Getting Piney

Our home is smelling soooo good right now. It now truly feels like Christmas is upon us.
(and no, it's not because I just sprayed a heaping amount of the Bath & Body Works Christmas Tree room spray*)
Camaron and I went and got a REAL Christmas tree for our home this year! Both of us were deprived of such things growing up, so we treated ourselves with a fine Grand Fir 
on this our second Christmas together as marrieds.

It stands proud in our front room. I've already filled it with lights, 
but the decorations will have to wait until tomorrow
  (because we apparently don't have any of those little hooks you need for hanging ornaments. Bummer)

While the tree is looking and smellin pretty dang good, I'm gonna have to say the best part of getting a live tree was the adventure we had getting it on the car.

We bought our tree from a nearby grocery store (I already had suspicions that traveling with a tree on top of our car would be difficult, so I wanted to pick one up from close by) The store had posted that they'd "even help tie the tree to your car!" -but this store is obviously a fan of lying, because we most definitely had to do the loading and tying by ourselves. Luckily, they did let us borrow their twine and scissors, though. Yeah?
So Camaron put the tree on top of our car ...and then the Salvation Army guy paused from his bell ringing to inform us that we had put the tree on backwards. Who knows these things? (not us)
So, we fixed the tree and then started the tying. We were on opposite sides of the car and would thread the twine though the car's windows and then throw it over the top to each others. We were lookin like pros -until I threw it too far and hit a lady in the head with the ball of twine.
It was all tied up and we were ready to go.
So long, grocery store!

...and then we quickly realized that we had tied our doors shut with the twine
(who of you saw that one coming?)

So, we did the logical thing and climbed into the car through the open windows, just like the cool kids and their cool convertibles (minus the convertible part)

Let's just say, we gave Salvation Army guy some good stories to tell his buds when he got home.

We made it safely home with the tree still in tact (thanks to my granny driving)

Oh, what a wonderful Christmas this shall be!

We topped off our night of Christmasy spirit with a chocolate orange:)

P.S. Did you see Ender was cast??? How nuts is this?! So excited for this movie!

*My family hates this stuff for some reason. But I would always fill the house with it during Christmas time growing up. ...And I probably will do it again when we go home for Christmas in just a few weeks! Muahahahhaaaa!

Trim Up The Tree

Did last week totally throw anyone else off?
I seriously keep having to ask what day it is. And December is on Thursday??

When did this happen?

2011 was an amazing year, but it sure flew by incredibly fast. Camaron and I will be celebrating our one year wedding anniversary in just a couple weeks (insane). 
I would write a bunch of lovey dovey stuff here, but I'll save that for the 18th.

Anyway, back to Christmas. 
It's basically tomorrow, have you decorated yet?
I am so excited to bust out the Christmas decor DIYs this week. Pinterest, what can't you do?
all found here and here

I can't wait to post pics.

What are your fav holiday DIYs and decor ideas? Please share

p.s. check out my giveaway over at Young People in Love:)

After the Turkey

Nothing better than following up a delicious Thanksgiving feast with a highly-intense game of croquet.
(except maybe a game of ultimate frisbee:) )

 Yes, I am horrible at croquet and was the first one out, but we got to play outside! On Thanksgiving!
 In Utah!
 I am just very grateful that the weather here isn't horrible ...yet.

Later, I ate a ton of rolls and then we all played Mafia. All I learned was that the only way to win is if you are silent the whole time. Seriously, anytime I voiced an opinion or idea about who I thought might have done it ...boom "It's Andrea! She did it!"
It was so funny. 
Not to mention, I have this amazing gift of coming off completely guilty of something when I really didn't do it. All of the time. No lie, it's been such a great talent to possess. I'd love to teach you sometime, 
but it's one of those things you just can't teach.

 Then last night, I got to play with my Mandyface friend who was in town for the delicious holiday. Oh, she makes me miss AZ so much. Love her. We got shakes and I discovered I'm not the only one who loves gummies in my ice cream! 
10 point for Griffindor!
Oh, I mean Mandy.
Well, and Griffindor can have em too.

Now, who's ready to bust out the Christmas decorations??

Today I am thankful for

 Thanksgiving is truly such an amazing holiday. Sure, the pilgrims and indians and all that was great, but a whole day just to celebrate your gratitude for others and all that you have?*
 What a great day.

Today, I have an infinite amount of blessing to be grateful for, but I'll just give you a little taste (pun?)

Family nearby that we can share this holiday (and delicious meal) with

Beautiful weather to play in

Friends (new and old)

Opportunities to create and experiment

A husband who completely gets me and is always happy and fun

Jobs that allow my husband and I plenty of time to spend together and create memories

...and discovering new websites that are full of cutie pictures like this:

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

*Not to mention, tons of delicious food to stuff my face with:)

We Write the Lyrics

This pic was taken in August. For this story's sake, imagine this, but with patches of snow all over. Crazy, I know

Ok, longish story short:
This last Saturday I drove down to Vegas to pick up Camaron. His dad had driven him there from Arizona.  In case you weren't aware, Las Vegas is basically the perfect meeting place between Gilbert, AZ and Provo, UT. Camaron had flown down to AZ last week for the funeral of a close friend (I really wish I could have joined him, but my work is weird and doesn't provide me with many options for taking time off).
Ok, this story is already getting too long.
I drove 5 hours by myself to Vegas, ate at Jack in the Box with Cam and his dad, then Cam and I began our 5 hour drive together back to P-town. I know what you're thinking "Wow, what a super fun  10 hour drive! Was that Jack in the Box in the scariest part of town, too?! Cause now I'm thinking I need to plan a road trip. Where's my atlas?"
In response to your thoughts, yes. Yes, it was a super fun trip. And yes, that Jack in the Box was uber sketch.
Truly, it was a fun drive. The fun on the drive down was mostly made possible by The Cranberries, and Billy Joel. The fun on the drive back with Camaron was mostly made possible by, well, Camaron ...and the fact that Camaron found out (once again), when I don't know the lyrics to a song, I make up my own. (Similar to what Kara does sometimes)

Case in point:
artist: The Format (we traditionally listen to them when crossing the border into AZ)
song: Tune Out
part I never could tell what they were saying: the first line of the song.

I had no idea what they said here -all I heard was "__________, please choose a side..."
I know they weren't saying "Strongbad," but it kinda sounded like it, so that is the word that I always use when singing this song (ie: "Strongbad, please choose a side...")* I told Camaron my cool new lyric (because I figured nobody could actually decipher what the band was really saying). Turns out Cam does know the lyrics, and I was a little off.

Fake lyrics + singing Ashlee Simpson at the top of our lungs + buckled-in dancing + Remembering our friend who passed away + talking about us moving back to AZ = Five hours that felt like maybe one. I am so thankful to have such a fun lovey dovey husband (This is now my Thanksgiving post?)

I can't wait for our next roadtrip.

oh, and don't forget to grab yourself a chance to win one of my pillow cases and a pack of greeting cards:) Click here

*apparently, the actual lyrics are: "It's your bed, please choose a side..." I guess that makes more sense than Strongbad (but not nearly as intimidating) Did you know the real words? 10 points to you and yours

Christmas Presents?

I'm always shocked by how early some people get their Christmas shopping done. 
I seriously think I saw around 5 people's status updates on FB this last week declaring that they had already finished. What is this???

I don't know about you, but I honestly have troubles getting everyone's presents by Christmas. I have been known to shop even on Christmas eve. I don't recommend it, but I also don't know how to avoid it.
Are you an early bird or last minute shopper?

Either way, I just added some great items to the shop, and I'm sure you know someone who'd love a little extra color on their couch/bed/chair...

Fun pillow covers just added to the shop!
...and more are on their way.

Also, if you see something you like, but not in the color you need, just let me know! 
I can customize most orders:)

Also, just in time for the upcoming holidays,

...and who is soooo excited for Thanksgiving this week?!?!
I cannot believe it's already here. This year has completely flown by.

A Very She & Him Christmas

I loves me some good Christmas music, so I was scouring the internets today for some new holiday tunes when I discovered She & Him has a Christmas album.
uh YES!

It is most choice.

I wanted to find a music video of one of the songs to show you a little preview of the album, but when I came across this, I couldn't not share
*sidenote: I posted this before I actually watched the entire thing(cause I'm just that smart). Ok, I'd prob stop watching after Mary-Kate. It gets weird after that. And language-y. Sorry!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Reprise

I know I just made chocolate peanut-buttery goodness the other night, but last night I got me the dessert cravings ...and I am lazy. So, basically, this recipe fit my palate perfectly.

Sooo sooo easy.

And soooo sooooo yummy!

While these were setting in the freezer, I scrolled through Netflix for something new and came across
Gossip Girl.
I've never seen this show before. I've basically avoided it. Trashy.

...and 5 episodes of Blair and Serena later, I have a problem.


Bow Down to Me

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I needs me some more bows in my life.
So gettin all up in this bow tutorial's biz.

...and I'm probably asleep right now (aka I was at the airport at 3:30 this morning)

Happy Wednesday!!!

p.s. Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week!?

Sweet & Tweet!

I made these last night
Chocolate+peanut butter = I just ate the whole pan of those cookie bars.
Recipe found here. You know you wants them too.

How was your Monday?
I went to work, Watched Parks & Rec and Malcolm in the Middle, talked about being productive,
made dinner, shopped for dessert ingredients, made above recipe, then enjoyed it with the husband, sister-in-law, cousin, roommate, and neighbor whilst watching John Tucker Must Die.  
Basically another successful Monday.

...and I gots meself a twitter! 

you down for some tweetin?

Follow me and then let me know your twitter so I can follow you!

and now scroll down to the previous post for some more Hunger Games action
you know you can't get enough

Freakin Hunger Games Trailer!!!

Can it be March 2012 already???

BOGO and a winner!

Now available in the Pics-O-Andrea Shop

Greeting Cards!!!

These have been so much fun to work on. I can't wait to add more. Make sure to head on over to the shop and check em out! And as a special birthday month gift, I'm giving all of my readers a BOGO deal!

 That's right, buy one card and get one free!!!

Simply choose a card and then in the "notes to seller" specify which card you'd like 
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And a big fatty congrats to the winner of the Corina's Corner giveaway!!!

Boom baby! Congrats to Candace of Lovely Little Rants!!! 
Seriously, this winner was chosen totally at random. The fact that we're related had no impact on me choosing her as the winner. I swear. Ok, no one believes me. I'm going to drink some more eggnog.



Today I am thankful for beautiful weather. 
I love that so many people are posting what they are thankful for everyday this month on FB and blogs. 
I think it's lovely. 
With this nice, slightly rainy day, I've been thinking about how cool our planet is. Seasons change, beautiful colors, gorgeous breezes ...oh, what a wonderful place to live. 
Along with that, be ready to have your mind blown by how stinkin cool nature is. I just found this video. Camaron and I are still in awe. You may have seen it before, but it is sooo worth seeing again.

p.s. there is an AMAZING deal going on in the shop right now! Be sure to head over and read the announcement at the top of the page:)

Baked Apple Dumplings (Whoa dang)

photo via

While eating dinner last night, I remember thinking,
 "Aww man, I wish we had some kind of real yummy dessert to eat after this."

Then I remembered,
"Oh yeah! There are apple dumplings in the oven!!!!"
(It was the best feeling ever. I highly recommend it)

These are sooooooo stinkin good and so stinkin easy to make!

Baked Apple Dumplings

2 apples (we used gala)
1/4 cup melted butter
1/2 cup cinnamon sugar
pack of 2 refrigerated pie crusts 

*preheat oven to 400 degrees
1. peel and core apples. If you need to cut them in half to core, it's ok (just put them back together)
2. roll apples in cinnamon sugar until well coated
3. place apple in center of pie crust and wrap it up. Wrap/seal each apple in a pie crust
4. Brush each wrapped apple with melted butter and then roll in remaining cinnamon sugar
5. Place the apples on an aluminum foil-lined baking sheet 
and bake 45min-1hr until crust is golden brown 
6. Eat with whip cream, ice cream, caramel, anything yummy
7. Eat with a loved one and thank me later

Have an AMAZING weekend!!!

p.s. the GIVEAWAY end tonight at midnight, so hit that thing up! Seriously, it's such a great gift idea 

New Family Member

When I was home in Arizona over the weekend, along with getting together with old friends, 
I met a new friend.

His name is Bowski -short for Lebowski 
(Can you guess my brother's favorite movie?)

He was sooo cool and cute and fun and smart 
and all I wanted was to pet and play with him

Too bad he's super weird around new people and the only way I could get him to come near 
me was if my mom was there or if I bribed him with treats (as seen below)

 Someday I hope to be cool enough for him.

In other news,
Get in on the GIVEAWAY! (seriously, 6 entry opportunities?!)
I've been in a sewing frenzy all week!
I just got a design job with a vinyl decal company! Send me ideas!
I ate too many sour brite crawlers today!
Utah is getting mighty cold!
Candace is having a party! You should come!

AZ Weekend

I was so blessed to be able to fly down to Arizona this weekend to see 
my cousin get married. I have less cousins than anyone I know, 
so I am very close to the few that I have. 
Danielle is my sister's age (1 year older than me) and the three of us were inseparable growing up.

What a beautiful day Saturday was.

Someone else wanted to walk down the aisle:)

While in AZ, I also got to do a lot of this:
Wahooooo for home decor items to be added to the shop this week!!!

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Birthday Present for YOU

As it is my birthday month and the holidays are just around the corner, I am in a gifty-giving mood. Today, this benefits you.

Have you ever seen Corina's art?
It's so beautiful! I love her portrait style.

Wouldn't you love to have her paint one for you to hang in your home?
Or give as a gift? (holidays are well on their way, people)
Well, you can!

Enter the Corina's Corner giveaway below!!!
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Good luck!

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Birthday Recap

As far as birthdays go, this year's was one of my favorites 
(and that's competing with a Disneyland birthday)
First of all, I didn't have to work! I'm not saying I don't like working (I love my job), it's just that it seems like I've worked on my birthday for the last eleventeen years. It was fun having the day off.

The morning started with me dropping Cam off at his job waaayy early.
He tricked me and I was totally surprised by a super fun breakfast party at Denny's instead!
Have you tried their holiday menu? Pumpkin pancakes! Uhh... YUM!
Candace, Kaesi, Britt, Cam, Tay, and me were there:)
It was so crazy and I was totally surprised.
(Did I ever tell you I lurve being surprised?!)

Although this may look like a gravy-covered meatball, I assure you it is not. This is a red velvet pancake puppy with cream cheese frosting. What's that? You're heading to Denny's right now, too? See you there.

And then much presents were had.

The best part about this present is that it came on accident. 
It's the George Harrison book that inspired the recent Scorsese documentary on George's life. 
I had made a request for the DVD, and Camaron thought he had ordered it for me, 
but upon delivery, Cam realized he didn't quite order the right thing. I love it.

When the book arrived, Cam quickly ordered the real movie, but it didn't arrive in time, so I ended up unwrapping Megamind* with the receipt for the soon-to-arrive George DVD.
  (he didn't want me to be short a present)
I honestly thought Cam had gifted me Megamind.
"Wait, don't we already own this movie?"
My reaction. In real time.

Other favorites of the day:

My teacher-sister, Bethany, called me and had her whole class sing happy birthday to me! 
Those 3rd graders gots pipes! It was sooooo cute.

My besty Alyssa made this for me. 

Got a call from the other besty (with an original song, of course)

Ate lots of yummy food. Lots.

Then, Cam and I watched You've Got Mail while eating Sour Brite Crawlers:)
 Yes, shopgirl is diggin on my nail polish

...And I'm in AZ right now!!!!
Bet you didn't see that one coming. I'm here for my cousin's wedding. 
It's so great to be back home (twill always be home). 
I miss Camaron, but it is soooo great to be home!

*One of the funniest movies. If you haven't seen it, well, what are you waiting for??

Party Like It's My Birthday ...Because It Is

Twill be a day of good food, good music, good dancing, and good company.

Today is such a GREAT day


P.S. Eggnog Crepes

beautiful pic via
The other night, I wasn't sure what to make for dinner, so I went for easy and convenient: 
Breakfast for dinner

I decided on crepes because, honestly, they're soooo easy.
As I was mixing ingredients, I was hit with some bad news:
We had no milk or eggs 
(key ingredients here, people).

...But we did have eggnog 
(key ingredients being milk and eggs ...and heaven, of course)

Hence, Eggnog Crepes were invented.
Please make and enjoy:)

Eggnog Crepes
1 cup flour
1 cup eggnog
1/2 cup water 
(or more. however much it takes to get the batter runny)
2 TB butter (melted)

whisk all ingredients together and then pour about a cup into heated, greased frying pan (medium heat)
Move pan around so batter fills bottom of pan and is thin.
Turn crepe over when edges look dry.
yield: 4 crepes

We filled ours with mixed berries and whipped cream, but they tasted a little odd with the eggnog. I would recommend filling them with apples (Mmmmm, fall favorites...)

Click Here to see how Martha Stewart does her apple filling. I figure hers is better than anything else I could write on here.

Let me know how yours turn out!

Goodbye Warm Weather

I guess this is it. Winter is coming. Full throttle.

It snowed* last night.

It's the first week of November** and it snowed.

Goodbye uncovered arms, legs, and feet. I will miss you.
(until this weekend when I'll be in AZ and you'll def be making an appearance!)
I just love these pictures

*It may or may not have only lasted 5 minutes and not even stuck to the ground, but it was snowing!
**My birthday week!!!!


...and now a word from my husband

And now I give you...
The lost Ghost Post!!!

My husband was out of town a week ago, and I was sad.
But when he got back and shared all of the amazing stories that come 
with a weekend like that, it made it all worth it.
Here is just a preview of how his weekend was.
Enjoy immensely

Hey, I'm Camaron, and I have a rockin' totally up-to-date and not abandoned blog that you can check out hurr. Anyway, when I heard about Andrea's idea to have Ghost Post's, I knew it was my time to shine. I mean, I take Halloween seriously! Well, I used to. In second grade I made handmade cards for everyone in my class, and I thought I was The Stuff because of it. That was until my friend Luke pointed out that I had spelt ghost wrong on his (gohst - my b.). Then someone told me that Jack Skellington wasn't real and that pretty much killed it for me.

Don't worry, I recovered. In fact, for the past two years, I've been celebrating Halloween early! Most people wait until the 31st to dress up, but I found a very special place where people dress up weeks in advance. It's a beautiful place I like to call Blizzcon*.

Yeah, that's a dude.

Some may say it's a nerd convention, heck some people may even say it's a loser convention! But you know what? These people have guts. Sure, maybe they live in their parent's basements. And sure, maybe this convention is the first time they've seen daylight since last year, but one weekend out of every year, these brave men and women take their online ego's into the real world. And that's something dagnabbit.

Of course, sometimes they take their perception of how cool they are into the real world too. Which is a mistake. Hence, the Dance Competition:

We have a theory that the only reason Jay Mohr agrees to host Blizzcon is on the stipulation that the nerds dance for him.

I'm sure everyone has things they do that gets them really excited for Halloween, and I think the more people I see dressed in awesome costumes, the more excited I get. If you could, please leave a link in the comments of an awesome costume of yours (from any year), or an awesome costume you've seen. HAPPY HOWLAWEEN**!!

*I don't play World of Warcraft. I play Starcraft, which is much cooler.

** I spent a week trying to think up a Halloween alternative to Easter's "Hoppy Easter!" When I finally tried it out, all I got was crickets.

Not gonna lie, I almost wish I could have gone with him.
I mean, Jay Mohr?? Come on people!
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