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The Happiest Place on Earth!

Yes, I did go to Disneyland in March ...but I just finally got 400+ pictures of the trip from Tiffany!!!! (I'm extra excited because she didn't wait all the way until Christmas to get them to me -a very rare occurance)

Looking through the pics inspired this magical post. I just can't get enough of this place. I love it so much that I truly believe that anyone who does not appreciate it only feels that way because they were with the wrong people (people we don't talk about) or they were ill in some way(physically and/or mentally) from something previous to their arriving at the happiest place on earth.

These are just a few (out of like a bizznillion) reasons why I want to go back there tomorrow:

Right here should be reason enough
 notice the man walking by pausing to jump in the photo -pure Disney magic

You wear matching clothes and everyone loves it! Seriously, people like think you're in a dance group, or a family reunion, or the green barets (trust me, it happened). And you're never the only ones. It just adds a little more magic (and you thought it couldn't be done).

There's always a celebration going on! Always.

Best souvenirs


Best fireworks show ever. I cried  ...well, not really. But I'm sure someone did.

They want you to have fun and play all day ...and night

CHURROS. nuff said

Dear Disneyland, please do another free-ticket-give-away-service thing. I will stand outside in the freezing AZ winter cold at 3 in the morning again for you, you know I would.

             Love, Andrea

p.s. Camaron, this post is not directed at you in any way.
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