So, the hubs and I have recently started watching Heroes on Netflix 
(shhh, don't spoil anything, Camaron's never seen it before)
and I begin thinking to myself, "Kyle...       " haha jk, who knows what that's from? 
No, I don't call myself Kyle in my head, I'm pretty sure I don't call myself anything. So I think to myself, "_______, why don't you have any super powers?" and then I answer, "duh, I don't wants me head chopped off by crazy Syler. That's why" (Heroes reference, don't show Camaron).

So, basically, that's why I don't have any super powers

But I've sure gots me some super skillz
tongue to nose? Got it. Yes, I have a freaky long tongue. I get calls from Kiss cover bands all.of.the.time.
Drawing, painting, creating...  I seriously go almost into a trance when I'm working on an art piece. It's the best.
I won't lie, I can throw a mean disc. 

Film photography? Why not?

Inspiring kids to create (a first grader made this. Don't you love it?)
Sewing. Loves it. Keeps me from spending too much at the store (ie:"I can make that")
Baking. Yes, I'm domestic  ...and I wore that same shirt today. I'm so cool.

When there are so many things getting you down, and you feel like you really don't have that much to offer, it really helps to take a step back and think of the things that you are good at*. 
What are your skillz? 

*warm, fuzzy special moment of the day

Most Famous Twin

Last week, I had the pleasure of playing with one of besties who was in town (a rare thing for her, so it was a big deal). It was so great having Ralynne back in AZ for a little visit. On Saturday, we confessed a secret desire to go see the movie, Beastly. So, we went. It was cute, but pretty cheesy.
We laughed (a lot)
probably more than we should have -which made it even more funny.

While the acting wasn't award-worthy, it was still a fun little movie you may want to see when it gets to the dollar theater or Redbox. My favorite character was the witch. She was played by Mary-Kate Olsen.

Confession: I'm pretty sure I have seen every single movie that the Olsen's have made.

I don't know what it is, but those girls have just always intrigued me
All I know in life, I learned from Danny Tanner?

Ashley mary kate as well as ashley olsen Wallpaper

Another pair of famous twins:

lil sis and bro-in-law

Kid History

Have you seen these?
I think they're my new favorite 

My besty friend, Alyssa, showed these to Cam and me last weekend ...after we watched Troll 2. 
Have you seen that magic?
There's a reason why it was rated best worst movie


p.s. this week, I'm going to be getting my sew on. Get ready.

This one time, when I got tagged...

me. being a normal person
So you want to know more about me? My about me post just wasn't cutting it? Well, ok, ok, if you insist...

1. What is your dream job? I would love to be able to be a stay at home mom, but still be able to create and sell my art ...and get benefits. Yes, that would just be wonderful.
2. What is your favorite drink? I love horchata smoothies from QT(the cadillac of all gas stations). Sooo soooo yummy.
3. What is your most important beauty secret? Well, you know how the directions on shampoo say to "lather, rinse, then repeat?" Well, I don't repeat. I'm just going to let that one sink in for a minute. Jk, but for real, moistuize everyday. Even if your skin isn't dry, at least put some mouisturizer around your eyes. That skin loses its elasticity the fastest, so make sure to use a moisturizer, and wear sunglasses in the sun (so you're not squinting all of the time ...and you'll look super cool). 
4. If you had an all-expense paid vacation to go anywhere, where would you go? I would love to go to Italy. Why? Well, because it's Italy. That's why.
5. If a genie popped up right now, what would your three wishes be? This is funny, because we were seriously just talking about this with some of our friends the other night and I never gave my answer.
-hmmm, well, I'd love if my family would never have money troubles. We'd always be doing great financially.
-To have perfectly healthy kids whenever I have kids
-And, as cliche as this is in the LDS church, I just really want to be able to see my whole family in the celestial kingdom. That would be the best thing ever.

6. If you could only have one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Cheetos Mighty Zingers Ragin' Cajun & Tangy Ranch (that is all one type of Cheetos. The best type). See, if I chose anything else, I'd eventually get sick of it (figuratively and literally). These cheetos have stood the test of time, though. I've been binging on these little lovelies for years now, and I'm still going strong.
7. What one talent do you wish you had? This is sweet, it's like the genie in question #5 gave me an extra wish! I'd love to be able to run fast. Seriously, I've always been slow. Peter Pan even beats me.
8. Who is your biggest celebrity crush? Shawn Spencer. Oh, I mean James Roday. Loves me some Psych

9. If you could look into the future, would you? No, I like to be surprised. But, I'd maybe look into the past to tell younger me that everything's going to turn out ok. I was a very shy/self-conscious little kid and I think I made life harder on myself and missed out on some things because of it.
10. What made you start a blog? I mentioned this a little in my profile, but I'll elaborate now. Ok, so my second semester away at school (fall 06), I was in a photo class where the teacher had us each create a blog to post our pictures on (he'd then go on and comment on our work). This was a very new concept for me. I really had no idea what a blog was (this was back when Myspace was still cool). A few years later, I began working at our school's writing center. The writing center had a blog for all of us to post our writing, so I began to see the potential blogs had, and how they were great for inspiring great writing. So, eventually, I resurrected my photo blog and began to use to write on and document thoughts, ideas, and photos. It was really hard to start actually making real posts and opening up, but I'm really glad I did.

peace out!

Thank you Samantha of Sam in Real Life for tagging me!
Who do I tag? Well, you know who you are. Now, get to it. that means, I choose whoever would like to do this:) I want to hear from all of you!
p.s. I'm specifically calling out Mauri from A Day in the Life of a Twenty Something Year Old, because she's just great

Freakin Awesome Enchiladas

So, last night, Camaron had a late class (til 10pm. grosssss) and I was missing him, so I decided I would make us dinner for when he arrived home. This isn't anything new, I usually cook dinner or have something for him when he gets home late like this, but this time...

I wanted to make it freakin awesome.

So I texted my soon-to-be-a-new-mommy-former-roommate-friend, Katie, for her amazzzazzing enchilada recipe. My mouth just watered. She would make these when we were up at school together. Let's just say, she used to work at Cafe Rumba, and she obviously took notes. They're different than most enchiladas you've had (in a good way).

And because you (yes, you) are just so great, I decided to share this recipe with you today

Katie's Enchiladas (so so good)
If I had taken a photo, it would have looked as good as this. via

1 lb cooked and shredded chicken
1 1/2 - 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
1 big can of green enchilada sauce
1 lime
1/4 cup cut-up cilantro
2 garlic cloves
6 medium flour tortillas

First, combine the chicken, half the can of sauce, and half of the cheese in a bowl. Then add cilantro, minced-up garlic, and lime juice to taste. I didn't have garlic, so I used garlic salt. And I squeezed in the whole lime 
Next put this filling in each tortilla, roll, then place in 9x13 baking pan, with the seams of each roll facing down. Now, pour the remaining sauce and sprinkle remaining cheese over the whole pan evenly.
Bake at 350 for 20 minutes
Go to heaven

For extra heavenliness, you can top finished product with sour cream or guac (or guac mixed with pico-de-gallo, as I did. It is most yummy)

No Man is an Island ...But He Can Buy One

Have you ever dreamed about living on your own private island someday?

Just you sitting in a hammock, slowly swaying in the warm breeze...

the only noise being the crash of the ocean waves against the nearby shore...

your small palm hut off in the distance...

Well guess what?!?!?!

Owning an island is not just for Celine Dion, Eddie Murphy, and Mel Gibson anymore!
they all own islands. I looked it up
You can make that dream a reality! And it's not even that expensive!!!*
haha I should go into island real estate. No?


Too rich for your blood? 
Don't want all of the burdens of owning an island? (burdens? Pshh!) 
Upcoming wedding?
Well then, why not just rent an island?! because that is also a happy option

Isn't this all just totally nuts?! I know they're expensive, but seriously, you. could. own. an. island.

Who wants to go in on one with me? I'll bring the fancy coconut drinks, you bring the cabana boys

*Actually, I'm just going by the prices that are listed. I really have no idea how expensive it would be to buy/own an island.


...and the rest

Here are the rest of our Disneyland pics. Sorry for the Disney overload -I just love sharing the Disney love
descriptions at the bottom












  • No big, just blowin up Toon Town
  • Running amuck in the Sleeping Beauty castle. Did you know you can go in there? I don't think many people know -because we were playing in there for a long time all by ourselves (Yes, I am wearing a Chewbacca backpack)
  • Yeah for best friends! We all got to play in the parks together as marrieds for the first time ...magical
  • Me imitating the girl in front of me (just to the left of me in khaki pants)
  • Classic photo op
  • The view from Donald'shouse
  • Turkey leg=glorious! And huge! I don't know how anyone could eat one on their own
  • California Adventure -Paradise Pier
  • The new World of Color at California Adventure. It was so so cool/amazing/awesome! It was like the Bellagio Fountains in Vegas ...on crack
  • Bubbles
  • Our last night -riding Indiana Jones (of course we buckled in Chewy)


Insert pixie dust here

So this one time, I met Peter Pan. Charming kid, really. 
Since we quickly established that I couldn't fly, he proceeded to challenge me to a foot race
Look at that great form. As you can tell, I was on the badminton team in high school (Varsity -booyah!)
And, yes, Peter appears to be glowing
Who won?
 Oh, come on. Details, detailsI won the first race, that's all that matters  
...Anyway, It was sooooo cool to run into Peter 
(especially without Wendy around poo-pooing on all the fun). 

Just a pack of kids causing mischief around Snow White's wishing well. Yes, Camaron
is wearing "the shirt." Good eye.
p.s. Camaron used to be in a fake boy band, called "The Lost Boys." Coincidence? I think not.

p.p.s When I published this post, this ad appeared on the screen. What the?

To Infinity ...and Beyond!!!

Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters at Disneyland.

You been on this ride?

It's kind of funny, because it's not a crazy roller coaster 
(you're actually only moving at like 2 miles per hour),
and you don't plummet down a huge waterfall,
and you don't dodge a humongous boulder, or anything like that.
Yet ...this ride *almost always has a huge line and is one of my top favs!
Why? Because everyone has a bit of competitiveness in them:)
Round 1. Take that, Emperor Zurg
On this ride, you shoot at targets for points with your laser blaster gun. At the end, your score and ranking are determined. Also, you see the top scores for the day. I was blown away with how high some of the top scores were I did some research. 
Turns out, there are secrets on this ride that help you rack up points!

Just because I think you're so cool, I'll share a couple with you.

secret #1
The targets do not all hold the same value.
Round Target: 100 points
Square Target: 1000 points
Diamond Target: 5000 points
Triangle Target: 10,000 points
ie: go for those diamonds and triangles, baby!

secret #2
Keep on firing
You can hit the same target multiple times. 
Also, the lit up targetsare worth bonus points, so don't miss those.

secret #3
Here is the best secret I found.
On Zurg, there is a line running down the center of his chest, just below his cape, with a very small dark circle worth 50,000 points! We hit this one a few times's crazy!!!

Oh junk. I guess I sent the second round's pics to the wrong email. But seriously, my score was out of this world (get it? Yes, I am funny.)

*hit this ride up half an hour to 45 minutes before Disneyland closes. There is almost no wait! We went twice in a row without even waiting in line! 

elecTRONica: the experience

As I mentioned in this previous post, we were so totally stoked to play/party around in the TRON tribute that California Adventure has going on right now. They turned Hollywood Studios into "elecTRONica" at night and have all this crazy cool TRON-inspired stuff.

Unfortunately, no one told anyone (including us) that they only have all of that fun-ness on the weekends. We weren't there on the weekend. So that was a bit of a bummer. 
No worries though, we still had a ton of fun and got to take
 photos and play with some of the TRON stuff they had laying around Hollywood
love this shot

...even though I had to get in this position to take it
(right in the middle of the street at Hollywood Studios)

everyone's favorite arcade (notice the TRON shirt)

oh hey, we just chillin at The End of Line Club.  All of the cool programs are doing it

*P.S. a few of you have asked about the movie TRON. Yes, go see it. It was a little out there, but seriously, the special effects are soooo cool (they freakin CGI'd a whole younger version of Jeff Bridges!) ...and the main actor is hott (yes, with 2 t's) ...and it should be out on video pretty soon. Hit up that redbox.


12 Year Old Shirt

The husband and I went to Disneyland this week

...and it was AWESOME/THE BESTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a ton of fun and made so many great memories with Mickey and co. 
One thing that made it very memorable was one of the shirts that Camaron packed for the trip. The night before we left for the happiest place on earth, we were at Camaron's parent's house, where Cam found the shirt his mom had bought for him the last time he was at Disneyland ...when he was six years old.
Luckily, she had thought ahead and bought him a large:)

It was so cute because he had gotten it signed by the characters and everything.
Here, we see the shirt in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle 
I don't think Cam has ever felt more at home
(notice how the shirt is trying to camouflage itself into Camaron's skin)
Unfortunately, the shirt did not come with super strength
Notice the shirt has a built-in hood. Also notice the super-creepy monster
gettin all up in our business
Camaron finding his spirit animal. It was a very touching moment.
...Then we ran all over the rope bridge knocking kids all over the place 
Obviously, Camaron has the spirit of the eagle -very intelligent and brave

I think the person who was most excited about it, though, was the ticket lady at the front gate. She said she had never seen that shirt before (and she had worked there for a long time). She convinced us that the shirt is probably a collector's item now and worth a lot of money ...if only Cam wasn't so attached.

*Don't worry, many more posts to come (some even including Camaron in a different shirt!) How's your spring break?
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