Age of Adz=Age of Awesome


On Friday, October 22, 2010, I attended probably one of the most epic concerts I have ever attended. See, look:

I know what you're thinking, "Sufjan? 'To Be Alone With You' Sufjan? Wouldn't that concert be way mellow and stuff?" -Don't worry, I basically thought the same thing. But I didn't care and bought tickets anyway, because it's Sufjan Stevens. And he's one of my favs.

What is that? You don't even know who Sufjan Stevens is? Well, then please go here. now here. Then here. Ok, now we're on the same page.

But holy cow was I blown away. This concert was nuts! There were so many cool lighting effects, crazy go-go dancers, trippy projected videos, and a nutsy dancing Sufjan! Oh man, it's all coming back! The whole thing was basically all of his new stuff. He really only played about three of his old classics. But it so didn't matter. It was Ahhhhh-mazazing!

Here is a little look at the concert. Take this and multiply it by amazing-fantastic-mind-blowingness. Enjoy.

Plus, look how similar he is to John Locke
locke sufjan jc021909 LOST in Indie Rock   Which Indie Rockers Would Play Lost Characters
yeah, I posted this pic twice. Well, well look at it!
Locke and Sufjan have a lot in common: they both are men of faith, have a certain level of mysticism, and have zillions of people pondering their next move. Sufjan’s 50 States project is kind of like the equivalent of Locke’s journey to unlock the Island’s secret; although admittedly only Locke’s quest may actually come to fruition.

Now, go get yourself his new album, Age of Adz(pronounced "odds"), and live.

If you like biographies, here is one I truly enjoyed:
Sufjan Stevens was born in Detroit , Michigan (July 1, 1975), and grew up in the chilly upper reaches of the Lower Peninsula. A self-taught musician, the young Sufjan pounded out elaborate Mozartian sonatas on a toy Casio, and by college became proficient on the oboe, recorder, banjo, guitar, vibraphone, bass, drums, piano, and other instruments too numerous to mention. Somewhere along the line he also started to sing, though at the time his friends didn't encourage it. He bought a 4-track tape cassette recorder and painstakingly composed 90-minute concept albums for The Nine Planets, The 12 Apostles, and The Four Humors.

Sufjan's other interests include graphic design, painting, running, knitting, crocheting, weaving, quilting, 

cleaning, photography, haircutting, and dry wall installation. He collects stamps and wheat pennies. He cooks 

string guard on a district champion basketball team and created his own language, now spoken by only two other 

people. His brother Marzuki is a nationally recognized marathon runner, elite status. His sister Djohariah has the 
most complicated, most whimsical, most monumental laugh in all of mankind.

legendary omelets and can whip up a sushi feast at the drop of a sake glass. In high school he played second 

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