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...and now a word from my husband

And now I give you...
The lost Ghost Post!!!

My husband was out of town a week ago, and I was sad.
But when he got back and shared all of the amazing stories that come 
with a weekend like that, it made it all worth it.
Here is just a preview of how his weekend was.
Enjoy immensely

Hey, I'm Camaron, and I have a rockin' totally up-to-date and not abandoned blog that you can check out hurr. Anyway, when I heard about Andrea's idea to have Ghost Post's, I knew it was my time to shine. I mean, I take Halloween seriously! Well, I used to. In second grade I made handmade cards for everyone in my class, and I thought I was The Stuff because of it. That was until my friend Luke pointed out that I had spelt ghost wrong on his (gohst - my b.). Then someone told me that Jack Skellington wasn't real and that pretty much killed it for me.

Don't worry, I recovered. In fact, for the past two years, I've been celebrating Halloween early! Most people wait until the 31st to dress up, but I found a very special place where people dress up weeks in advance. It's a beautiful place I like to call Blizzcon*.

Yeah, that's a dude.

Some may say it's a nerd convention, heck some people may even say it's a loser convention! But you know what? These people have guts. Sure, maybe they live in their parent's basements. And sure, maybe this convention is the first time they've seen daylight since last year, but one weekend out of every year, these brave men and women take their online ego's into the real world. And that's something dagnabbit.

Of course, sometimes they take their perception of how cool they are into the real world too. Which is a mistake. Hence, the Dance Competition:

We have a theory that the only reason Jay Mohr agrees to host Blizzcon is on the stipulation that the nerds dance for him.

I'm sure everyone has things they do that gets them really excited for Halloween, and I think the more people I see dressed in awesome costumes, the more excited I get. If you could, please leave a link in the comments of an awesome costume of yours (from any year), or an awesome costume you've seen. HAPPY HOWLAWEEN**!!

*I don't play World of Warcraft. I play Starcraft, which is much cooler.

** I spent a week trying to think up a Halloween alternative to Easter's "Hoppy Easter!" When I finally tried it out, all I got was crickets.

Not gonna lie, I almost wish I could have gone with him.
I mean, Jay Mohr?? Come on people!


  1. Don't lie, that's you in that centaur costume. And you look good.

  2. Blizzon.. WOW :) My hubs always played starcraft too. It's always interesting to see the people dressed up as their characters. my friend went to a wedding where the couple met in WOW.

  3. bahahaha,
    "suuure they live in their parents basements..."

    I agree though, the people have guts. And I love dressing up, I think we need to have halloween every month.


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