The Summer of Andrea: The Sequel

Last summer, I created an epic post -(I think it's the real reason Camaron asked me on a second date)

Well, it's that time again: school is out, the sun is scorchin, and I'm stuffing my face with Sour Brite Crawlers...


How can this summer possibly top last year's "Summer of Andrea" you may ask, well...
Check it:

This is my summer right now:
art class, camping, party with friends, looking for a job, swim my face off...


Then we gets to...

Les Mis
= Super-awesome-I-can't-stop-singing-along-awesome!

...and in just about 2 weeks

Camaron and I will get to celebrate the one year anniversary of our first date!


 Then, in July...

=Sicky sicky tight awesome!

...then we have to start packing for the move to UT:(

Ok, so there's no Switzerland or other huge trips this year.

Mainly because we're saving the big one for our first wedding anniversary in December:)
This is what I'm keeping my fingers crossed for!!!

Any other suggestions for summer fun? Who already has a sunburn?

Color Inspiration

Color Boards. 
Have you ever used one?
 I remember looking at soooo many when I was planning my wedding. 
I love them. 
Such a gorgeous way to display your idea through color. Brooke's blog BrightWishes has a special color board feature, and I just found out mine was featured last month! Haha how do I miss these things?
One of the first times this color palette stuck out to me was over at Mandy's blog where she displayed that staircase photo and the pinata photo. Soooo lovely. 

Here are some of the color boards that I used when figuring out my wedding colors
...obviously a fan of yellow.

What would your favorite color board look like?

 If you have any you'd like to share, I'd love to post them. Email me at picsoandrea(at)gmail(dot)com

Sir Dashing

Wasn't today not so terribly unbearable? At least for me, it felt that way -which is rare. I always dread Mondays no matter how cliche it is. Another start of a loooong week. But today went by so fast -and I predict this week will be the same! Yipppppeeeeeeeeee!

This was me today at work

My first class was gone on a field trip, plus it's the last week of school, so I decided to dominate Peasant's Quest this morning. It's a game on

It's awesome. and funny. awesomely funny.

...and I beat it with a perfect score! How's that for a productive morning?!

Now get along and begin your quest. 
It's basically summer, you know you have time

Good luck beating this beefy-armed guy

p.s. it's the last week of school and I just barely discovered that my chair at work is one of those that you can pump up and then you pull the lever and you float down! MAGIC! Why did I not know?! Pretty sure it's the same chair I used last year too! So much for being observant. 

The Last Friday

Today was my last Friday teaching(for who knows how long)!!!!!!*
and only 3.5 more days next week!!!

...Technically, it could also just be my last Friday altogether if the world ends tomorrow. But, should we happen to live through the rapture, come to our "end of the world" party! more on that later

Ok, back to today. This Friday was a pretty good one. Nothing got me down because, hey, it's FRIDAY! 
-and a sweet third grader made me this (:

I hope your weekend is marvelous! 

*When we move to UT, I'm going to take a break from teaching. I'll work, but just at something that is more fun and isn't as stressful (that's the plan)


This photo was taken in the spring of 2009. 
Yes, the very spring that Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience came out (in 3D!)
Yes, the above photo features best friend and me at a late night showing.
Yes, we were 2 of maybe 7 people in the theater.
And yes, we danced our faces off, clapped, sang along, and went nuts the whole time 
as if we were at an actual Jonas Brothers concert.
And it pleased us.

The Jonas Brothers were/are just one of many obsessions I've had over the years.
For me, it's just so fun to be so excited about something like that.
I didn't realize until last night that I haven't felt that way about anything for quite a while, and I've been missing having something to obsess over.

It all came back when same best friend and I saw a certain new movie available at Redbox. The husbands would be gone until late, so we acted quickly.

While I am definitely not obsessed, I'm pretty sure I have a little bit of a fever.
Bieber Fever, that is.

*I've never spelled his name correctly until right now.

Ok, so I may have a little bit of a real obsession with somebody...
can't get enough of the hubs



What a magical time this was.
Pretty sure this picture was taken the day after Christmas 
(aka two days after our honeymoon ...aka The day after we opened all of our wedding and Christmas gifts)

I just found this picture stashed in my photo files. There is so much wonderfulness to behold in this shot. 

1. Check out that sweet trash pile. We didn't have a trashcan yet, and we didn't need one; we had our sweet trash pile.

2. We had no table or chairs. We sure had a floor, though.

3. See that brown paper bag right behind me? The one with the hard liquor inside? Sike! -it's juice. I think we bought it at a gas station or something. I loved carrying it around in that bag.

4. Yes, Camaron is wearing Yoshi pants.
*If it weren't for the fancy Yoshi pants, we'd surely be mistaken for hobos

I'm pretty sure I took this photo as part of a "before & after"-type thing. I still haven't taken any "afters" because I still don't feel like we're done setting up our home. Don't get me wrong, everything's set up and there aren't boxes or trash piles around anymore, but it's just not done yet. 

...which makes it extra weird that we'll be having to pack it all up again in a few months anyway because...

that's right kids

we're moving.

Husband transferred to UVU in Utah and so we'll be embarking on quite an adventure, come August. 
It feels so weird. 
I won't be teaching this fall, we won't live in the same complex as our best friends, we won't be 10 minutes from our families, we'll have to learn to drive in snow...

Let's just make this summer extra AAAHHHHMAZING in AZ.
It's gotta hold me over until hubby finishes school.
You down?

just because.


That one time ...when I was hilarious

profile pic
Have you ever gone into your facebook archives (or myspace ...if you're into that), and found old messages or wall posts you put on your friend's walls or photo captions you wrote, and then you think to yourself, 
"holy junk, I was sooooooo funny!!! Wow, I can't believe I didn't have 
a million friends at that point in my life!!!"
...cause those thoughts basically went through my head today while I was 
going through some reeeeally old messages I still had on facebook for some reason 
(I seriously just never delete things for some reason).

Other thoughts included, "I am soooooooo weird."

I'm sure no one else would even think they were funny -they would just realize how weird I am 
(hence my lack of a million friends)

...also, notice, most of the time it's only funny(?) because of the person I'm FB'n with

But just for funzies, and because my name is in the blog title, here are some of the gems I came across while I was "working" today






Please still be my friend

Have a fab weeeeeeeeeeeek!!!! Tomorrow's Wednesday! Yahoooo!!!

Weekend Warriors

How was your weekend? Oh, you had a blast too? Wonderful!
I'm just gonna go ahead and pretend the weekend included Thursday 
(because of Cinco de Mayo, of course!)
Tons of free delicious Mexican food. I love AZ sooooo much.
*Insert mustache here*
Here we are celebrating the 5th of May at one of my best friend's wedding reception. We went extra early to snag us some free sombreros. 
Fri night, Cam went camping with a bunch of men, so I just watched a lot of weird movies on Netflix.
 A very productive and meaningful evening.

Then, of course, comes Mother's Day. 
I love my mom and my mom-in-law soooo much. We had a great day spending time eating and playing games with both of them (Yes, Camaron and I live close enough to our parents that we could spend an evening visiting his and mine ...and then still have time to scarf ice cream afterwards)
For our mom's, I made this recipe for strawberry lemonade cupcakes. 
I made it a little easier on myself by just using a lemon cake mix, though (fyi)

Here, we see the cupcakes displayed marvelously on the adorable new cupcake stand I won on Ashley's blog.
Yippeee!!!  Yeah for winning!
Whilst I was in a baking frenzy, Cam was in an artistic frenzy; designing these
 gorgeous Mother's Day cards. 
How does that grab ya, Hallmark?

WOOOOHOOOOOO for just 2.5 more weeks of teaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How fun is this?* 
Today, I was featured over at the adorablicious blog Sugar & Dots.

Perhaps I should start doing more craft/artsy posts, hmm?
(Don't you fret, little one, I have some in the works:) )

Oh, and guess whose birthday is today???

That's right! Cam's dad!!! oh, and some actress lady 
He's my favorite father-in-law. I love how impressed he always is by my knowledge of pop culture (from any decade) and his knowledge of the Beatles always impresses me. 
Basically, we're both pretty impressive.
 Right now, we're all watching the musical, Oliver!(per dad-in-law's request). 
I've never seen it before, but right off, it made me think of and miss this:
love her.

*The answer is: SupEr DUper fUn!!!


Saturday night was saweeeet! We did a big group date with our friends Alex & Kelsey and Brett & Bridget. We went out to Phoenix to play in the Arizona Science Center because they have 
this awesome exhibit right now called Body Worlds. 
It's so amazing! 
They have actual human bodies that are preserved in a special way. They then display them with the muscles, tendons, and bones exposed and all of that awesomness. It was soooo neat to see the insides of real bodies and see how everything worked.

One of the most interesting parts of the exhibit, I think for all of us, was the section on babies. They had actual fetuses progressing from the first 4-8 weeks of pregnancy. It was so amazing. They start out so tiny.

We made it through the whole exhibit just as the museum announced it was closing. On our way out, we came across a room all on "The Digital Age." We dropped in to play for a little bit. Here's some of the magic we created before we were kicked out (notice the security guard ruining our fun at the very end)

We then finished off our intellectual and enlightening night with dinner at Lolo's Chicken & Waffles
Enjoyin us some blue and red drank
How was your weekend? Party hardy?
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