Freakin Awesome Tacos!

Happy 100th post to MMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

*fyi: this recipe may or may not be a huge plug for Trader Joe's
The other day, I was surfin the blogs when I came across this blog with this yummy-looking recipe. I had never had fish tacos (I'm not really into fish food), but they looked very easy, and delicious, and the hubby eats fish food, soooo I began to get excited (that's what happens when I find new recipes).

I changed it a little bit (due to personal preference and what ingredients I had). Because it got rave reviews -from both the husband, and our neighbors/best friends, I figured it passed the test and you deserve to be a part of the freakin-awesomeness!

1 lb thawed tilapia (I got it from Trader Joe's and it was amazing! So fresh it didn't taste fishy AT ALL)
1 lime
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1/2 cup Mango Salsa (or just a yummy fruit juice)
corn tortillas (I used 2 for each taco, so around 10)
black bean dip
1 cup shredded cheese
1 Tb vegetable oil
2 cups shredded cabbage
Step 1: make the slaw

I put the shredded cabbage in a bowl, added the oil, then 1 Tb of lime juice.
Stir to spread evenly, then add a pinch of salt and pepper. Let sit
Step 2: Prepare The Fish

I sat out 1/2 cup of mango salsa next to 1/2 cup of the bread crumbs (you can also crush up flavored crackers to add more zing) Take 1 inch cubes of the tilapia and roll in the salsa, then roll in the bread crumbs until covered

set crumbed tilapia on greased aluminum foil-covered cookie sheet.
Cook in oven at 350 for 12 minutes

Step 3: Prepare Tortillas
I did this step while the fish was cooking. You can just have the the tortillas plain if you'd like, but I wanted mine like those yummy ones at restaurants that have 2 tortillas with cheese melted in between. To do this, I would place a tortilla in hot vegetable oil in a frying pan for around 10 seconds (Don't deep fry it, just get it hot and oily to make it more flexible). Then I laid out the done tortilla on a pile of paper towels, sprinkled cheese on top, heated up another tortilla, placed that one on top, top with a paper towel, then start your next one. This was probably the hardest step -but soooooo worth it

Step 4: Make Tacos
Once fish is done, take out of oven. Take a ready tortilla, spread bean dip on it, place a few pieces of chicken inside, top with cheese, add some slaw, then add salsa

Face-contortingly gooood

Step 5: Eat and Feel Joy 
A perfect recipe for Cinco de Mayo!!!
Let me know how yours turn out!


Who's Dressing Up With Me?

You're going to want to full-screen this baby
July 15th cannot come soon enough

Easter Weekend

And he saith unto them, Be not affrighted: Ye seek Jesus of Nazareth, which was crucified: he is arisen; he is not here: behold the place where they laid him.
Mark 16:6

Easter weekend was just so wonderful, wasn't it? For Cam and I, there were many factors
that contributed to its wonderfulness. Here are some of my favs:

The weather was amazing! Check out this sweet jetstream-lined sky

The Easter bunny paid us a sweet visit!
 While we were asleep, the Easter bunny came down from the East Pole (where everyone knows he lives) and paid our little home a visit. He hid eggs everywhere! Some of our favorite spots we found eggs include: inside our Applebee's leftovers box in the fridge and on the glass bottles on the high shelf above the fridge in our kitchen -that bunny can really jump high. As we all know, it is always the Easter bunny's goal to hide eggs so well, we'll be finding them a year later. I'm worried where else they'll turn up.
This year, I was "Craigee." Less than 18 months until the real one comes home!

gummy bunny teeth? Yes please.

 At church Easter morning, we got to sing in our amazing church choir. It was such a great meeting. 
Later on, we ate dinner at Camaron's parent's house. We then treked over to my parent's house for 2nd dinner. We were stuffed full of Easter joy that night. It was the best.

I love Camaron. I am so grateful for him and for all of the blessings that he and I have have received this year. I am grateful for the atonement. I know that Christ died so that each one of us may live again. And I know he lives:)

How was your Easter? Do anything fun? Wear any pretty Easter clothes? Eat tons of Easter candy?

He is risen! He is risen!
He hath opened heaven’s gate.
We are free from sin’s dark prison,
Risen to a holier state.
And a brighter Easter beam
On our longing eyes shall stream.
-He Is Risen  Hymn# 199

Awesome and Awkward Thursduuuuuuuhhh

Here they are, in all of their awkward and awesome glory! Enjoy my little lovlies

After lining up the kindergarteners and then waiting for their teacher to come pick them up, I totally slipped in something and almost fell on my face. awkward. Then, I turned to see what I had slipped in. It was a large, yellowish puddle at the feet of one of the kindergarteners. Wonderful.

...So, my shoe has pee on the bottom of it. And because of some stray cats apparently taking refuge at our school somewhere, there were bird pieces all over outside my classroom that day ...and I stepped on a wing. A lone bird wing. So now I have kinder pee/dead bird on my shoe.

For Good Friday, our family has been planning to have a family game night thing, and we wanted to invite one of our cousins to come over for fun that night. I thought it would be fun to take her shopping earlier in the day, since neither of us will have school or work. My mom gave me her number, so I called and left a huge long message all about how excited I am to see her and hang out and how much fun we'll have and some family stuff ...and then I get a call back from some girl who is not my cousin. I had left that whole looong message at the wrong number.

I still have marshmallow bits stuck to my car from our battle last week. It looks like a bird pooped a really cool pattern on my window.

Here is the mother of it all. It happened today, in fact. Soooooo... it was a half day, and on half days, we meet with the other art teachers in the district to discuss cool art teacher stuffs. I drove over to some school, met up with all the teachers blah blah blah ...then, over the loud speaker, they announce "would the owner of the white Subaru please come to the office." For a second I thought they were talking about my car and I totally panicked. Then I remembered, I drive a white Suzuki, not a white Subaru. A few minutes later, they made another announcement, "Would the owner of the white Suzuki with the license plate..."  AHHHhhhh it was totally my car! I ran out to the parking lot, and there was my car, just sitting there between all of the rows of cars, by itself (not in a parking spot, just hangin out where people are supposed to drive). I had for gotten to put the parking break on and left it in neutral!!!!!!!! It had then proceded to casually roll out of it's spot and hang out wherever. I am soooooooo lucky Old Spice didn't hit anything (my car's name is Old Spice -cause that's how it smelled when I bought it). That is all.

Camaron is all done with the poopy job that was having him work the graveyard shift (10pm-5am)! No more going to sleep all by myself at night and then only seeing Camaron for 5 minutes in the morning when I wake up and then have to go to work. So, so wonderful.

Our school did a fundraier selling Gold Canyon Candles (If you don't know what these are, google them asap and then buy like 6. You'll thank me). Anyway, I wanted to help out, so I ordered one and just got it today. OHMYFREAKINLOVELYDELICIOUSSMELL! It's amazing. It's the "citrus cream" scent and it is so amazing! It reminds me of the yummy smells at Anthrolpologie (but a lot less expensive). Made my day.

Saw Soul Surfer earlier this week. SO GOOOOOD. Wow, I don't think I've cried so much in a movie since Big Daddy(haha jk) ...For real though, I left feeling so good and uplifted and ...and ...itwasjustsogoodgoandseeitrightnowok.

It's Easter weekend! We're dying eggs tonight (with our egg dying monsters kit -yes please!)


Happy weekend!



I love little chickies. Too.Cute.To.Handle.
I don't know about you, but I'm so excited about Easter this year.
-Not that I'm usually not excited, I'm just extra excited.

It's my first Easter with Camaron!

I love all of the firsts we get to have. And I love that he is excited too. Yesterday, we were chattin about grocery requests and we started talking about Easter candy (I know that's just commercialized Easter, but it's still fun), and I just got so happy hearing how Camaron was really looking forward to this weekend. It will also be fun because we'll get to play with family (have more sleepovers!), eat a ton of good food, and be able to focus on Christ and the amazing gift that the atonement is.

p.s I'm super excited for when school ends, because then I can finally make Martha Stewart jealous with all of the cool craft/art ideas I've been having lately. Does anyone else feel that way? You know you have a ton of potential, but things keep getting in the way? I blame the man. (and Netflix)
Jk, Netflix. You so totally rock. and I may love you

Freakin Awesome Cupcakes

Twas a fellow teacher's birthday the other day, which led to birthday cupcakes being made and brought to school, which led to me eating one of the best cupcakes of my life, which led to me snatching up the recipe, which led to me baking them this weekend and stuffing myself with cupcakey goodness.

Good thing they're fat free. That's right babies, FAT. FREE.
I want you to experience the magic

1 box devil's food cake mix
1 can of pumpkin (the regular-sized can, not the huge one)
3 eggs
about 1/2 cup of water (I didn't measure, but this should be close)

Mix all of the ingredients together, then bake at 350 for 8 minutes. Let cool, then top with Cool Whip.

*I was told they are fat free, don't be hatin if I was misinformed. Also, the pumpkin doesn't give it a pumpkin-y taste at all, it just makes them very moist:)


Earlier this week, a bunch of us decided to have a date night. A bunch of us includes, Cam & me, Candace & Cam's friend Chris, Cousin Kaesi & Jack. It was shmamazing. We started with dinner at Costa Vida (hello, yummy.) Candace and Chris got there an hour early and had to wait around for the rest of us.
They won't admit it, but they loved their alone time.
Then, the original plan was to go bowl our faces off, but all of these bowling leagues were like "uhhhhhh no." Soooooooo we went to the drawing board and somehow ended up deciding
to make marshmallow guns and then having a war.
Best. Idea. Ever.

We started out in an abandoned parking lot -cause that's what smart people and drug dealers do. 

Definition of intimidation. (We formed a secret alliance with them)
This is why we're hot
We made a secret alliance with them. *Notice all of the mallows everywhere =funness

After getting our guns prepped, we headed over to downtown Mesa on Main street and went nuts.
Soggy marshmallows on our clothes, in our hair, and on my car ...don't get much better than that.

Check out this sweet photo. After a lot of practice, I think we really got that blurry look down.

Extra Extra! Check out my sweet mallow gun and mouth full of magic!

Tape This





Sad, Sad World

 Take a look at these:
There's a reason why there are only like 2 left
Probably one of the best things ever -and I'm pretty sure you can only get them at Disney theme parks. So, last month when we were at Disneyland, Cam and I picked up 2 bags of these little lovelies. We bought 2 because our plan was to surprise Alyssa and Keith with one of the bags once we returned home (they crave this amazingness as well).
So, last weekend, Cam and I sneakily ran over to their apartment (we live in the same complex), we placed the bag-o-deliciousness on their porch, Cam tried to open their door, I freaked out, then we ran away and hid and laughed our faces off.

Time passed.

We saw Alyssa and Keith the other day and were all just chatting ...then we somehow brought up how something had been left on their porch. They had no idea what we were talking about. 
We thought they were kidding. 
They weren't. 
They never got out special gift (I had put a bow on it and everything)!

Tis a sad world when people be stealing delicious Disney gummy gifts off the porches of others.

I kept quoting the part in That Thing You Do 
when Guy's dad finds out that a competitor store stays open on Sundays. 
He said,  "I don't believe I want to live in a country where you have to stay open on Sunday..."
I kept saying, "you know, I don't believe I want to live in a world where people steal can-" 
...and then I'd start laughing. 
I don't think I ever made it through the whole sentence (and I tried a lot)


It's raining, it's pouring...

...Let's go out and play in it!
This weekend was as wet as it was glorious. Seriously, it rained all day on Saturday
and we loved it.

I woke up extra early because if the rain. When Camaron finally woke up, he kind of joked about going out and taking a walk in the rain. I had no idea he was joking, so I jumped out of bed and got dressed and asked if he was ready yet. He laughed at me, but then we went out to enjoy the wet weather. 

I don't know if that's how you feel about rain, but in Arizona, I think it's pretty rare for anyone to want to stay indoors when it's raining.

Later on, when Camaron's shoes were soaking wet, we decided it was about time he got some new ones. Seriously, it was bad. We got him some sweet Vans -I love the herringbone design on them. I was tempted to upgrade mine, but I think I'll hold off for a while.

Then, I took my final for my online class. Wahoo for being done!!!

 Spring is finally here in Arizona! Well, I think so. I don't know, it seems like whenever I hesitate to determine whether it's spring or not, I blink and it's 110 degrees and totally summer.
Saw this gorgeous beauty across the street from the Mesa LDS Temple

p.s. Last night, my mom pointed out to me that I post a lot of silly pictures of Camaron on here - I know he doesn't mind at all, but just to even things out, here is a pic of Cam being all attractive and stuff

It's Official.

I am no longer a Jones.
I no longer get to pity those trying to keep up with me.
I don't have one of the top 5 most common surnames anymore.
My students now know I don't actually have a husband named Indiana.Camaron's better

...but I wouldn't have it any other way:)

 I finally finished getting my name officially changed yesterday! Yeah me!

As long as we're being official, here are the official out-takes from our UT trip last weekend:

The face that launched 1,000 ships
dancing/making fun of our favorite pose
punishment for losing the pinecone fight? If not, it should be.

...and I made a new button for the blog! feel free to grab one for yourself and all of your loved ones:)
 Let me know if you post it on your blog
Happy Friday tomorrow!!!

Wonderful Weekend

Oh what a wonderful weekend we had, but it went by way to fast
(possibly because it included around 24 hours of driving?)
Camaron, his friend Kevin, and I drove up to Salt Lake City, UT for a fun weekend filled with cousins, a mission reunion, General Conference, and great memories cheesy

We got a little lost on the way and ended up in Manti, UT. The temple there is GORGEOUS
What Kevin does for us to take our pics

 While in Provo, a group of us went to dinner at Gloria's Little Italy. I worked there in 2008. It has changed soooooo much, but the food is still totally amazing. Best. pasta. ever.

All of us with our accordian-playing friend

After dinner, we all went to hit up the games at Nickelcade/Nickel City. Sooooo stankin fun. I hadn't been there since I was like 12, but I still got it. Cam's buddy, Chad, is like the master. He had won 1,000 tickets on one game like a week ago. Then, that night, he won 100 more on the same game. ...and then he won 100 a few more times on some other games. It's ridiculous. 

It was sunny and warm the whole weekend.
Then, we woke up super early to drive home on Sunday ...only to walk outside and find this:

It had snowed like crazy during the night!!! It was so cool (literally)

I think one of my favorite memories from the trip was when we were driving home. We got stuck in the snow in front of a restaurant, so we ended up eating there. All of our shoes were soaked -because they were all shoes made for AZ (not snow), one of us was in shorts and a t-shirt, and the whole restaurant hated us because we had apparently sat at a table that belonged to someone else. Yes, it was one of those tiny towns where everyone has their own table at the local diner and they all wear hunting gear all of the time.

Basically, our trip was an adventure
...and we're never driving up to UT again if it's just for a weekend. :)
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