Whenever I clean my room, it's a pretty big deal (possibly because it's only a semi-annual event?). Anyway, my bed always ends up taking the biggest the biggest hit when I start getting sloppy. I think It's because it's so big and right in the middle of everything, so it seems to always become the biggest shelf in my room.

When this occurs, my sleep space usually gets cut smaller and smaller until this occurs:

for real, I don't even get the option of how I sleep, I have to sleep on my side or I won't fit

But yesterday I cleaned my room and now I am blessed with this:

center of the bed sleeping? Yes please! spread out all over? You know it. Glorious indeed.

I just hope I get to enjoy it for at least a week:)

The Summer of Andrea

Being a teacher can be real hard work, but right now, I can only think of it as a pretty sweet gig. You see, I am on summer vacation. No kids, just 3 months being payed to not teach. So far, I'm a fan. I was talking to my brother about it earlier tonight and I found myself proclaiming this summer "The Summer of George! -I mean, Andrea!" Here is some background on the comment:

So far, no bees have chased me, but like George, I do plan to read a book cover to cover and play frolf (or it's superior cousin, Ultimate).Below I have laid out The Summer of Andrea! Let the juices drip!

This is my summer right now:


This will be my summer for 2 weeks starting next week:


Then I have about a week and a half to party it up/possibly roadtrip to Idaho/Swim my face off


Then my mom, sister, and I:


Then less than a week later...


...Then a few days later, school starts :(

I hope my summer doesn't end like it did for George...

"Mr. Costanza. Your legs have sustained extensive trauma. Apparently your body was in the state of advanced atrophy, due to a period of extreme inactivity. But with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, I think there's a good chance you may, one day, walk again."
—Doctor, Seinfeld Script

New Hair

It's red. Really, reallllly dark red. And I looooove it. That is all.

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