLIA "

I actually thought of writing this post a couple of days ago (when I published my last post) but I didn't feel comfortable posting two things in a row on the same day. MLIA

Round Three

I have struggles with blogging.
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