Christmas Recap {in photos}

As an added element of fun this Christmas, Camaron and I set up a photo booth at my parent's family Christmas party. I made some props, we set up a light, and then let the magic happen. I love how into it everyone got. We party with these people every year, and I've never seen them this photogenic before. Love it! (Fox loved it the most, though. Obviously)

Prior to my family's party, we went to possibly my favorite themed-party ever. The theme was dress as your favorite Christmas carol. We went as Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. My favorite part of our costume was how Cam somehow morphed into a wanna-be-Ringo British rocker. He is even wearing an earring (it's my grandma's clip-on).

And here are just some random cute photos of Fox (sometimes you just gotta)

Then, as a present to her parent's, Cam's little sister set up a family photo shoot for us.
Seriously, Tyra. Just hire me already.

I hope you had a great Christmas season. Sugar coma until New Year's -who's with me?

"Call me Elf one more time..."

This past Saturday night, while I was working, Fox was having the time of his life (while missing me desperately, of course). Not only did he get to help his dad with the photo booth at our church's Christmas party that evening, he actually got to meet the big guy! In person!

At first, Fox had to ponder on the fact that Santa apparently wears contacts now, and must have gotten Botox for Christmas last year.

Then, Fox decided to show off his highly-defined calves

And then Fox had a Parent Trap moment. 
Who's the real Santa?

So, basically, Fox and Santa are way tight now.

Put in a good word for me, Fox!

p.s. today is mine and Camaron's 2 year anniversary! Hip hip hooray!

A Clean Fox

Contrary to the look he's giving the camera in this photo, Fox actually tolerates bath time. Trust me, tolerating is a step in the positive direction compared to the way he felt about them a few months ago.

It's been a while, so here's a little update on our favorite little buddy.

This little guy just gets more and more fun each day.
He has officially developed a laugh that is just the best (It's a laugh, not a giggle -although he sometimes giggles in his sleep). Fox basically finds it hilarious when you make kissy noises, click your tongue, or make fart noises (he knows good humor, obviously). Along with the laughing, Fox is also a noise machine. He's always chatting it up (usually with himself). His favorite word is goy/goi. I don't know what it means yet, but when he says it a ton in a row whilst sucking on his pacifier, it sounds like that little trick when you hold your fist in front of your mouth and say girl over and over (it was a jr high thing?) And he is so close to making the Chewbacca noise, it isn't even funny.

Even with no real prior knowledge of the holiday, Fox is totally stoked for Christmas. He loves looking at the lights on our tree and staring at our Merry Christmas banner any chance he gets. And he loves listening as Cam and I belt out Christmas carols whenever we're in the car (he likes to pretend like he's sleeping, but really he's just soaking in the magic that is the Christmas season mixed with our amazing singing voices).

Fox had his four month checkup last week. This kid is a champ. He practically laughed in the nurse's face when she gave him four shots all at once. Ok, so that laugh may have actually been a wimper, but he was back to his happy self before we were even finished putting his clothes back on him (yes, he prefers taking his shots in the nude). And Camaron and I didn't even cry -yeah us! At the appointment, we also found out Fox's current stats. At four months, Fox measures at 25.5" tall (75%) and Fox weighs 12 lbs 4oz (10%) with a head circumference of 16.5" (30%). And although this kid is a little on the thin side, he just started wearing his 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. We have a growing boy on our hands -and it's freaking me out. The doctor also said it looked like his bottom teeth should be coming in soon -that's freaking me out even more. 

Happy 12-12-12!!!


Guest Post: Southern Living, Our Way

Today, I'd like to introduce you to my new inter-webz friend, Alexa, from Southern Living, Our Way. She is 100% Southern, spunky, gorgeous, and is today's guest poster:)

Hi, Pics-O-Andrea readers! I'm so honored to be guest posting on Andrea's beautiful blog today! If her readers are even half as sweet as she is, I know I'm in good hands :) My name is Alexa and I blog over at Southern Living, Our Way, documenting bits and pieces of my newlywed life with a super-duper handsome husband, parenting an adorable but possibly psychotic fur-baby, and the hilariously unscripted things that could only happen to someone as awkward as me.
With December, like, HERE {I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been eyeing my Christmas decor since Halloween} and my favorite holiday quickly approaching, today I'm coming at y'all with some thoughts on Christmas+marriage. Hold on to your hooters, because it's a doozie! For richer or poorer; In sickness and in health; For holidays with in-laws and for regular days; This is my solemn vow.
That, my friends, should totally be the new version of traditional wedding vows. This year will mark the first time I’m spending Christmas morning away from my parents and brother, and I’d be very Pinocchio-with-a-long-nose if I said I was 100% happy about it. My husband, Glenn, and I are heading up to his hometown in New Jersey to spend time with his family, including Christmas Eve and Christmas day, days that hold sacred value and tradition for my family. Though we’ve spent Christmas mornings together before, this is also our first married Christmas, so would I have loved to spend it the way I remember Christmas growing up? Well, hellzzz yeah!
My brother and me circa 1991. Obviously we love Christmas!
Before I sound like a Grinchy daughter-in-law, let me say that I do love my in-laws. It wasn't easy in the beginning, and for those of you who had it easy, you're a rare breed! But these people raised one heck of a guy who I love with more than my whole heart, so I can dig 'em! However, here’s the problem: I’M SOUTHERN. Let’s all laugh for a second at the thought of me in New Jersey at the end of December. Glenn’s all promisey about a “white Christmas” for me, since growing up in the deep South I rarely saw one, but my reply is always, “But I want my mommy!” Did I mention I’m mature? ;) 
But you know what I finally realized? {Not without much huffing, puffing, and general pouty stomping about, mind you...} Christmas isn't about what state we spend it in, even if *gasp* it's not in the South. And it's not about doing the same thing year after year. Now that I am eternally linked to the man who completes my heart, who loves me with his entire being and wants nothing more than for me to smile waking up on Christmas morning, the holiday is about so much more. Christmas this year might be different for me in some ways, but one thing will remain the same: I will be surrounded by people who love me unconditionally. And what's more ~ I'm not their flesh and blood, so they don't even have to like me, but they still do!
Our first Christmas morning together, 2010
Thank you for letting me write to y'all today! I hope you'll head on over to Southern Living, Our Way and follow along!

Christmas Chalkboard DIY

Happy Monday!
Here's a fun, simple DIY I did over the weekend.
Woodland Christmas theme, anyone?

Let's get started
 Supplies needed (all found at Hobby Lobby):
chalkboard paint
small paintbrush
basswood round
ribbon or lace
2 thumb tacks

1. Painting
paint 2-3 layers of the chalkboard paint onto the round. Let dry an hour between coats. And let dry overnight before using chalk on it.

2. Chalk
 Rub the side of your chalk all over your chalkboard to season it. Here's why

3. Hang
 Use the thumb tacks to pin your lace or ribbon to the back of the wood to create a loop to hang it from.

4. Bask in your amazing craftiness
It's great for writing a little message, drawing a monogram, or a simple holiday doodle to
spice up your wall (and it only costs around $10 to make!)

The Challenge

The other day I was thinking about movies. I can't exactly remember my trail of thought, but somehow I was lead to wondering how many movies I've seen in my life. Have you ever thought about that? You've probably seen hundreds (thousands?). Isn't that crazy?! Anyway, thinking about it made me want to actually figure out how many movies I've watched in my cinema-filled life. I wondered if I really could recall all of those movies. Well, let's see how I do.

I'm not using any kind of online list or anything. We're going strictly from memory here 
I'm not counting documentaries or TV movies 
I used a couple of categories to make it a little easier on myself

***Ok, I wrote this blog post last night. This is a little update. Trying to list off all of these movies was super fun / super hard. It brought back tons of memories, it made me laugh looking at how my train of thought works sometimes, and I even got Camaron involved. I highly recommend trying this. I had to stop where I did because it was bedtime. Good luck to you if you want to try it! Send me a link if you post your list! 

Aladdin (1, 2, 3), Beauty & the Beast, Lion King (1, 2), Dumbo, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas (1, 2), Mulan, Robin Hood, Lady & the Tramp, Winnie the Pooh (and the honey tree, and the blustery day), Toy Story (1, 2, 3), The Sword in the Stone, Little Mermaid, Jungle Book, Emperor's New Groove, Hercules, Pinocchio, George of the Jungle, Pirates of the Caribbean, Princess Diaries (1, 2), The Grinch, Fox & the Hound, Bambi, Oliver & Company, Cars, A Bug's Life, Wall-e, A Goofy Movie (1, 2), 101 Dalmatians (cartoon and real life),  Nightmare Before Christmas, Peter Pan, Return to Neverland, Ratatouille, Tron: Legacy, Atlantis, Finding Nemo, Up, Tangled, Alice in Wonderland, Enchanted, Moster's Inc

Not Disney
Swan Princess, An American Tale, Fievel Goes West, Anastasia, Thumbelina, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Megamind, Madagascar (1, 2), Brave Little Toaster, Over the Hedge,
Shrek (1, 2, 3), Balto, The Secret of Nimh, The Littlest Fox, The Land Before Time

Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Better Off Dead, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Burbs, License to Drive, Ghost Busters, Footloose, Teen Witch, Teen Wolf, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mystic Pizza, Labyrinth, Goonies, Top Gun

Oklahoma, Bye Bye Birdie, Annie, High School Musical (1, 2, 3), Hairspray, Oliver, Rent, Grease

Everything else
500 Days of Summer, You've Got Mail, Joe Verses the Volcano, Sleepless in Seattle, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Twilight, New Moon, Baby's Day Out, The Ring, The Others, Star Wars (all of them), Little Manhattan, Hunger Games, Moonrise Kingdom, Star Trek, The Avengers, Batman (all of the old ones and all of the new ones), Spiderman (The new one and the old ones), The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Superman (the new one), Blue Crush, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (1, 2), Shutter Island, Catch Me if you Can, Inception, Paper Moon, Bonnie & Clyde, October Sky, A Beautiful Mind, Terminator (2, 4), What Lies Beneath, Meet the Parents, Mighty Joe Young, Pride & Prejudice (all of them), Sense And Sensibility, Harry Potter (all of them), Becoming Jane, Band Slam, John Tucker Must Die, Mean Girls, Drive Me Crazy, Stomp the Yard, Step Up (1, 2, 3), Never Been Kissed, Raising Helen, Almost Famous, She's All That, Casper, Hocus Pocus, Every Mary-Kate & Ashley movie, Zorro, The Buttercream Gang, Little Nemo, New in Town, LOTR, It's a Wonderful Life, Wait Until Dark, Rear Window, The Birds, Psycho, North by Northwest, Darjeeling Limited, Slumdog Millionaire, 3:10 to Yuma, True Grit, No Country for Old Men, Cowboys vs. Aliens, Independence Day, Men in Black (1, 2), Night at the Museum (1, 2), Freedom Writers, Unlimited, Babes in Toyland, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Robin Hood: Prince of Theives, Elf, The Mask, Ace Ventura (1, 2), Liar Liar, X-Men (all of them), Real Steel, Planet of the Apes, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, 10 Commandments, Ben Hur, Court Jester, White Christmas, Departed, What to Expect When You're Expecting, Groundhog Day, Meet Joe Black, Sleepover, While You Were Sleeping, Two Weeks' Notice, Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, Last of the Mohicans, Dances with Wolves, Taxi, Fever Pitch, Spy Kids (1, 2, 3), Hannah Montana Movie, The Last Song, The Vow, I Am Number 4, Super 8, Best in Show, Drop Dead Gorgeous, A Mighty Wind, Blue Streak, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Bewitched, Time Machine, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Mr. Deeds, 50 First Dates, Bedtime Stories, Avatar, Charley, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka, Date Night, Shanghai Noon, Tommy Boy, Big Fish, Never Say Never, Mean Girls 2, The Clique, You Again, Blank Check, First Kid, House Guest, House Arrest, 3 Ninjas, RAD, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Airborne, honey I Shrunk the Kids (1, 2, 3), indiana Jones (all of them), The Baxter, Home Alone (1, 2, 3), Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dial M For Murder, Signs, The Village, 6th Sense, Lady in the Water, The Witches, Beetlejuice, Spongebob Movie, Beastly, Spice World, 10 Things I Hate About You, Legally Blonde (1, 2), Clueless, Zombieland, Zoolander, Rebel Without a Cause, Back to the Future (all), Hot Rod, Talledega Nights, First Knight, Wayne's World (1, 2), So I Married an Axe Murderer, Frosty the Snowman, Stepmom, Jumanji, War Games, Mrs. Doubtfire, Flubber, Majestic, Truman Show, Never Been Kissed, Chronicles of Narnia (1, 2), Man From Snowy River (1, 2), A River Runs Through It, Super Mario Brothers, Wedding Singer, Monkey Business, Now and Then, Angels in the Outfield, Clue, Mr. Mom, Italian Job, Oceans 11, Wallstreet 2, Hot Shots (1, 2), Limitless, Princess Bride, Runaway Bride, Ms. Congeniality (1, 2), Blindside, Valentine's Day, Prom, Scooby Doo (1, 2), The Help, Easy A, Total Recall, Jingle All the Way, I'll Be Home For Christmas, Kindergarten Cop, Bill & Ted (1, 2), The Matrix, Mission impossible (1-3), Stepford Wives, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Naked Gun 2 1/2, Airplane, The Gods Must Be Crazy (1, 2), Corpsebride, Edward Scissorhands, Alice and Wonderland, Hook, Devil Wears Prada, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Et, Jurassic Park (1, 2), Titanic, The Holiday, She's the Man, Cheaper by the Dozen, 3 Amigos, Yours mine and Ours, The Jerk, Father of the Bride (1, 2), Taken, The Rookie, The Never Ending Story, Midnight in Paris, Hush, Golden Eye, The Flintstones, Harriet the Spy, Walk the Line, The Village, The King's Speech, Bridget Jones' Diary, Vertical limit, Big, Castaway, The Terminal, War of the Worlds, The Tourist, Crash, Enough, Behind Enemy Lines, Saints and Soldiers, Vacation, Christmas Vacation, The Sandlot, Mighty Ducks (all of them), Space Balls, The Big Green, Little Giants, Rookie of the Year, Little Big League, Heavyweights, Life is Beautiful, black beauty, Homeward Bound, Babe, Gremlins

Tower Heist, Meet the Fockers, Aquamarine, Premonition, The Simpsons Movie, It's Pat, Tropic Thunder, Wild Hogs,


Live Gorgeous // Lining the waterline

Another makeup tip from Jenny! Oh I miss this girl (she lives across the country from me right now).

Ok, so eyeliner. When it comes to makeup, eyeliner is a must for me. I have little eyes, and when I don't line them, they basically just fade into the rest of my face. No bueno.
I love this tip from Jenny because it takes your basic eyeliner and then kicks it up a notch by adding in the waterline*. I've never been good at lining this part of my eye, so this video was perfect for me.

Stay tuned for Live Gorgeous tips each week!

*Confession: I had never heard of a "waterline" until like last year -this is why I'm thankful Jenny is my friend. I need all the tips I can get

Westward Ho

Ok, first of all, I survived Black Friday (I know you were really worried about me).
Second of all, I accidentally just spelled second as sexond. And I didn't brush my teeth for the 
first time yesterday until 9pm. So, there's that.

Other than that, this past weekend was so so wonderful. 
For Thanksgiving, we started out by showing how grateful we were for our bed by sleeping in. 
Then we went on to stuff ourselves at two Thanksgiving dinners. Both were amazing. That alone may be my favorite perk to having both sets of parents living within a mile of each other -double holidays.
We ended the night playing games at my aunt and uncle's house. We played Loaded Questions and laughed it up as we ate my mom's homemade pies. My favorite answer of the night was probably my sister's answer to "what would you title your autobiography?"
It's My Life, Not Jon Bon Jovi's
I should have you know though, that all of the night's answers paled in comparison to when we last played, two years ago, and found out my aunt's most embarrassing moment -the time she peed on her boyfriend's head. How do you ever top that?!

Oh yeah, on Wednesday (Thanksgiving Eve), we headed over to Phoenix to take a few family pics downtown. The above are a few of my favs. And now I'm really craving pie.

Tomorrow Will Fix Everything

I recently started working again retail. This is all fine and good (so far), except I started work two weeks before BLACK FRIDAY. So, basically all I have learned is that black friday is going to be nuts. Well, that and how to be paranoid about how nice a pile of camis looks.

 Anyway, all of this foreboding about black friday led me to having a nightmare about it last night. I dreamt it was black Friday and I was working at TWO retail stores. I worked at Old Navy first, and just focused on draining their fish tank the whole time (of course). When I finished that nonsense, I headed over to my second store and spent the remainder of the dream struggling to get my work shirt on without flashing anybody.

These crazy dreams, paired with Fox deciding that their was no point in sleeping last night, could have easily made today a rough day. But just the fact that we get two Thanksgiving dinners tomorrow is reason enough to never be dissatisfied with anything ever again. I love food.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! (tomorrow)

Live Gorgeous // The Best Smokey Eye Tutorial

You know in junior high, when no one wore makeup, let alone knew how to wear makeup, but you always wished you did because of that one girl who was just so knowledgable in the field of makeup? 
And she was always just lookin so good? 

Well, for me, that girl was my friend Jenny Kay. 
My guess is that she was born with it, because seriously. And on top of that, she's hilarious. See?

Well, a little ways down the road, Jenny took her natural beauty skills and rocked it at makeup artistry school and is now basically a master and has her own website and everything.

Lucky for us, Jenny loves to share makeup tips, and pics-o-andrea will now be featuring one of her AMAZING tutorials each week. Seriously, I love this. Today's feature is one of my favs
 and would look smokin hot around the turkey this week:
The Best Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Looking for a little less intense smokey eye?
"For a less intense smokey eye, you could try lighter colors that work for you"

Thanks Jenny!!!

A Little Gem

My parent's decided to do family pictures this year for Christmas cards
 (we have not had a family picture in YEARS). 
We had Camaron's lil sis, Candace, take them for us with our camera (because we're fancy like that). As I was going through and editing them the other day, I came across this little gem...

Look at how great it looks as a Christmas card, Mom. 
Right? Am I right?

Recent Designs

Now that I've finally (sorta) figured out Fox's schedule, I have found time to be creative again:) Working for Heather and Alexa was a real blast -I like when I'm given a challenge and get to try new things when creating. 

Check out more blog designs and pricing info HERE


More 90s Partyin

I have no words for how amazing these pogs are. No words.

Along with our flashback photo booth, the 90s party also had some hip-happenin' games. We warmed up with pogs and Mario Kart 64, then we pulled out our competitive sides with Mario Lopez.
FYI, before Mario Lopez was judging dance competitions on TV, he was our beloved singlet-wearing, Jesse-toting, mullet-sporting A.C. Slater. 

the game playing started at 9:01, apparently

The mullet-pinning was simply a warm up for the real competition. 

90s trivia!

Camaron and I made a 90s trivia video for the party. 
It had questions and clips from shows, and music videos. 
If you'd like to test your 90s trivia skills, you can view the video HERE. Let me know how you do!

We played boys vs. girls. 

Along with trivia, the video also challenged the teams to a Fresh Prince "Carlton" dance off
 -which produced the following images:

Since I'm horrible at keeping score, we didn't exactly know which team won in the end, so we decided to determine the winners using the fairest method we knew -a walk off. A 90s walk off.

This tie-breaker made me so glad I lost track of the scores. Oh my goodness, the biggest regret of my life is that it wasn't captured on video and I cannot share the rad-tasticness with you today.
Please forgive me.

To make up for it (although I know this totally doesn't make up for it), I leave you with this image of the tapes I had party-ers fill out with their favorite 90s tunes. Get ready for a trip down jr. high lane...
p.s. Whoever put that Creed one in there deserves a punch in the neck.


3 Months

Fox will be 12 weeks old this Sunday! I don't know whether to count that as 3 months old or if November 19th would be the 3 month mark -either way, this kid is growing so fast! He is smiley all of the time, is a pro at holding his head up, only wakes up once a night (usually), responds to noises now (turns toward where a noise/voice is coming from), loves to lick burp cloths, and is always kicking his feet. He's so cool.

And he had his 2 month doctor check up yesterday (I know, I scheduled it late); this kid definitely has his parent's tall/thin genes.

Height: 25" 95%
Weight: 11 lbs. 1 oz. 40%
Head Circumference: 16" 45%


Party Like It's 1999 (or 1998, or 1997, or 1996...)

This year may have been my most favorite birthday yet (simply for this pictures it produced, which I'm including in this post). I really wanted to have a 90's-themed party last year, but because of a bunch a crazy stuff, my birthday party last year never happened. Which is just fine, because we decided to make up for it this year, and it was bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. Most of the amazingness was due to my dear, sweet Camaron boy. But I'll spare you that mushiness and simply show you the pics from our "90's photo shoot." The backdrop is an exact replica of one that was used in a group photo of my cousins and me, circa 1994.

...apparently everyone in the 90's was a skater?

More pics and party deets later this week:)


Incredible! One of the worst performances of my career and they never doubted it for a second.
ferris buehler baby
The question isn’t ‘what are we going to do,’ the question is ‘what aren’t we going to do?’
Ferris Buehler costume family baby
Cameron, dear friend, you thought we wouldn’t have any fun. Shame on you.
I think I see my dad.
Ferris Bueller, you’re my hero.

Yes, we did the Ferris Bueller thing again. But we figured it was cool since last time was in Utah. And it was. Arizona, you never let us down. Remember last year, when no one had even ever seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off?!?! Silly Utah.

Fox rocked it as Ferris. I fell in love with my leather fringe jacket again as Sloane Peterson. And Camaron changed things up a bit by becoming Principal Ed Rooney this year. The only thing he regretted was not tearing up the bottom of his pants in a dog-just-attacked-me style.

One thing (of a million things) that I love about my parents is that they ALWAYS dress up for Halloween. It's the best. My mom was even Hannah Montana one year for Halloween. This year, they didn't have a whole lot of time to prepare, but they still rocked it by becoming Flo from the Progressive Auto Insurance commercials and the Brawny man (notice the paper towels in his tool belt?).

We started off the night by going to our neighborhood Halloween party and digging in on chili dogs and homemade root beer. Then we ate plenty of candy and spent time with some good friends and ate more good food. We then finished off the night right by watching the Halloween classic, Pootie Tang.

What did you dress up as? If you posted your costumes, share the link:)

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