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It's Ghost Blogging week over here at Pics-O-Andrea!
I am honored to present you, on this fine October day, a ghost blog post from someone who truly understands great Mexican food ...oh, and of course Halloween, Jenny! Jenny and I used to work at a Mexican food restaurant together and bonded over pollo grandes and bean dip. I don't know what we bond over now, but we still bond. Jenny's blog is always one I look forward to reading whenever it's costume season (be it Halloween or a Harry Potter movie premiere), this post shows just a little preview of her amazingness

When I was young, I thought Halloween was the greatest invention.
Here's me and my brothers, Halloween 1987:

(In case you can't tell what we are: A Main Dish, a Barbie Bride (that's me), a Trash-Bag Skeleton, and a Vampire with a bloody nose. This also happens to be the Halloween night when my mom went into labor while we were trick-or-treating. She had my little brother the next day... perhaps the scariest Halloween ever?)

The following are some Halloween traditions we had when I was a child:
- Dad "inspects" our candy stash, only to steal all our Almond Joys. ("There's almond-shaped razors in all of these... very bad for you kids.")
- Racing to the "good house" in the neighborhood before the man who passed out king-sized candy bars ran out. He just happen to be a candy man, literally. (I'm actually not too sure what constitutes a "candy man" in our day, let's just pretend it's not a little creepy.)
- Winning chili-cookoff contests. Go mom.

Now that I'm (somewhat) all grown up, my husband and I want to create new traditions for our own family (and continue some of the old).

Allow me to share our three new Halloween traditions:

-Screen Ghostbusters on a projector while snacking on Twinkies and smores (with Stay-Puft Marshmallows, of course).

- Kick off Halloween Night with a big chili dinner, followed by a dance party that only plays the song, "Zombie Zoo" by Tom Petty. (Party-ers, let us retire "Monster Mash" as the official Halloween song. It's time to build the "Zombie Zoo" in your town.)

- Make homemade Halloween costumes that require an explanation of who you are. Read on as I share a few examples:
"June is not just ANY octopus. She is an octopus from the "Octopus' Garden", a song by the Beatles."

"William and I are not just ANY gangsters from the 80's. We're the two 'gangsters turned backup dancers' from the classic Michael Jackson music video entitled 'Beat It'." (That's a mini Michael Jackson standing in front of us, by the way.)

I'm sure as the years pass, our traditions will build.
But I think we're off to a spooky start.

Happy Haunting!

Jenny B

Thanks Jenny!
I can't wait to hear about more of Jenny's traditions as years pass
 ...and to bust out some Tom Petty on October 31st!
Be sure to check out Jenny's blog, Smiles Awake You When You Rise
and have yourself a ghostly day (in a good way)

p.s. if you didn't click on that link for Beat It, scroll back up and click it. 
Everyone deserves to see MJ in all his glory.

...More spooktacular Ghost Posting all this week!


  1. Haha that first picture is hilarious.

    - Sarah

  2. Kids would love these traditions! Thanks!

  3. Andrea, you're the best. Thanks for letting me invade your space.


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