Splash Into Fun

Favorite Disneyland ride?

For me, that's pretty much a no-brainer

Splash Mountain, Please!

I think it always has been and always will be my fav.
  • I learned to whistle while waiting in line one time when I was there with my family when I was little. 
  • I almost lost my shoe while going down the falls there with my besties in 2005
  • I got an amazing look from someone while I was eating crackers with spray cheese with my friends there on New Year's 2009.
  • And, I just can't get me enough of the song Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! especially this version:)

Have you ever been somewhere and you get that nostalgic smell. You know the one. Kinda damp and dank... ie: The smell of Splash Mountain. I always feel such joy when this occurs

I'm so excited to hit it up in just a few weeks. And best of all, I get to go with Camaron AND Alyssa's fam! ie: my 2nd fam funzies

Alyssa and I are making plans for the matching shirts all of us are going to wear around the park (a Disneyland-big-group staple). I can't wait to be wearing mine on Splash Mountain whilst trying to recreate this magic:
Satisfactual fun!

Which ride is your fav???????????

Disneyland for Free?!

Have you heard about this? Disneyland has a deal going on right now where their 3-day park hopper passes are only $9 more than the 2-day park hopper. That's almost like getting a day for both parks for freeeeee!Yes please! But it is only until mid-April, so get in on this asap. Hello spring break!

Be expecting some magical photos in the near future the mean time, I think I'll be posting Disney-type-things here and there to help you get as pumped as I am!

A Disney Rumor that is, in fact, true:

Did you know that there is a basketball court built within the top of the Matterhorn?

I learned this a few years ago when we questioned one of the cast members in the theater on Main Street, USA. She told us all about it and said that other cast members sometimes go up there to play and unwind. It's really small, but still, that's so cool. Wouldn't it be nuts if you were screaming your head off as you're riding those bobsleds and dodging the abominable snowman ...and then suddenly a basketball suddenly came hurdling toward you?!

Here is a pic I found of it. These are some crazy radio hosts from LA


I'm on the internet!!!

So, my lil sissy needed to observe a teacher teaching for one of her classes, and as I am in the teaching profession, I quickly heeded her call to duty. Unfortunately, she's at school up in Idaho (at my alma mater). Fortunately, my computer has a camera.

Now you can show me all your 1-point perspective skills! Wahoooooooooo!

And look who's missing you
we're related:)

Party like it's your V-Day

Remember in third grade, when you had that Valentine exchange party in Mrs. Stower's class? And at the end of the party, you went back to your desk and opened your box to find loads of valentines, candy hearts, and love? Miss it, don't you?
Hence why we threw a Valentine exchange party last Saturday
K & A opening their beeee-u-tiful box full of Valentines

Our lovely box that we spent hours(?) on

Just look at the joy on their faces. Pure. Joy.

Z&R and their gorrr-geeee-uss box


...And then we danced!

And then we ate!

My peace sign temporary tattoo is still goin strong

And more dancing commenced!




Got the idea for these little lovelies from my Jenny Friend




To begin, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day always makes me kinda nervous, because I never really know what to expect or what is expected of me etc... But this year, it was AMMMMAZIINNNNNG!!!!

Here are some photos to illustrate why:

I came home to these all over the house, on the front door, and petals sprinkled everywhere. It was beautiful.

This note was one our coffee table -along with my favorite snacks that he had bought and put out, he had cued up Veronica Mars on Netflix, and had my pillow and blanket spread out on the couch:) He knew I really really wanted to nap, so this was so so great to come home to.
*We had run out of tape, so notice he used bobby pins to hold his notes to scraps of love paper.
I later found this note on our bed. Love how this boy rhymes:)

Note #3

Note #4 with an amazing CD
(Lovey songs from Tears for Fears, The Pixies, The Kinks, The Beach Boys...Mmmmhmmm)
*Did you pick up on the Ferris Bueller reference in the note?

(Too bad I grabbed the wrong coat and never even realized I needed to get in my car at 7 ...which would have led me to the 4th note ...which would have led me to Gecko Grill where Camaron waited for me for 45 minutes ...and the whole time, I was at home waiting for him ...oops)

Other than the slight mix-up, it was a great night. We still got to go out to dinner and get super yummy food and frozen yogurt. And we did a great job on the gift-giving, if I do say so myself (I got him a fun Mesa shirt and he got me my new favorite locket necklace with our pics inside)

Love LOVE love Love Love
LOVE love love LOVE
LOVE love love Love loVE LoVe lOvE
 LOve LoVE love LOVE LovE LOVE love

Wedding Photos

As tomorrow is Valentine's Day, a day of love, I'm sharing photos from my 
most lovey day ever, December 18, 2010 (feel privileged, you get to see this before the facebook people do)

I absolutely love how these turned out. They were all taken at the Mesa temple right after Camaron and I were married. There were a record 41 weddings that day, and our amazing photographer was able to find this great/perfect location to squeeze us all in to take our photos.  
When was your most lovey-est day?
Photography Annie Randall

Language of love

We all know French is the language of love -or at least that is what we are often told. Anyway, when it is used in music, I find it to be so beautiful. There are a couple of French musicians who I really enjoy, but Coeur De Pirate has been drifting through my speakers the last few days. Enjoy
Below, I have included the lyrics translated into English. I don't know how accurate they are, but I'm just glad this cute little song didn't end up really being about sitting around yelling and eating porkrinds on a couch, or eating hampsters and cats and then making violins out of them or something*.

So you see as everything gets mixed up
From your heart to your lips, I become a headache (problem)
Your laugh defies me to let you go
Before losing hold and abandoning
Because I would never ask you for that much
You already treat me like a big child
And we have nothing left to lose
Except our lives, which we have set aside

And he still loves me, and me I love you a little more
But he still loves me, and me I love you a little more

That’s enough of this splitting in halves
It’s harder to do, otherwise
Because without laughter it’s easier to dream
Of what we can never again touch
We take each others hands, like children
The happiness on our lips, a bit naively
And we walk together with a determined step
While our heads yell at us to stop everything

He still loves me, and you love me a little more
But he still loves me, and me I love you a little more
And despite this, he still loves me, and me I love you a little more
But he still loves me, and me I love you a little more

Again, me I love you a little more
But he still loves me, and me I love you a little more
Despite this, he still loves me, and me I love you a little more
But he still loves me, and me I love you a little more
But he still loves me, and me I love you a little more


*I know only like 3 words in French, so I often worry that the songs I listen to in French are actually horribly bad songs, but I naively love them anyway.

Who do you love?

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. Are you feeling the love? Cam and I just got the last of our wedding pictures back yesterday and it brought so many lovey dovey feelings you could just throw up. The pics also brought a lot of laughter; oh man, we have the best families and friends.

More pics will be posted throughout this week of love

Art Teacher

I'm the art teacher at an elementary and middle school (it's a 2-in-1 school ...kinda like that 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, ya know? That can be a good or bad thing -in both cases). Sometimes I really love my job. And who wouldn't? I'm the art teacher for cryin out loud!

What we're(the whole school) working on this week:

CLAY!!!! aka crazy messiness I'm nuts

6th grade -clay food

4th Grade -pinch pot faces
*There are a ton more projects from all of the grades, but I already put them in the kiln maybe you'll see them after they're painted?

I love when the kids tell me that mine is their favorite class. I love when the kids tell me that the project they're working on is "so much fun!" I love when a kid is happily surprised by how well a project turns out. I love when the kids are super surprised/in awe that I can make art too.

But sometimes, I wish I had a job where I could have a break. I could easily just take time off or  switch days with a co-worker or something -not so easy as a teacher.

I don't love when kids won't clean up after themselves -and then I have to stay afterschool trying to clean up their mess. I don't love having to have lesson plans prepared for 4-6 different classes everyday. I don't love losing my prep hour 3 times a week because they can't find subs for other teachers. I don't love kids who either talk back, yell at you, talk behind your back, or just sit there and do nothing.

Lately, I've been not loving my job as much as I used to. I'm worn out. I think doing this full-time thing is weighing down on me. If I can teach part time again, that might change things; But the more I think about teaching full time again next year, I get really sad and stressed.  I know I love learning more than teaching, so it's really looking like I'll be going back to school next year. Whenever I think about that, I get so so excited. Seriously, I was talking to Camaron about it last weekend and I even asked, "When is MCC's summer schedule posted? I want to start looking at art classes." He laughed. I have to wait a month or so before I can do anything and it's driving me crazy!!!

I love art, but not so much art teaching. It definitely has perks, but right now I feel like there is so much more for me and I know I'll be happier when I am pushing myself more in art:) Just thought you'd like to know.


 Last night, Cam and I double dated with Alyssa and Keith (best friends/neighbors/awesome) in downtown Phoenix. It was first friday, and since Alyssa and Keith had never been, we decided to let them in on the magic. And oh how magical it was!

As always, tons of creative art pieces on display...
Camaron and Elton John, but which is which?
 Costumed fairy lovers...
Fairy Festival coming up in March -Who's with me?!
 A stop at Revolver Records...
Live local music out front? Yes please

Typical reaction to Tom Jones' amazingness

*insert multiple references to Big Baby from Toy Story 3
They even carried albums from that sweet band from Doug!
As we were leaving the record store, we saw a sign that said Music Trivia and the words Pretty in Pink ...I was in my element. The trivia question was: In the movie Pretty in Pink, what Otis Redding song does John Cryer's character, Duckie, sing in the record store? I didn't know the title, but I knew the song and the scene. So I started acting it out and singing it for Alyssa (in front of the cashier), Alyssa immediately recognized it as Try a Little Tenderness. With that answer, we won a free record! from the dollar section. After much deliberation, we decided on Elton John's Goodbye Yellowbrick Road. I guess Elton became the theme of our First Friday:)

We're winners. That's what we do.

Then we jammed out to the band in front of the record store. ...And I lost my voice
Oh, if only I could resist

After the First Friday festivities, we made our way over to The Duce for dessert. None of us had ever been there before; we had just heard about it from some friends. It was nearby, so we dropped in. It was so much FUN! Go there. Now. It's basically an old farm-warehouse-type building that was converted into an amazing place to shop, eat, and just look around. When we first walked in, we were surrounded by racks of cute-vintage-y clothes, bikes, and decor. My eyes were in heaven. They had an ice cream bar in the corner (but it was closed because of like a shift change or something). Next to that, they had a full-on boxing ring! I guess people train there or something? But it was so cool.

Camaron trying out their cell phone booth. It was all very amusing ...until he got trapped in there for around 8 minutes. Then it became hilarious.
Over the speakers, we heard a really bad cover of "1234" by Feist coming from the other side of the warehouse. We soon realized this place had karaoke. Oh yes. So we went over to the bar area to hear/suffer some more. As much as I'm not a fan of bars, they make for some goooood karaoke. It was hilarious. Then, in the back of the bar, they had an old streamline trailer converted into a kitchen where they cooked amazing food. We looked over the menu and decided on the apple skillet crisp. It was divine.
Then you know what happened next... 
Alyssa and I became Beyonce and Kelly as we belted out Survivor by Destiny's Child
Of course the DJ couldn't help but play Single Ladies next. Everyone went insane (as you always should for that song)

Don't mess.
 On our way out, we decided to take advantage of the sweet boxing ring, so we snuck on and "boxed" for a while...
Possibly my favorite photo of the night

Then, one of the workers/manager guy came over and asked about what we were doing. We totally thought we were in trouble, but then he was like "Get in there so I can take pictures for you" :)
So we did.

This picture basically sums up the whole evening. Go to The Duce.
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