Ghost Blogger {Alyssa}

It's Ghost Blogging week over here at Pics-O-Andrea!
Today I am so excited to share a ghost post from my most besty best best friend, Alyssa
(seriously, we've made Josh Groban music videos together and everything)
She's one of the happiest/cleverest/funniest people I know. And to top it off, she seriously understands the true spirit of Halloween. (I know there's room for some sort of Halloween pun in there... go for it!)

Long before Emo's were wearing him on their sweatshirts, I was crushing on Jack Skellington big time! I'm Alyssa, over at Happy Happens and I was so excited to get an invite to post for Andrea (Or A-dawg as she was called growing up). That movie and characters hold good memories for me and I love the good feelings I get when I watch it around this time of year! Best part is, it's good for Christmas too! I think that's why my family connected with it early on. We are Christmas nutzies, and try to incorporate it in every holiday somehow! Behold:

Our Halloween Tree!
Upon finishing the tree, we all gathered around the piano and sang Christmas Carols (not a lie).
This tradition of mixing Christmas with all other holidays is so fun and one of my favorites!
Another and probably most favorite Halloween tradition is my Aunt and Uncle's annual Costume Party! Everyone gets so creative and it's fun to see all my family and their alter egos. Some standouts from years past include:
(Mr. Peanut and Morton Salt girl)

(From Left to Right: Ranbow, Miss South Carolina, Hannah Montana, Ghost, Cowgirl, Chainsaw man, Princess with Frog and Prince)

(Sid and Andy from Toy Story)

(1980's Mormon Missionaries and their li'l Book of Mormon)

(Jake and Natiri from Avatar)
The crowning event that we gear up for all year long though is the Donut Race.
The game is this; a couple of pvc pipes are linked together to form a small arch.
2 Strings are tied to the top and are measured to hang just above the competitor's mouths with a donut dangling on the end.
This is serious business as husband is pitted against wife and parent against child whilst fighting to be the first to bite the donut off the string.
There have been battles of EPIC proportions my friends.
Contestants have even been poetically compared to "Shamu breeching the surface for a seal"!
So that you may also witness the glory:

The party is on Monday this year and you better believe I'm gonna win the title (again) haha!
P.S. One time Andrea actually sewed a costume for me and I was able to realize my dream of being Deedee Doodle from the Doodlebops! You know it was legit because one of the only people who knew who I was, was a three year old girl :)
Happy Hauntings everyone!

Doesn't she make you just want to dance a jig? 
...and then struggle to eat a donut (I know I do)
The pic above is us just out of high school. We were at a party that had a giant velcro wall and everyone was jumping and sticking to it, but I was hesitant. I remember thinking, "Belle wouldn't do this." ...But then I did it anyway and it was the best. -Random!
I can't wait to see Alyssa's costume this year, I hear it's a "curious" one. 
Be sure to visit Alyssa over at Happy Happens and be prepared for 
more hauntingly fun ghost posts all this week!


  1. Awesome!! Those are some fantastic costumes. Super creative! Love the first ones and that the only person who knew she was a doddlebop was a 3 yr old. Haha!

  2. People who wear costumes are my favorite people. Alyssa, you are amazing!

  3. Halloween isn't very big here in Australia but it's been fun to see all these costumes!

  4. Halloween tree?! I can't decide if I love or hate that idea....

    (I would only hate it b/c I'm a stickler for traditions and that would definitely go against tradition in my life. Other than that, I love.)


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