Free Picture for YOU!!!

Most(?) of you may have picked up on the fact that I have somewhat of an art background.
Ask me to fill out any information sheet, and under "hobbies/interests/special skills" I'll always mention art. It's my fav. I had to change my major when I first started college because I was missing art so much.
 When I'm working on a project, I feel most confident and in control.

Now, back to right now. 
Ever since moving to Utah, I haven't felt super confident or in control. It's been a little difficult (Not horrible by any means. Don't fret). I'm just still adjusting to making new friends, getting to know my surroundings, missing my favorite Mexican food, etc. 
I feel like if I add some more art into my daily life, I will be adding more 
happiness/magic/funzies into my daily life.

This is where YOU come in.

I need some inspiration people. 
After much deliberation, I've decided to begin something new on my blog.
I call it 
Free Art from Me to You!!!

Here's how it works:
1. Think of something you'd enjoy having a quality picture/drawing of (I'm using the word quality loosely here -maybe I should have said quirky?).
It could be your portrait, your dog's portrait, your favorite movie scene, your imaginary favorite movie scene, a cool shape, a rainbow, a double rainbow, Harry Potter, Your dinner, Your new hairstyle, Your favorite quote, Something that has nothing to do with you, something cool... you name it 

2. Now comment on this post or email me with your request. You may send photo references if you'd like, or just a very vivid description.

3. Make sure you are a follower of Pics-o-Andrea and leave your email in the comment or email.

4. In no time at all, you will receive a quality Andrea original in your inbox.

5. ***Optional: mention this post on your blog and I will make your picture a higher priority.
 (let me know you made a mention)

...and it's FREEEEEEE!!!!!
(but they won't be forever, so jump on it!)

*Free art requests end on Friday, Sept 16!!!

There you have it. 
Help me get my creative juices flowing by getting your creative juices flowing!
comment on this post or email me your request at:
(put "Free Art" as your subject)

FYI: There is no limit to how many requests you may place:)


  1. Ok, I want a picture of me, wearing a robe with a pipe in my mouth, sitting in a fancy armchair in front of a roaring fire, reading a beautiful leather-bound book. And I would like you to be polishing my trophies in the background. Have fun!

  2. WHAT?! I'm taking full advantage of this... check your inbox soon.

  3. you shouldn't have said there was no limit. check your inbox suckaaaaa.

  4. oooohh....I want one!

    I'm not sure what subject I'd like can surprise me if I can't come up with anything.

    Thanks a million, Andrea!

  5. K. I came up with a few ideas. Since you said we can ask for as many as we want...I'd like two :-)

    1. something with an irish/celtic theme. think shamrocks, rolling hills, celtic knots.

    2. Freddie Mercury. Love him.

    I might be sending more requests your beware.

  6. I would like a picture homage to Saved by the Bell. Use Screech's pants as inspiration.

  7. A cute, whimsical yet respectful take on the Mesa Temple. I want it for my daughter's room; she's almost 4. Her room looks like this:

    Thanks a mil! My e-mail is momtheintern at gmail dot com.

  8. oooh I would LOVE a fun picture of my daughter to hang in her room! She's quite the cutie! I'll email you a picture :)

  9. Can you do a silhouette of my daughter? If that's not artistic enough I can think of something else.

  10. I'd love one. How neat. :) I'm a follower of course.

    I'd love a picture of "happiness." Just the word with a blue bird and a sky scene. Maybe a lame balloon. Something motivational. It can be simple with my name on it somewhere Krystal.

    Thanks! :D

  11. Ok, I want something done with this picture....something i can hang on my wall! :)


    something done with the Liz Lemon quote " i'm gonna go talk to some food about this " & I'd want her name on it. Don't you love liz lemon?!! Talking to food totally helps me through hard times.

    thank you! i hope i'm not too late! :D

  12. So I am sending you an email and will totally post about this when I get the art! Soooo exciting!

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  14. I found you from Jenna- I LOVE the temple pic you did for her daughter. I would also love a temple pic but of the Chicago temple.

    Here is a pic of it:

    I would love it if you could do it in the style of Minerva Teichert. She is my favorite artist. Here is a link with some of her images:

    My email is if you need more info.

    Thanks! -Leanne

  15. I was referred here by Mom the Intern. I would love, love, love something that represents my family. I'm going to email you a photo but it doesn't have to have anything to do with the photo. The picture just gives you an idea of who we are! Or, if it's easier, my blog address is orrcorner(dot)blogspot(dot)com. I'm so excited.

  16. Oh! And I made a reference to you on my blog!
    My email is hrmajesty5(at)gmail(dot)com

  17. Mandyface sent me and I love this idea! I just blogged about you tomorrow over at Can I request a sketch or painting of a bunch of wildflowers? That really inspires me lately. My email is lisamw2[at]gmail[dot]com.

  18. I would love a loose sketch of my family home to give to my mom for Christmas. She is my inspiration and her house is all her.
    I will email you a picture and I am blogging this at
    My email is

  19. I would absolutely LOVE a drawing of one of my all time favorite pictures! It was taken of me on a humanitarian trip in the Dominican Republic and holds memories of a life altering experience. I've sent you an email of the picture and mentioned this post on my own blog!
    ( THANK YOU!

  20. I'd love a drawing of my sweet nephew that passed away 2 years ago to give my sister. Sadly, this is her second baby that passed away and she already has a sketch of her first baby. I know she'd love it! My email is

  21. Hey Andrea, I would love for a picture of a Chinook, My husband starts his Flight training for the Army Today! I would love to be able to have a picture of one in our house! Thanks so much! How fun!

  22. the best thing i've ever seen! you have a gift. i will be sending you an email shortly. thanks so much!

  23. My friend put your offer up on her blog and I'm so taking you up on this! You are very talented and my plain walls beg for something beautifully hand drawn. But deciding on something is killing me! I'm surprised it's taking me so long to think of something!!

    In the end I keep coming back to my 4 kiddos. I have the perfect spot to put a picture of each of themthat I could frame seperately and hang in a cute square. I'll email you!

    I've added myself as a follower and my email is storycrew at hotmail dot com.


  24. AHHHH did i miss it?? I would absolutely have loved to have an Andrea original in our home DANGIT!

  25. I'm new to your blog and am pleased to meet you :) introduced us.
    I would love to have a piece of your artwork. Do you like drawing LDS temples? I don't care for traditional representations, they do not seem to capture the beauty I feel when I look at them. Anyway. May I beg a piece of art of the Manti, Utah temple? And again, it's really nice to "meet" you:) Cheers


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