Sorry to disappoint if you were expecting a post about that crazy Beyonce movie, the subject of this post actually refers to me and my obsessive ways. When I get really excited about something, I get REALLY excited. If I really like something, I like to learn all about it and I just can't stop thinking about it and it becomes a major part of my life.

Yesterday, my iPod was on shuffle and Keane's Hamburg Song came on. So beautiful. The memories flooded in. I used to be so obsessed with Keane. I don't even know if I can give my obsession justice on here. An small example would be how I still appreciate Keane and listen to their music, but I no longer go on their website EVERYDAY and check for updates and pictures from their tour. I really used to do that. I would look through all of the pictures that Richard Hughes (Keane's drummer) took of the cities they played in I also used to make Christmas cards from me and Richard. And one of my first ceramic projects was a tribute to the cover art for Under the Iron Sea.

A more clear picture of my love for them can be made from looking through a certain journal entry I made on July 1, 2006, 9 days after attending a Keane concert in LA. Six full pages back-to-back. I think this entry only stands behind in length to the one I made 2 years earlier about meeting Brendan Leonard (another past obsession). Anyway, here are some key excerpts from the entry:

...We found out that Keane would be playing in LA on June 21, and even though Alyssa had finals that week, we decided that would work best and we were going. ...Alyssa was going to order our tickets at 10am the next day during the presale. I was kinda worried that it might be 10am England-time cause it was a UK website, so I woke up at 2am to check if tickets were on sale yet ...I woke up for nothing.

Alyssa called me after ordering our tickets and told me we were lucky, cause 5 min after they went on sale, they were sold out. But we had our tickets so we were happy! ...When packing for the trip (we were staying the night in LA) I had the hardest time picking out what to wear. I wanted to be noticed in the audience and look cute*.

...So we got in the will call line and we got to go 1st!! ...we found a place in the middle only like 7 people away from the stage! ...It was amazing. Everything was dark, but I saw Tim come out and start playing "The Iron Sea" on the keyboard with one blue light shining on him. ...The concert was amazing. I'm pretty sure Tom stared right at me a couple of times. It was amazing and we were blown away a couple of times.

...We decided we wanted to wait outside the backdoors for Keane. ...A security guard said it would be about an hour before they came out. But we didn't care, the guard had just said they were coming out! ...we took pictures of the band's instruments being put in a moving truck ... We couldn't believe Tom was so close and coming toward us. I was totally shaking and so was Alyssa. ...Richard came out... I asked if I could have a quick picture with him and he said yes. ...he was like "sorry, can we take another one?" ...Tim finally came out ...we skipped off to our car and did a couple heel-clicks and air-guitars. ...I was like hitting my head and going insane. And we kept remininsing about our favorite parts of the night. ...When we went to bed, it would be quiet for a little, then one of us would get all excited again about what we had just got to experience.
The First Movie I ever edited on my laptop (The songs are in the same order as played in concert)

I still love Keane -but more for what they were in 2004-2007 than what they are today. I know I'm not as obsessed anymore.

For extra fun, let's take a trip back to yesteryear to see some other past obsessions of mine:

Dogs -One of my firsts. This one probably stemmed from watching Lady and the Tramp a lot when I was little. I seriously still know probably close to 100 breeds
Surfing- This was my big one in jr. high. I would even look at surfboards on ebay and fantasize
Harry Potter -Still am. Who isn't? Weirdos, that's who
The Brendan Leonard Show -I've posted about this one before, and I'll probably post about it again
Jonas Brothers -This one started back before Nick's voice had changed and he still sounded like a girl
The Beatles -Standard. You've got to be careful about this one, though. I did a little too much research and found out some things I wish I hadn't. But Beatles Rockband is still my favorite

...If I've missed any, let me know. Also, feelfree to share your obsessions so I don't feel so weird

*I am soooo weird


  1. That slideshow brought back the best memories and feelings a wee lass can have!

  2. You might possibly be revealing a little too much about yourself on here. Just kidding. I need to tell you what I recently learned about my friend's Jonas obsession because she puts you to shame. But nonetheless, you are kind of an obsessive person and that's what makes you so much fun.

    My obsessions:
    Saved by the Bell
    Jonathon Taylor Thomas
    That song I always played on the piano
    Coldplay (couldn't have avoided this one)
    cinnamon bears

    That's all I can think of for now.


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