Awkward & Awesome Thursday

So... my cute little new sister-in-law made quite an interesting blog post today. It was inspired by this blog. I thought it was a cute idea. But then I could only think of awesome things that happened today, nothing awkward ...and then one of my 1st grade students humped my leg. 

Here we go:

This picture came up when I googled the word "awkward". Well done, Google. Well done.

  • The aforementioned incident with said 1st grade student (At least it wasn't an 8th grade student?)
  • The lock on my car's driver's side doesn't work, so I have to get in on the passenger's side and then slide over the stick to my seat. This morning, a neighbor was on her porch and watched me.
  • The doodles I found in one of the "How to draw Superheroes" books in my classroom
  • Me trying to actually form words when another teacher was talking to me (ie: "Oh, yes, nice day it is. Haha sun nice. Haha ha.  ha."
  • It always smells like dog poo on the first step of our outside stairs. Always. Yet no poo is ever found. Interesting...
  • The innuendos strewn about the ads at Lenny's Burgers
  • Now I'm a Libra? But what about my Scorpio tattoo? And what sign am I supposed to be attracted to now?

Again, all the praise goes to Google. I've seen this before. Where have I seen this? I'll keep you posted

  • Having 7th grade students from last semester tell me they miss my class (Well, duh.)
  • It's Thursday!!!! aka: Tomorrow is Friday!!!!
  • Today is temple day for Cam and I :)
  • I "got to" sleep in and then husband packed my lunch because I had slept it -and it was dang good.
  • We bought sprayable pancakes last night -that's right, an aerosol can of pancake batter. It sounds so weird and wrong that I couldn't leave Walmart without it.
  • The high today was 75 degrees. 75 degrees in January!!!! AZ I love you so. Anybody up for a swim?
  • The throw pillows I'm gonna make for our couch. Serious, awesome doesn't even begin to describe...
  • We ate at Lenny's tonight and it was DPS officer night apparently. There were 7 cop cars parked outside! Awesome.


  1. hahah K cam is great. but he never made lunches for me! I'm jealous. Oh, and also jealous of the 75 degrees. You lucky duckling! :)

  2. you got humped? i coudn't stop laughing. oh boy. what a circus you work in! i'm going to have to investigate said sprayable pancakes. whaaaaaaat? and the weather? um, i'm coming over for a swim! just get rid of that dog poop smell first, k?


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