Ghost Blogger {Mandy}

It's Ghost Blogging week over here at Pics-O-Andrea!
Today I am ever so thrilled to share a ghost post from one of my online & real life favs, Mandy.
One time we sang Popular together at a karaoke night. Just putting that out there. 
She knows more about Harry Potter than anyone I've ever met  -and only uses that knowledge for good.
Along with that, she is also quite the lover of Halloween and shares some of 
that love with us today

 Hullo chaps!
Tis Mandy from Dash it All
and I'm hear to tell you kids about
my favorite part of Halloween.
Its probs yours too.
No, not eating so much chocolate and dots
that your face explodes.
That's second.
The most ghoulio part of Halloween is COSTUMES!

Are you a costume person?
I hope you are.
But it doesn't matter if you're not,
because chances are you probably tough it out
once a year in celebration of all things spookalicious.
That's what I love!
Let me explain.

I was trained as small child to embrace costumes whole-heartedly:

The happiness came later I assure you.

From there I hit all the classics:


 And superheros!

But the true joy in costuming comes when
those you love most...
or those you just happen to be at the same party with,
dress up too!

Have you ever been the only person that dresses up major
for a theme party whilst everyone else doesn't want to seem uncool
so they stick to their v necks and vans?! neither.
Jk, that happens to me all the time.
Listen up yo'z,
I likes me some people who like to have the most fun possible,
and sometimes, that means you have to dress up as an 80's rock band:

Shout out to muh work peeps!

Or Harry Potter characters:

Or Alice in Wonderland and the Black Plague: know what I mean.
It makes my small, cold heart
shine so bright
when all are costumed
on Halloween night.

So in conclusion:
I LOVE dressing up!
And I LOVE people who LOVE to dress up.
And if YOU don't dress up this Halloween,
I will MESS you up.
Gots it?

Happy haunting,
Mandy Candy Corn

Oh, what a doll.
She'll mess you up, but what a doll.
This post has made me even more excited to get to work on mine and Camaron's costumes.
I loooove dressing up just as much as Mandy. 
Be sure to give Mandy a holla over at Dash It All (tis a most wondrous place)

...More spooktacular Ghost Posting all this week!


  1. i heart dressing up.
    and both of you.
    that's all.
    and Halloween candy

  2. Okay, those are all fabulous costumes - I especially love the superhero!


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