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First December Weekend

Happy first full week of December!!!

I don't know why, but I'm just loving December and want to celebrate everyday!
Ok, maybe I do know why -We get to go home to Arizona and celebrate
 Christmas in just a few short weeks!!!!!!!!!!

This weekend was such a fun one. We watched a ton of Parks & Rec; It's basically our favorite. 
On Saturday, we doubled with Candace and her bf. We got ourselves some deliciousness at Jimmy Johns and then got all competitive at Laser Assault (the local laser tag arena).
Oh. My. Goodness.
It had been much too long since I'd laser tagged it up. It was a blast!
Pretty sure everyone in there knew who I was 
(the girl who would scream every time she turned a corner and ran into someone ...and then would laugh her face off) 
But hey, look where all that screaming and laughing got me:
5th place, boi!
Don't know when the last time was that I placed in the single digits at laser tag (4th grade)

Sunday was marvelous -as it usually it. Even though Camaron was sick and I had to attend church alone, the day was awesome because     ...wait for it      ...it snowed!!!
Sure it didn't even stick, but for an Arizona native, this was a HUGE deal! It was so beautiful:)
The rest of the day was spent snacking and watching old Disney movies (The Sword in the Stone)
I loved this weekend.


  1. I love that picture! Shots like that are just plain awesome!!! :D

    In our sea of love

  2. First off, I love Parks and Rec. I've probably watched each episode like 10 times. Second, I've never been good at laser tag, so basically you're amazing. Third, I love your Christmas Tree story from your last post. That should be a scene in the next ABC Family Christmas movie, starring you and Camz as a newlywed couple that has to save Christmas from some sort of evil person... like Tammy 1 or 2?

  3. that sounds like SUCH a good weekend!
    jimmy johns is HEAVEN. i don't know how they get those sandwiches to be so delicious. someone please tell me. (i think it's the mayonnaise. ohmyGOSH).
    lazer assault is the best. i ran into a wall once and got a goose egg....

  4. a marathon of Parks and Rec sounds like a great day. I cant get enough of Ron Swanson.


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