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Maybe I'm Amazed

...So, we went to Las Vegas and saw Paul McCartney Friday night!!!

Yay for amazing spontaneity!!!

Seriously, after writing this post, I went online and found tickets for a price we were ok with, then Camaron got work off and we played in Vegas with Paul all weekend!

Reasons why the show was so stankin amazing:

-Paul was a true rockstar and started the show 45 minutes late (which was awesome for us, because we were late because the strip was a mess and were took too long making our concert tees)
Everyone was asking Cam where he got his shirt. Yeah, we made em
-Paul's jacket. Just look at that beauty. Cam wants one really bad. And I want one for Cam really bad.
-The true scream of horror I let out when the special effect flames exploded from the stage during Live and Let Die (It's Vegas, I should have expected it)
-He played around 10 different guitars during the show. He explained why when he said, "Well, I like showing off" :) It was so sweet though, because a lot of them were the originals he had written the accompanying songs with.
-Special guests in the audience included Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Olivia Harrison, and George Martin:)
Everybody during Give Peace a Chance -(Yoko especially)
-Paul did a special tribute to John, sharing a song he had written just for him. 
It's called Here Today, and it's amazing.
-Later on, Paul did a special tribute to George. He played Something, using the ukulele given to him by George. And they had a photo montage of George. The whole thing was just so sweet -I may have started to tear up.
-The lady in front of us was an obvious Wings fan. For all of their songs, she stood up and went nuts. It made it easy to tell which songs were Wings songs.
-We got to be back up singers for Hey Jude and Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
-2 encores, baby. 2 encores.

Oh, don't you fret, more to come...


  1. so jealous right now. That show must have been amazing. He is such a rockstar.

  2. AHHHH! How fun!!!



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