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So you want to know more about me? My about me post just wasn't cutting it? Well, ok, ok, if you insist...

1. What is your dream job? I would love to be able to be a stay at home mom, but still be able to create and sell my art ...and get benefits. Yes, that would just be wonderful.
2. What is your favorite drink? I love horchata smoothies from QT(the cadillac of all gas stations). Sooo soooo yummy.
3. What is your most important beauty secret? Well, you know how the directions on shampoo say to "lather, rinse, then repeat?" Well, I don't repeat. I'm just going to let that one sink in for a minute. Jk, but for real, moistuize everyday. Even if your skin isn't dry, at least put some mouisturizer around your eyes. That skin loses its elasticity the fastest, so make sure to use a moisturizer, and wear sunglasses in the sun (so you're not squinting all of the time ...and you'll look super cool). 
4. If you had an all-expense paid vacation to go anywhere, where would you go? I would love to go to Italy. Why? Well, because it's Italy. That's why.
5. If a genie popped up right now, what would your three wishes be? This is funny, because we were seriously just talking about this with some of our friends the other night and I never gave my answer.
-hmmm, well, I'd love if my family would never have money troubles. We'd always be doing great financially.
-To have perfectly healthy kids whenever I have kids
-And, as cliche as this is in the LDS church, I just really want to be able to see my whole family in the celestial kingdom. That would be the best thing ever.

6. If you could only have one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Cheetos Mighty Zingers Ragin' Cajun & Tangy Ranch (that is all one type of Cheetos. The best type). See, if I chose anything else, I'd eventually get sick of it (figuratively and literally). These cheetos have stood the test of time, though. I've been binging on these little lovelies for years now, and I'm still going strong.
7. What one talent do you wish you had? This is sweet, it's like the genie in question #5 gave me an extra wish! I'd love to be able to run fast. Seriously, I've always been slow. Peter Pan even beats me.
8. Who is your biggest celebrity crush? Shawn Spencer. Oh, I mean James Roday. Loves me some Psych

9. If you could look into the future, would you? No, I like to be surprised. But, I'd maybe look into the past to tell younger me that everything's going to turn out ok. I was a very shy/self-conscious little kid and I think I made life harder on myself and missed out on some things because of it.
10. What made you start a blog? I mentioned this a little in my profile, but I'll elaborate now. Ok, so my second semester away at school (fall 06), I was in a photo class where the teacher had us each create a blog to post our pictures on (he'd then go on and comment on our work). This was a very new concept for me. I really had no idea what a blog was (this was back when Myspace was still cool). A few years later, I began working at our school's writing center. The writing center had a blog for all of us to post our writing, so I began to see the potential blogs had, and how they were great for inspiring great writing. So, eventually, I resurrected my photo blog and began to use to write on and document thoughts, ideas, and photos. It was really hard to start actually making real posts and opening up, but I'm really glad I did.

peace out!

Thank you Samantha of Sam in Real Life for tagging me!
Who do I tag? Well, you know who you are. Now, get to it. that means, I choose whoever would like to do this:) I want to hear from all of you!
p.s. I'm specifically calling out Mauri from A Day in the Life of a Twenty Something Year Old, because she's just great


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    so nice to know you better!! :)

    i just gave you an award on my blog! come check it out.

    happy friday!


  2. love it, purple shorts! love it!

  3. Wicked cute! Who'd you tag?? & I feel you on #3.. moisturization is the key.


  4. awesome! Those cheetos sound divine! I'll have to keep my eye out for them. I love 'about you' posts (well about anyone) it's fun to answer random questions that dip into peoples personalities. Your blog is awesome. Peace out

  5. Nice to meet you Andrea. :)

    We haven't been able to find Cheetos zingers anywhere for months! I'm devastated. Our whole house got hooked on them because of you and now they are nowhere to be found. I just checked the Frito Lay website and they are still on there, but I don't know which stores to hit up.

  6. Ha ha, I don't repeat either, but I am partial to a bit of moisturiser, especially around the old eyes!

  7. I so agree with you on the stay at home job! I want to be a mommy only (which I am lucky to do) and sell my art haha which Im starting to do!! hopefully I will be doing be exclusively!!

    Livy Love

  8. thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I have been snooping around your blog and have come to the conclusion that its awesome :)

  9. Loved reading this!! My boyfriend works at QT and I'm so with you on the horchata!

    Thanks for the blog comment today!



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