Most Delicious/Unhealthy Meal ...ever.

Behold, the Monte Cristo.
Seriously, this sandwich changed my life last time we were at Disneyland. Luckily, while browsing around one of the stores at the happiest place on Earth, and Mickey wasn't looking, we found a Disneyland cookbook with this recipe inside and quickly jotted down the deliciousness.
 And now I share it with you:) 

For real, make this. 
Eat it. 
...Then maybe do some kind of physical activity to feel less guilty.

1 3/4 cups + 2 T water
1 egg
1 3/4 cups flour
1 t baking powder
1/4 t salt
8 slices of thick white bread or challa bread
3 cups canola oil
sliced ham
sliced turkey
swiss cheese
*I cut this recipe in half, because it tends to make enough for 4-6 people
Beat the first 5 ingredients together for around a minute, or until smooth
For each sandwich, start with 2 thick slices of bread
Place a few slices of turkey and  ham and some swiss cheese on each sandwich.
*feel free to triple-decker the sandwiches like the top picture
 Place other piece of bread on top and cut diagonally. 

One half-sandwich(triangle) at a time, 
dip well in the batter, so that it is covered on all sides.
Then you will place the triangle into the oil preheated to 365. 
Yes, you are deep-frying your sandwich. 
Wait until it is a nice golden brown, then flip it over to cook the other side. (1-2 minutes each side)
Let cool on a pile of 2-3 paper towels. 

Once cool enough to touch, cut each triangle sandwich in half.
Sprinkle a little powdered sugar on top. 
They taste great dipped in blackberry preserves
 Disneyland's Blue Bayou restaurant also serves these with fries, so I did the same.
Here is an easy/yummy baked fries recipe I use:

Heat up the oven to 450 with the baking pan inside. 
Heating up the pan helps prevent food from sticking.
Then cut up desired amount of russet potatoes. (peeling beforehand is optional)
For Camaron and I, I usually use around 3 smaller potatoes.
 Once potatoes are cut up, make sure you rinse them well. If you don't rinse off the excess starch, the fries will be excess soggy -no bueno.
Pat potatoes dry with paper towels.
Then, place cut up potatoes in a large ziplock bag. 
Pour in a little canola oil -a little less than a cap full.
Then sprinkle in salt or whatever other seasonings you would like.
I just sprinkled in Lawry's seasoning salt (uh-yumm).

Once the oven is heated up, pull out the hot pan and place potatoes on it. Spread then out so that are all laying flat on the pan, then stick them back in the oven.
 Bake until golden brown (10-15 minutes)

**If the Monte Cristo recipe was at all confusing, you can also refer to this video. (warning, it's suuuuper cheesy for like the first minute)


  1. yummm that sounds delicious!!!!! I must try.

  2. I make a non deep-fried variation of these babies all the time. So easy and yummy!
    We LOVE them!!

  3. yum! I used to get that at Bennigan's! So worth the 10 lbs you gain after eating it :)

  4. Mmm! That all looks so good! You're such a good wife, cooking all those tasty things :)

  5. looks AMAZZZZING. :) I'm a bit of a food-aholoic. :) This is right down my alley.

  6. yum! Seriously, that Disney cook book is the bomb. I want it. But if only it didn't cost so much! if only...


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