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The Diving Lady

As mentioned in the previous post, I used the image of the diving lady at the Starlite Motel from downtown Mesa for my tortured image project. I'm guessing she was on my mind because Camaron has a shirt with her diving on it. I bought it for him from a shop raising money to have the giant neon sign restored 
(it blew down last fall in a storm). 
I've grown up knowing this sign. I'd always see it when I was riding in the car with my mom while she was running errands. It honestly made me sad when I found out it fell down. 
I've heard it will be restored and back up this fall though! 
Seriously great news!
Anyway, so I used the image of the diving lady for this project. We had to make 50 separate images inspired by this one image. It was a lot of fun brainstorming ways to change-up this iconic image of Mesa. 
Here are some of my favs
No, there is nothing wrong with your vision. I made it like this
plus-size diver 
coke bottle diver
be careful what you dive into
siamese twin divers
mafia-throwing-body-off-bridge-into-a-river diver
fail diver
getting-ready-for-the-backflip diver
cross-hatch diver

I could keep going, I mean I have 50 of these. My teacher really liked my project 
and said I needed to make one into a t-shirt for him. 
If you had to choose one, which would you wear???

p.s. here she is doing what she does best just a few years ago


  1. woah, you are good.

  2. I'm not even a native Mesa peep and I love that sign! For a shirt I definitely like the cross hatch but seriousy, the plus size diver, siamese twin divers, and the fail diver are just pure awesome!! Maybe a shirt with 4 of these put together into a square would be cool. Or like the sign, have 3 going down like she's diving but make each one a different style. You make me miss art.

  3. Yesss! i am your 100th follower:) I feel like that's equivalent of finding a lucky penny for the day!

    This project is so neat, I've never seen something like this before!
    If I had one on a t-shirt... I would choose either the coke-bottle diver, or the cross-hatch diver. both are so cool!

  4. The Diving Lady is definitely a Mesa icon--what a great choice for your project. Of course your teacher liked it--you are awesome!

  5. I love the "be careful what you dive into" and mafia ones. Well done.


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