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Planning a Wedding in 2 Months

Some say it can't be done, but I loves me a challenge!

10/13 Camaron proposed
10/14 got videographer
10/15 reserved the temple for dec 18th (one of the last spots open for the 18th!)
10/16 have cake maker/tablecloths
10/17 booked location for reception
10/18 decided on colors and wedding centerpieces
10/22 got apartment!
10/24 designed wedding announcements
10/24 both families meet at family dinner
10/25 got ring resized
10/26 Have reception helpers -all is taken care of
10/27 got an amazing florist
10/28 Have hair people
10/29 got engagement pictures done
10/31 got addresses for bridal shower to shower crew
10/31 have photographer for wedding day
11/1 got a dress!

Still need to do:
11/16ish have all addresses to send out announcements
11/17ish send out wedding announcements
Meet with florist to pick out flowers
Figure out hair
Get Bridals taken (We have photographer)
Film wedding Video
Go through temple
Wedding license
12/18 WEDDING!!!

As you can see, October was rough. We don't talk about October. I am so happy to have free time right now, I just had to share


  1. dang girl! I know someone who just got engaged on Friday...and is getting married Dec 22nd. I'm amazed! You are so on top of it!

  2. Yayaya! You are mega woman! :) Can't wait till you're a Stevenson so you can finally be in the club


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