Sometimes, I'm not the best at participating in bloggy-invite-type-things.
I don't know why.
Seriously, I have no real reason.

But today I have decided to make up for it by participating in
bloggy-things I was invited to!!!!
(and you thought it was just going to be another typical Monday)

The first comes from my dear, hilarious, AZ kin, Mandyface
This girlie nominated me for the Sunshine Award
 (I wanted to make up some ironic reason for this, but I really do love sunshine ...and I never get
tired of the song Walking On Sunshine. Especially when they feature it in a movie
during a scene where the main character is trying on a bunch of silly clothes)
The questions can be found here
These be my answers:
green, puppies, 11, horchata, fb, stripes, saturday, ranunculus, sewing machine, boots, cookies, M. Ward
(I put 4 answers for the last question. What can you do?)

And then my hottie sister-in-law, Tani, is doing a high/low party over on her blog
You should join in

Highs for the week
making and eating this soup
decorating for fall -I made a wreath and everything
Conference. Soooo good
Ralynne(bestie who performs at Disneyworld) comes on Thursdeee!!!
Camaron's birthday party. Still eating piñata candy
veggie burros at Diego's. MMmmmm
Going clothes shopping for the first time since we moved to UT. I've never been so good
I cleaned the whole house! I love that sense of accomplishment
Chocolate candy corn. Our candy bowls never last long around here
The fact that 1/3 of my highs involve food

Gecko Grill closed on Saturday (hopefully for just a few months)
Camaron worked late on shoots all last week and is going to be working an overnight shoot this week
  (I don't like being home alone ...unless I'm watching Home Alone?)
Smiths apparently doesn't carry asparagus or zucchini. What kind of produce section is this?

Don't forget to get all up in this giveaway's face


  1. I love the food references haha. Mine is full of them too. I guess we married Stevensons for a reason right? I'm pretty sure both Chris and Camaron can eat mountains of food.

  2. all of those images are perfection! i've never had chocolate candy corn before. but that sounds like perfection!!
    xo TJ

  3. oh so amazing pics!!!
    love your blog!
    check out mine and maybe we could follow each other!

  4. Chocolate chip cookies and striped pack packs?! These should be every day staples.


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