To Infinity ...and Beyond!!!

Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters at Disneyland.

You been on this ride?

It's kind of funny, because it's not a crazy roller coaster 
(you're actually only moving at like 2 miles per hour),
and you don't plummet down a huge waterfall,
and you don't dodge a humongous boulder, or anything like that.
Yet ...this ride *almost always has a huge line and is one of my top favs!
Why? Because everyone has a bit of competitiveness in them:)
Round 1. Take that, Emperor Zurg
On this ride, you shoot at targets for points with your laser blaster gun. At the end, your score and ranking are determined. Also, you see the top scores for the day. I was blown away with how high some of the top scores were I did some research. 
Turns out, there are secrets on this ride that help you rack up points!

Just because I think you're so cool, I'll share a couple with you.

secret #1
The targets do not all hold the same value.
Round Target: 100 points
Square Target: 1000 points
Diamond Target: 5000 points
Triangle Target: 10,000 points
ie: go for those diamonds and triangles, baby!

secret #2
Keep on firing
You can hit the same target multiple times. 
Also, the lit up targetsare worth bonus points, so don't miss those.

secret #3
Here is the best secret I found.
On Zurg, there is a line running down the center of his chest, just below his cape, with a very small dark circle worth 50,000 points! We hit this one a few times's crazy!!!

Oh junk. I guess I sent the second round's pics to the wrong email. But seriously, my score was out of this world (get it? Yes, I am funny.)

*hit this ride up half an hour to 45 minutes before Disneyland closes. There is almost no wait! We went twice in a row without even waiting in line! 


  1. Love this ride too! I'm not a HUGE Disneyland person but all your posts have given me a serious jones to go!

  2. Wooohooo! That is some of the best news ever. I love spreadin the Disneyland joy

  3. LOVE this ride! Ugh. Now I want to go to! :)

  4. haha I love your about me section...I'm pretty sure I am about to take that exact class that makes you make a photo blog.

  5. Haha sweet! I think it was called "exploring photography" or something like that. Easiest class ever -but it's also a lot of fun


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