Fall in Love


Lovely falling leaves
spiced pumpkin scent in the air
crunchy footsteps
a breeze with a whisper of winter

This is why I love fall.

Oh, yeah. And the clothes

Now, who wants to go shopping?

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Open For Business ...and GIVEAWAY!

It's Open!!!!

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Basically, just check it out.

This is waaay awesome if you missed out on the free art feature I did
because I'm still taking requests! (Just not quite as free)

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...and I made this for dinner last night.
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Party Like it's Camaron's Birthday

How was Camaron's birthday???
Well, let me break it down for you.

Balloons + Tron cake + yummy treats + Playing telephone + Camaron's grandparents
+ All of our other favorite UT peeps + PiƱata + orange soda = 
Party Hardy SUCCESS!

Don't worry, we keep it classy when we play Telephone.
p.s. apparently my hair is a wig made from Cam's back hairs.
As much as I'd love to take credit for this, it was actually one of our favorite neighbors, Jennifer,
who created this grid-tastic masterpiece

Camaron's birthday was such a blast. 
I love being married to such a great birthday boy.

Don't feel too bad if you missed the party -only about a month until our next big blowout
(November 3rd is going to rock -hint, hint)

I'd Rather be Driving ...a Putter??

 In these here parts of Utah, one may purchase what is know as the "Pass of All Passes." 
For a very low fee, you can get one of these cards 
which is basically a year-long pass to a ton of fun places.

This weekend, we put our passes to use by hitting up the putting green at Trafalga.
It was a ton of fun!*

We didn't keep score. 
I highly recommend this; that way, all you remember is the good time you had
and the 2 or 3 holes in one you got! (yeah, that was me)

This is my golfing face
(refer to above comment)

The best thing about Trafalga is hole 18 
(the last hole where you hit your ball in and then it doesn't come back).
Here' why:
Well, I went first. 
I wanted to hit my ball in extra hard since it was the last hole and I wanted to make it count. 
Turns out I hit it too hard and it bounced right over the hole and into the pond behind it. 
It seriously made the "plop" noise and everything. 
Camaron totally missed it!
But he made up for it by accidentally doing the exact same thing!
So now it's our golfing tradition.

*To our friends in AZ: Don't worry, this place was definitely no Golfland. No erupting volcano, rivers to putt over, or loop-de-loops to hit through.

Nobody Likes You When You're 23

Today is a very special day.

It's one of my favorite days 
(even though I've only truly experienced it in its entirety once before)

Today is a day for fun, good eatin, loves, and happys.



Let the celebrating begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sure love this man. 
(Like seriously. I married him and everything)

I love him so much, in fact, that I am dedicating this post in its entirety to him.

...and here come the baby pictures:

If anyone ever finds this red hat,  I will be forever grateful

Camaron, you are the best.


Camaron's the Best Top 10 Countdown 2011
You are ALWAYS happy
You are funnier than Raven. (Seriously, that's saying a lot)
You do the dishes and the laundry when I feel like being a lazyface
You are nice to everybody -even the crazies
You have an incredibly strong testimony of your Savior and you show it in how you live your life
You love Saved By the Bell
You support me in doing the things I love
You like never pootie*
You love babies/kids
You make me feel loved everyday

Happy 23rd, Babay!!!
(don't listen to those what those crazy Blink 182 kids say. I still like you)

*His mom made up that word. I take no credit

The Hair

Remember that one time when I really can't take a photo of myself?

Well, as I went through a bit of a drastic change earlier this week, I decided it must be documented. So, myself and our mirror took a little trip to capture some Kodak moments for you and others who were curious about how things turned out.



Any short hairstyle ideas? Send em my way!

12 Inches ...and some movie-inspired art

What's new in my life?
Well, Camaron and I have basically become vegan and my cousin cut about 12 inches 
of my hair off yesterday (on purpose). 
You know, same old, same old. 

Vegan: watch Forks Over Knives. Trust me, you'll soon follow suit. fyi: we're not going 100%, we like cookies and certain restaurants too much:)

Hair: I haven't had it this short since right after I graduated high school! It's so great! 
I really wanted change and I figure, hair grows, so why not? 
Plus, I have some extensions I can clip in if I am ever really missin my tresses. 
pics comin soon

Now, here are some movie-inspired art requests I just finished

Some of you may be thinking, "Hey, Saved by the Bell was a TV show, not a movie!"
Uh, hello? Zack and Kelly's Wedding in Las Vegas! 
 Yes please.

Nicholas Cage is a Vampire

He glitters in daylight.


Rock This City

Sometimes, it's really hard living so far away from my family.
It has been such a blessing to have moved to an area near so much of Camaron's extended family 
-even more so that they are so stinkin AWESOME!

We spent this weekend with Camaron's grandparents at their summer condo in Park City
Oh, hey! Just hangin out by the dumpster

Pipe buddies. Camaron packed his pipe precisely for an opportunity like this

This is how we trolley

This is how Cam trolleys

The pipe makes everything classy

Future olympian

Another future olympian

USA, we a bobsled team!

What you need to do next time you hit up Park City for a guaranteed good time:

Put 9 people in a 6 person condo.

Push Tanner in the pool 6+ times.

Line the bedroom floor with pillows and blankets and fall asleep all 
together watching How To Train Your Dragon.

Wake up and return to pool. Be sure to push Tanner in a few more times.

Pack in a few pizza slices from Davanza's in downtown Park City.

Ride the trolley up the hill.

Try on shirts with funny skier puns.

Go in Olive & Tweed. Seriously, too much cute stuff.

Visit the Olympic Park and see athletes training.

Drive around in authorized only areas. No one questions grandpas.

Take lots of jumping photos.

Plan to go back ASAP.

Photos I Forgot I Took

 1, 2, 3 Switzerland open-air market
4. out the window of our old apartment
5. Valentine's cuppy cakes

I took these with my film SLR. 
I need to bust out that camera more often. 
And I need to figure out what the heck film did I use when I was in Switzerland??? 
I love those Swiss pics
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