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I'd Rather be Driving ...a Putter??

 In these here parts of Utah, one may purchase what is know as the "Pass of All Passes." 
For a very low fee, you can get one of these cards 
which is basically a year-long pass to a ton of fun places.

This weekend, we put our passes to use by hitting up the putting green at Trafalga.
It was a ton of fun!*

We didn't keep score. 
I highly recommend this; that way, all you remember is the good time you had
and the 2 or 3 holes in one you got! (yeah, that was me)

This is my golfing face
(refer to above comment)

The best thing about Trafalga is hole 18 
(the last hole where you hit your ball in and then it doesn't come back).
Here' why:
Well, I went first. 
I wanted to hit my ball in extra hard since it was the last hole and I wanted to make it count. 
Turns out I hit it too hard and it bounced right over the hole and into the pond behind it. 
It seriously made the "plop" noise and everything. 
Camaron totally missed it!
But he made up for it by accidentally doing the exact same thing!
So now it's our golfing tradition.

*To our friends in AZ: Don't worry, this place was definitely no Golfland. No erupting volcano, rivers to putt over, or loop-de-loops to hit through.


  1. looks fun but I would need to keep score unless I lost then the score doesnt count

  2. What a fun time! I love how you loved every moment of the ball going in including the "plop" sound lol. Yay for golfing =)

    - Sarah

  3. you're in Utah??? We should be friends (i don't have many here)

  4. Glad to hear Golfland definitely still has a place in your heart. I told Scott today it's FINALLY almost cool enough to go!

  5. Golfland better be careful though, cause one of these days when we go Trafalga might actually have everything turned ON, and who knows what that will change...


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