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This pic was taken in August. For this story's sake, imagine this, but with patches of snow all over. Crazy, I know

Ok, longish story short:
This last Saturday I drove down to Vegas to pick up Camaron. His dad had driven him there from Arizona.  In case you weren't aware, Las Vegas is basically the perfect meeting place between Gilbert, AZ and Provo, UT. Camaron had flown down to AZ last week for the funeral of a close friend (I really wish I could have joined him, but my work is weird and doesn't provide me with many options for taking time off).
Ok, this story is already getting too long.
I drove 5 hours by myself to Vegas, ate at Jack in the Box with Cam and his dad, then Cam and I began our 5 hour drive together back to P-town. I know what you're thinking "Wow, what a super fun  10 hour drive! Was that Jack in the Box in the scariest part of town, too?! Cause now I'm thinking I need to plan a road trip. Where's my atlas?"
In response to your thoughts, yes. Yes, it was a super fun trip. And yes, that Jack in the Box was uber sketch.
Truly, it was a fun drive. The fun on the drive down was mostly made possible by The Cranberries, and Billy Joel. The fun on the drive back with Camaron was mostly made possible by, well, Camaron ...and the fact that Camaron found out (once again), when I don't know the lyrics to a song, I make up my own. (Similar to what Kara does sometimes)

Case in point:
artist: The Format (we traditionally listen to them when crossing the border into AZ)
song: Tune Out
part I never could tell what they were saying: the first line of the song.

I had no idea what they said here -all I heard was "__________, please choose a side..."
I know they weren't saying "Strongbad," but it kinda sounded like it, so that is the word that I always use when singing this song (ie: "Strongbad, please choose a side...")* I told Camaron my cool new lyric (because I figured nobody could actually decipher what the band was really saying). Turns out Cam does know the lyrics, and I was a little off.

Fake lyrics + singing Ashlee Simpson at the top of our lungs + buckled-in dancing + Remembering our friend who passed away + talking about us moving back to AZ = Five hours that felt like maybe one. I am so thankful to have such a fun lovey dovey husband (This is now my Thanksgiving post?)

I can't wait for our next roadtrip.

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*apparently, the actual lyrics are: "It's your bed, please choose a side..." I guess that makes more sense than Strongbad (but not nearly as intimidating) Did you know the real words? 10 points to you and yours


  1. From here until eternity I will now sing "Strongbad, so please choose a side. I'll take the one closest to the door" in your honor.

  2. i love your photos!!!

  3. Bwahahahaha! I'm glad I'm not
    The only one who makes up sweet lyrics that are hilarious! And I fully support your move back to AZ!


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