I'm going there someday...

A week ago tomorrow, I went through the temple for the first time. It was such a great experience. I loved how taken-away-from-the-craziness-of-the-world I felt. But I really think the best part of the whole experience occurred earlier that morning.

I clearly remember just sitting in my classroom before any of the students arrived and thinking about how this was the day I would be able to go through the temple. It then hit me how this was something I had worked my whole life at. Because of the daily choices I had made to follow Christ's example, I would get to experience going through the temple. I would get to enter to Lord's house. It was one of the best feelings ever. I love our church and how the atonement works to bring us happiness and eternal families and EVERYTHING! It's the best and I am now so so excited for everyone else who is preparing to go through the temple. So excited that I cannot think of anything else to say. So, I'll just leave you with some pretty pictures:)


A Week Away

...The best part of this date may have been a tie between Santa refusing to take a picture with us and running into 4 of my students in the aquarium gift shop

You're invited...

...Can't wait to see you in 3 weeks!


Say Cheese ...burger

 David's Burger


Breakfast Burrito (Doesn't this just remind you of two puppies snuggling? Precious)

Pineapple Pancakes

Western Omelet


Hot Fudge Sundae

You know how in Mexican food restaurants, the menus usually make the food look not-so-good, even though the food is awesome? They're usually taken with really bad yellow lighting and weird angles like this:
       ...think Filiberto's menu pictures

Well, David's Hamburgers & Mexican Food had the same problem. Luckily, they realized it was a problem and when they asked Camaron (their #1 server/"manager") if he knew someone who could take their new menu's pictures, he recommended me:)
 The photos at the beginning of this post are just a sample of the delishness I got to document. It was so much fun! The best was getting the weird looks from people watching me photograph food at the table outside the restaurant ...and we got to eat all of the food after we photographed it:)

Epically Epic

So worth only getting 3 hours of sleep last night and then teaching all day today!!!!!!!!!

Farewell LOST ...revisited?

Remember that one show, LOST? Well, apparently I wrote a blog post about it right after the finale and never posted it. I'm guessing I didn't post it because everyone else was writing LOST posts, and I probably didn't want to make you throw up from another post about the LOST finale (although, I could have read a million and never toss any cookies). But now that all of the excitement and hype has faded away (for most of us anyway), this was really fun to read and remember what a great show/finale this was. Oh the memories...

It'll probably hit me Tuesday night around 8pm that LOST is really gone. Here is my list of likes and dislikes from finale night:


The clever LOST-themed Target commercials

The viewer's comment that thanked LOST for providing her longest commited relationship

EVERYONE came back! Even Vincent

Any part with Desmond

Jack doing his high kick off the rock when attacking man in black/Locke

Montage of Ben Linus getting beat up

Jimmy Kimmel's Survivor alternate ending

A lot of questions were answered -more than I thought anyway

All of the focus on Jack -I always felt the show was about him anyway. And he's my fav (after Desmond)

Anytime a character would remember everything (It was just so joyful!)


Ending wasn't as clear as I'd hoped it to be. Apparently they did it that way to make it open to interpretation. I don't know how I feel about that yet

Shannon and Sayid making out. I wonder if Boone was still a little jealous

LOST is over


Planning a Wedding in 2 Months

Some say it can't be done, but I loves me a challenge!

10/13 Camaron proposed
10/14 got videographer
10/15 reserved the temple for dec 18th (one of the last spots open for the 18th!)
10/16 have cake maker/tablecloths
10/17 booked location for reception
10/18 decided on colors and wedding centerpieces
10/22 got apartment!
10/24 designed wedding announcements
10/24 both families meet at family dinner
10/25 got ring resized
10/26 Have reception helpers -all is taken care of
10/27 got an amazing florist
10/28 Have hair people
10/29 got engagement pictures done
10/31 got addresses for bridal shower to shower crew
10/31 have photographer for wedding day
11/1 got a dress!

Still need to do:
11/16ish have all addresses to send out announcements
11/17ish send out wedding announcements
Meet with florist to pick out flowers
Figure out hair
Get Bridals taken (We have photographer)
Film wedding Video
Go through temple
Wedding license
12/18 WEDDING!!!

As you can see, October was rough. We don't talk about October. I am so happy to have free time right now, I just had to share


Proposal SURPRISE!!!!

Warning: This post may quickly turn into a novel. I'm writing this not just for you, but for me so I may always remember this magical moment:) -Also, I am writing this late at night, so it is definitely not my best writing.

 I'm going to start this story a few months ago -actually like 14 months ago. So my best friend, Ralynne, is an amazing performer (singer, dancer, the works...) and she ended up getting an internship at Disneyworld as "friends" with Pluto and then a job as one of the lead performers in the High School Musical 3 show. She'd been asking me to come visit since she got there, but timing and money just never worked out until this fall. I had a break from school for the second week of October, so I booked a flight and made plans with Ralynne to party it up in Florida together. I was so excited, but a little bummed to be away from Camaron for about a week (because he was visiting his new niece in Nebraska a few days before I left). He and I had spent almost everyday together since we'd started dating, so we definitely missed each other.

Also, our relationship was pretty serious. We had been talking about marriage for some time, but didn't want to rush it. But because I teach school, my schedule is pretty packed, so we decided it would work out best if we got married over Christmas break (2 weeks off of school, relatives would be in town, Christmas together...) So once mid-September hit, I really started pressuring Camaron about marriage (because I felt I couldn't really start planning things until it was official). After talking about it a lot, I knew it was coming soon. I had told Camaron that I really love being surprised, but it's kind of a bummer, because I usually figure out planned surprises and then miss all the magic of it. So that put some pressure on Cam and I was already trying to figure out how he'd do it. I knew he needed to ask my dad first, so I figured he'd do that while I was visiting Ralynne (because that is what I'd do). Then I figured he wouldn't be able to wait any longer, so he would propose after picking me up from the airport when I came home. This was my prediction.

Camaron asked if I thought I knew how he'd do it. I told him yes, but I wouldn't tell him my prediction (because I was so sure I was right and I didn't want to steal his fire by revealing that I knew). We talked about this over the phone while he was back in AZ (after seeing his new niece in Nebraska), and Camaron mentioned how he didn't have a ring yet. I was kind of frustrated by this news because I didn't want to have to wait until after Thursday(the night I'd get home) to get proposed to, and this would mess things up. I then apologized for making a big deal of it and secretly stressed more. On Wednesday (Oct 13), Ralynne and I decided to hit up Disney World. So we started in the Animal Kingdom and then headed over to Hollywood studios (because one of Ralynne's friends was Belle in The Beauty & the Beast show and she was going to get us VIP seating and then pictures with the cast afterwards). So Ralynne and I had to book it to the show so we could get our VIP seating. The show was awesome! I texted Cam a few times about what I was doing and how I was enjoying the show.
Me texting Camaron while we waited for the cast to come out

When the show ended, we stayed after everyone else left. Then, the stage curtain opened and revealed the whole cast! I was surprised that the whole cast was willing to take some pictures with us. And everyone was super nice and really wanted to get to know me. So we got some good pictures and someone was taking video on Ralynne's camera. When we were finishing up, I told the cast thank you and was about to head off the stage, but Prince Beast (?) stopped me and told me they had one more surprise.

Earlier, they had given away the new Beauty & the Beast DVD to a lucky audience member. I totally thought the cast was going to give us one too, but then they all turned toward the back curtain. A drumroll played and then the curtain opened and revealed ...CAMARON!!!!
Click on the pic to see the magic up close ;)

WHAAAAAT????!!?!!!! (That was basically my reaction) He walked down the steps toward me and then got down on one knee and proposed! I was in so much shock from surprise of seeing Camaron in Florida! I was shaking like crazy, but I said yes and then he slipped on the gorgeous ring (that he picked:)  ) And then the whole cast cheered while I was still busy trying to pick up the pieces of my exploded brain. I was just so happy!!! Camaron had surprised me big time and had proposed in the most perfect way ever!!!!! (for me). I absolutely love all things Disney and Beauty & the Beast is my fav, so this was just too much to handle and I was still shaking most of the day. Surprisingly, I did not cry. I guess I was just too happy and shocked.

It was just so wonderful to have Camaron there. A lot of the trip, I had been thinking, "Oh Camaron would love this! ...I can't wait to come back someday and do this with Camaron...etc..." -Not that I wasn't having a blast with Ralynne, but just everything is that much better when Camaron is there too. So we got to spend the rest of the day together playing in the parks. Ralynne had to leave early for a rehearsal, so I would have been left alone in the parks to play. But now Cam was there and we had so much fun:) Along with the rides, we also spent much of the day texting and calling friends and family -which was so fun to share the news. But I quickly came to find out that EVERYBODY knew about Camaron coming to propose -except me! Thank you everyone who worked to pull this off and kept it a secret. It was seriously the biggest and best surprise EVER!

First Friday

No, this post is not about any kind of special religious mass or anything like that (sorry to disappoint). What I'm referring to is the First Friday arts celebration-thing that goes on in Phoenix on the first friday of every month. I can't believe that last Friday was the first time I had ever been! I'm an art major for the sake of Pete! Anyway, wow. W.O.W. It was one of the most fun, interesting, thought-provoking, crazy, and somewhat disturbing experiences that I have had in a long time. I like lists, so I'm going to list (in ranking order) my top fav and not-top-favs of the night. Enjoy!
 *Most of these pics were stolen off of the website. I didn't take many pictures, but the ones I did are pure gold. pure. gold.

Top Favs
5. I love when people get really excited about art -there were a TON of people there, and a lot were dressed up, playing music, painting art the same time.
4. It's always a great time when I get to go experience new things with Camaron (It would be really precious of me to have posted this as my #1 fav, but you'll understand why I didn't when you see what I did post for #1)
3. The Scientology headquarters of AZ was there. I don't know why that's in my top 5, I guess it was just interesting to see that it's a real thing -and apparently, the same people who protest at the Easter Pageant also have beef with Tom Cruise.

2. There were some works that were so creative and fun to look at that I got some major inspiration and       cravings to make me some art:)
1. When there's something strange in your neighborhood ...who ya gonna call?

5. No free food. Apparently, last time Camaron went, they gave out free Twinkies.
4. They didn't block off the whole road. Usually they do -I'm guessing for the Fridays in summer, they don't close the whole street because there are less people (because it's HOT but it was pretty nice last Friday)
3. I'm just preparing you for #2 and #1 (on this list -not the other #2 and #1 teehee, but close)
2. Some of the art was completely deceiptful. It would lure me in by looking innocent but very creative and interesting I'd look closer ...and closer ...then it would throw disturbingly gross images in my face!!!! I didn't even see it coming!!! It was like that Dinosaur ride at Disneyworld! You never see it coming!!!
1. My poor poor eyes. It burns, it burns!

Silly Pogs?

SillyBands. Also known as: silly bandz, crazy bands, fun bands, shaped rubber bands, and (my fav) funny shapes rubber band bracelet. These things are everywhere! I saw my first one this summer, then I'd see them here and there. Once school started, a few kids had them. It just looked like they had a warped rubber band around their wrist, but they're actually rubber bands shaped into cool things -usually animals. I don't know why exactly, but they are sooooo stinkin popular now! Kids have them all over their wrists now. I saw a kid wearing a huge wad of them at lunch one day. I asked how many he had -33! I want to say "What's the point?! They're just stupid rubber bands!" -because that's what all the other teachers say. But, honestly, I like them ...a lot. I think it's because I grew up with pogs. That's my conclusion. Those were basically just cardboard little circles -but they were a HUGE deal! Kids paid a lot for them and they became status symbols on the playground. I miss pogs (and slammers). Where did they go?


The Happiest Place on Earth!

Yes, I did go to Disneyland in March ...but I just finally got 400+ pictures of the trip from Tiffany!!!! (I'm extra excited because she didn't wait all the way until Christmas to get them to me -a very rare occurance)

Looking through the pics inspired this magical post. I just can't get enough of this place. I love it so much that I truly believe that anyone who does not appreciate it only feels that way because they were with the wrong people (people we don't talk about) or they were ill in some way(physically and/or mentally) from something previous to their arriving at the happiest place on earth.

These are just a few (out of like a bizznillion) reasons why I want to go back there tomorrow:

Right here should be reason enough
 notice the man walking by pausing to jump in the photo -pure Disney magic

You wear matching clothes and everyone loves it! Seriously, people like think you're in a dance group, or a family reunion, or the green barets (trust me, it happened). And you're never the only ones. It just adds a little more magic (and you thought it couldn't be done).

There's always a celebration going on! Always.

Best souvenirs


Best fireworks show ever. I cried  ...well, not really. But I'm sure someone did.

They want you to have fun and play all day ...and night

CHURROS. nuff said

Dear Disneyland, please do another free-ticket-give-away-service thing. I will stand outside in the freezing AZ winter cold at 3 in the morning again for you, you know I would.

             Love, Andrea

p.s. Camaron, this post is not directed at you in any way.
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