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...Can't wait to see you in 3 weeks!


Say Cheese ...burger

 David's Burger


Breakfast Burrito (Doesn't this just remind you of two puppies snuggling? Precious)

Pineapple Pancakes

Western Omelet


Hot Fudge Sundae

You know how in Mexican food restaurants, the menus usually make the food look not-so-good, even though the food is awesome? They're usually taken with really bad yellow lighting and weird angles like this:
       ...think Filiberto's menu pictures

Well, David's Hamburgers & Mexican Food had the same problem. Luckily, they realized it was a problem and when they asked Camaron (their #1 server/"manager") if he knew someone who could take their new menu's pictures, he recommended me:)
 The photos at the beginning of this post are just a sample of the delishness I got to document. It was so much fun! The best was getting the weird looks from people watching me photograph food at the table outside the restaurant ...and we got to eat all of the food after we photographed it:)

Epically Epic

So worth only getting 3 hours of sleep last night and then teaching all day today!!!!!!!!!

Farewell LOST ...revisited?

Remember that one show, LOST? Well, apparently I wrote a blog post about it right after the finale and never posted it. I'm guessing I didn't post it because everyone else was writing LOST posts, and I probably didn't want to make you throw up from another post about the LOST finale (although, I could have read a million and never toss any cookies). But now that all of the excitement and hype has faded away (for most of us anyway), this was really fun to read and remember what a great show/finale this was. Oh the memories...

It'll probably hit me Tuesday night around 8pm that LOST is really gone. Here is my list of likes and dislikes from finale night:


The clever LOST-themed Target commercials

The viewer's comment that thanked LOST for providing her longest commited relationship

EVERYONE came back! Even Vincent

Any part with Desmond

Jack doing his high kick off the rock when attacking man in black/Locke

Montage of Ben Linus getting beat up

Jimmy Kimmel's Survivor alternate ending

A lot of questions were answered -more than I thought anyway

All of the focus on Jack -I always felt the show was about him anyway. And he's my fav (after Desmond)

Anytime a character would remember everything (It was just so joyful!)


Ending wasn't as clear as I'd hoped it to be. Apparently they did it that way to make it open to interpretation. I don't know how I feel about that yet

Shannon and Sayid making out. I wonder if Boone was still a little jealous

LOST is over


Planning a Wedding in 2 Months

Some say it can't be done, but I loves me a challenge!

10/13 Camaron proposed
10/14 got videographer
10/15 reserved the temple for dec 18th (one of the last spots open for the 18th!)
10/16 have cake maker/tablecloths
10/17 booked location for reception
10/18 decided on colors and wedding centerpieces
10/22 got apartment!
10/24 designed wedding announcements
10/24 both families meet at family dinner
10/25 got ring resized
10/26 Have reception helpers -all is taken care of
10/27 got an amazing florist
10/28 Have hair people
10/29 got engagement pictures done
10/31 got addresses for bridal shower to shower crew
10/31 have photographer for wedding day
11/1 got a dress!

Still need to do:
11/16ish have all addresses to send out announcements
11/17ish send out wedding announcements
Meet with florist to pick out flowers
Figure out hair
Get Bridals taken (We have photographer)
Film wedding Video
Go through temple
Wedding license
12/18 WEDDING!!!

As you can see, October was rough. We don't talk about October. I am so happy to have free time right now, I just had to share

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