Last night, Cam and I double dated with Alyssa and Keith (best friends/neighbors/awesome) in downtown Phoenix. It was first friday, and since Alyssa and Keith had never been, we decided to let them in on the magic. And oh how magical it was!

As always, tons of creative art pieces on display...
Camaron and Elton John, but which is which?
 Costumed fairy lovers...
Fairy Festival coming up in March -Who's with me?!
 A stop at Revolver Records...
Live local music out front? Yes please

Typical reaction to Tom Jones' amazingness

*insert multiple references to Big Baby from Toy Story 3
They even carried albums from that sweet band from Doug!
As we were leaving the record store, we saw a sign that said Music Trivia and the words Pretty in Pink ...I was in my element. The trivia question was: In the movie Pretty in Pink, what Otis Redding song does John Cryer's character, Duckie, sing in the record store? I didn't know the title, but I knew the song and the scene. So I started acting it out and singing it for Alyssa (in front of the cashier), Alyssa immediately recognized it as Try a Little Tenderness. With that answer, we won a free record! from the dollar section. After much deliberation, we decided on Elton John's Goodbye Yellowbrick Road. I guess Elton became the theme of our First Friday:)

We're winners. That's what we do.

Then we jammed out to the band in front of the record store. ...And I lost my voice
Oh, if only I could resist

After the First Friday festivities, we made our way over to The Duce for dessert. None of us had ever been there before; we had just heard about it from some friends. It was nearby, so we dropped in. It was so much FUN! Go there. Now. It's basically an old farm-warehouse-type building that was converted into an amazing place to shop, eat, and just look around. When we first walked in, we were surrounded by racks of cute-vintage-y clothes, bikes, and decor. My eyes were in heaven. They had an ice cream bar in the corner (but it was closed because of like a shift change or something). Next to that, they had a full-on boxing ring! I guess people train there or something? But it was so cool.

Camaron trying out their cell phone booth. It was all very amusing ...until he got trapped in there for around 8 minutes. Then it became hilarious.
Over the speakers, we heard a really bad cover of "1234" by Feist coming from the other side of the warehouse. We soon realized this place had karaoke. Oh yes. So we went over to the bar area to hear/suffer some more. As much as I'm not a fan of bars, they make for some goooood karaoke. It was hilarious. Then, in the back of the bar, they had an old streamline trailer converted into a kitchen where they cooked amazing food. We looked over the menu and decided on the apple skillet crisp. It was divine.
Then you know what happened next... 
Alyssa and I became Beyonce and Kelly as we belted out Survivor by Destiny's Child
Of course the DJ couldn't help but play Single Ladies next. Everyone went insane (as you always should for that song)

Don't mess.
 On our way out, we decided to take advantage of the sweet boxing ring, so we snuck on and "boxed" for a while...
Possibly my favorite photo of the night

Then, one of the workers/manager guy came over and asked about what we were doing. We totally thought we were in trouble, but then he was like "Get in there so I can take pictures for you" :)
So we did.

This picture basically sums up the whole evening. Go to The Duce.

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