Night Creepers and a Winner!!!

Last night, Camaron was gone at a meeting and I had the apartment to myself. I decided to use this free time to call one of my friends from home who I hadn't talked to in a while. 
Oh, it was so great. 
I love catching up with friends. We were gabbing about new and exciting things in our lives and as she was telling me a story, I suddenly heard a faint, odd noise. It kind of sounded like a phone going off. 
Did Camaron forget his phone?
That was not Camaron's phone. 
It was my Justin Beiber toothbrush going off in the bathroom at the back of the apartment. I thought that was funny for a second, but then I panicked. 
Why was my toothbrush going off? 
Is there a creeper hiding in the bathroom and he accidentally bumped my musical toothbrush?
 I remember thinking to myself how glad I was that I was still dressed (incase I had to suddenly flee from the apartment as soon as this freaky creeper popped out). I decided to play it cool so the creeper wouldn't know I knew he was there. I kept on with the phone conversation and laughed and had a good ole time. I eventually forgot all about being scared
 ...until my toothbrush went off again. 
Oh my goodness. He must want me to go into the bathroom to investigate the noise and then he'll pounce! I looked at my bedroom door and thought I could run and hide in there 
-except the door has no lock. 
Finally, Camaron came home.
I finished up my call (2 hours mind you. Only the few and the proud get that from me), then told Cam about my irrational fears and made him check out the bathroom. All was clear. But I am so getting a new toothbrush. Sorry JB, but the two heart attacks you gave me just weren't worth it.

Who else has irrational night fears?

p.s. The winner of the beautiful photograph giveaway is...

Satu from Indie by Heart!!!
Congrats girl!!! I'll have Amy send you an email so you can let her know what photograph you'd like:)

Film Foto Friday {Utah Lake}

This week, Cam and I visited the frozen tundra that once was Utah Lake.
Maybe it's just because I'm from Arizona or something, I don't know, but I just thought 
it was so stinkin cool! Ice chunks! In the lake!
Sure, it would have been even more glorious if we had made it out last week 
when the lake was frozen solid (seriously, some crazy person even drove their car on it)

Our plan is to venture out again before we move back to AZ next month. We're hoping to catch it in it's frozen solid glory.

These shots were taken on my Nikon FM10 with iso 100 color film

Do you have a fav?

Do you love taking photos on film, too? (SLR, Polaroid, disposable...)
I would love to have you guest post with some of your pics!
email me at

Happy Pie Day 2012!!!!

This week (Monday) was National Pie Day.
This is seriously the best day ever. A whole day devoted to pies???
Yes, it's real.

I've posted about past celebrations of this momentous day before.
You should probably check them out, because this year was much more low key for us.

Mistake #1
Ate waaay too much for dinner on pie day. 
Smashburger gives away free kid's meals with any 
other meal on Mondays, fyi -and they don't care if you're not a kid!
Two delicious meals for the price of one!

Mistake #2
Apparently, I don't believe in left-overs. Refer back to mistake #1.

= while we had intentions of going out for pie after, the fact that I could barely move 
made for a change in plans

Sooooo, on National Pie Day this year (Monday, January 23), we didn't even eat any pie.
Next year, I'm eating pie for dinner, just to be safe.

We did our best to make up for it last night, though.
Village Inn has free pie night on Wednesday nights!
I feel like my life has been a waste -how did I not know about this until now??

We indulged on the following:
 Triple Berry Delight

Blissful Bavarian Blackberry

You know where I'll be next Wednesday night.

p.s. GIVEAWAY ends tomorrow:)

My Official Fake Oscar Picks

Ok, soooooo the only thing we use our TV for in our house is watching Netflix and playing Mario Party. That being said, half the time I honestly have no idea what movies are out or what they are even about. 

Tangent: I seriously miss previews. I don't know about you, but I love getting pumped for upcoming movies. That's about the only thing I miss about watching regular TV instead of Netflixin it up, as we do. Unless we had DVR, then I'd miss regular TV a LOT more.

Ok, and we're back. So, I basically have been pretty out of it this past year when it comes to movies 
(I used to be really good. Like always-winning-at-Scene-It-good)
So when I saw the Oscar nominations, I basically didn't even know what 80% of the movies were and therefore didn't really care about the nominations. In conclusion, I decided to make my own Oscar nominations this year. Basically, this is just a list of Movie things that I think deserve awards.

All of the ladies, The Help
Melissa McCarthy, Bridesmaids (I didn't see Bridesmaids, but I did see this)

That blonde pyro kid, Super 8 (he was the glue that held this movie together)
John Lithgow, Rise of Planet of the Apes (he made me cry an embarrassing amount of tears =good acting)
Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows -Part 2
Kevin Sorbo, Soul Sufer (This nomination may or may not be based on the fact that he played Hercules)

Cowboys and Aliens (cowboys fighting aliens? Can you get more original than that?)

Hugo (I've only read the book. And it's way cool, so it gets a nomination)

Leonardo DeCaprio, J. Edgar (Didn't see this either, but just give this kid an award already people. At least a cumulative one)
Kermit, The Muppet Movie
Jake Gyllenhaal, Source Code (I totally thought he was alive the whole time =good acting)

Michelle Williams,  A Day with Marilyn (I never saw this, but I just love Michelle Williams. She can have an award)
Annasophia Robb, Soul Surfer (I cried. Many times. Now that's good acting)
All the Ladies, The Help

Dennis Dugan, Jack and Jill (if you pretend that the director meant for it to be bad, then they did a pretty fine job, no?)
Kevin Macdonald, Life in a Day
J. J. Abrams, Super 8
Martin Scorsese, George Harrison: Living in the Material World

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2
Toy Story 3 (I just want them to have more awards. Who's them? Buzz and Woody?)
Super 8 (we ordered a super 8 camera from Craigslist during the credits. Now that's saying something)
Source Code
3 Ninjas (Let's just pretend it was re-released in theaters)
The Help
The Muppet Movie (confession: I still haven't seen this, but I want to so bad that I'll nominate it)
Soul Surfer
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (ok, this isn't even out yet ...but how cool does it sound????)

Who do you think should win???

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This occurred yesterday at work.
I love that I can't make this stuff up.

I work at a bread store/bakery and it was around the busy time of day yesterday. I was about to run to the bathroom to grab a rag to clean something (or at least look like I was cleaning?), when a lady grabs my attention by demanding to be told where the bathroom was located. As I was heading there myself, I told her to "follow me!"

I quickly grabbed a rag and then showed her in. As I was about to walk away, she thanked me and then left me with this little bit of information, 
"Wow, that bread sure is healthy!" wink.


Well, I'm glad she found a bread that will be keepin her regular 
(almost as glad as I am that she shared that with me)

I guess I just take some things for granted.

p.s. She came in again later that day and bought even more bread. Well, when you find a good thing... 

A Night of Lanterns

A few nights ago, Cam and I went on a double date with his little sister, Candace, and her beau, Trent.
We went to a pizza buffet (you know how I feel about buffets) 
Then we planned to go out to Utah Lake to set off some Chinese lanterns I had purchased a while back
(Tangled-inspired, of course) 

In the end, it was too late and too cold to drive all the way out to the lake, so we figured 
"why not just launch them from our driveway??"

I know, genius.

It wasn't until right after we let the first two go that we realized this may not have been out greatest idea.
Flames floating above hundreds of rooftops.
We panicked a little bit, but then the lanterns just kept rising and flew soooo far.
I couldn't believe it.
Then we saw their little, distant flames flicker out.
Huge sigh of relief.

...Then we let the third one go.

It began floating and we cheered it on.
Then it paused.
It then began it's descent.

Ahhhhh!!!!! We all freaked and tried to figure where it would land.

It magically ended up landing on our next door neighbor's roof and the flame went out upon landing.
Bigger sigh of relief.

In the end, although it became scary for a minute or two, we had such a fun night.
You can order some of the cool Chinese lanterns for yourself here. They're less than two dollars each!
(just make sure you don't launch them in a densely-populated residential area!)


Film Foto Friday {B&W}

I love this set of photos for the same reason I love using analog over digital -crazy things can happen to film that you can't control! And often, the effects are pretty dang cool.
Note: these photos were taken in 2010, not 1910.
I took plenty of photos on my film camera (love that camera!) this week, but didn't have time to finish and get the film developed. Hence, these are photos from a homework assignment in my photo class two years ago to fill your Friday film needs

Do you have a fav?

Do you love taking photos on film, too? (SLR, Polaroid, disposable...)
I would love to have you guest post with some of your pics!
email me at


January is lookin good!

I started doing sponsor button swaps a few months ago, and it has been a blast getting to know these amazing bloggers on my sidebar! I can't wait for you to meet them, too!

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Film Foto Friday

Alright 2012, this year Pics-O-Andrea has a new feature
Film Foto Friday
It's kinda self-explanatory. I'll be posting my recent favorite photos taken on film. No digital on Fridays anymore:) I love using my film camera, but I so don't use it enough. I'm hoping that having this feature every week will change that. 

The above photos are from my trip to Switzerland two summers ago.
I'm so glad I brought my clunky film SLR along with my point and shoot. So worth it.

Do you have a fav?

Do you love taking photos on film, too? (SLR, Polaroid, disposable...)
I would love to have you guest post with some of your pics!
email me at

Funny Memories

Sometime in 2011, I came across this idea on Pinterest. I love the idea of writing down all of the year's funny moments and saving them to read on New Year's. Camaron thought it was a pretty cool idea, too. So we began secretly writing down funny things that either happened to us, or one of us did, and then we'd put them in a jar in our front room (we were secretive, because we really wanted to be surprised with what each of wrote when we finally went through the jar on January first). The jar looked really lame at first, because there were only one or two little crumpled pieces of paper in it for a while. But, it quickly began to fill up.

Oh, my goodness. We opened it last night and we basically laughed our faces off.
(no, not literally. that'd be disgusting)

Anyway, here are some of my favs

"When Cam 'fell' out of the tube at Wet 'N' Wild" -Andrea

"When you kissed me and I spit a cinnamon bear in your mouth" -Andrea

"I saw a girl yawning a huge yawn in the parking lot, and it didn't make me yawn! I was so proud and I turned to tell you, but you were too busy yawning to listen" -Cam

"Cam ran out of undies in Vegas" -Andrea

"Making out immediately after anyone leaves the house" -Cam

"Camaron's zipper was down all year" -Andrea

I am so excited to start our funny memory jar for 2012!

10 ...9 ...8 ...7 ...

Ok, so by looking at the title and photo in this post, I technically should have posted this before Saturday night, but I'm basically a useless blogger on weekends. So, let's just pretend that the title and photo are still very relevant, not outdated. Thanks!

Is it just me, or did 2011 completely fly by? 
Seriously, how is it 2012 right now??
2011 was an amazing year, but something I kind of regret about it was not making any resolutions for the year. I've never been real big on resolutions, but I usually make one or two each year. Not in 2011, though. Now, with so many fellow bloggers looking back on how they did in keeping with the goals they set, I sort of regret not making any. I am a big believer that goals are much better reached when written down, so this year, I'm making some (and posting them).

My New Year's Resolutions
2012 edition

Read 30 books this year
I've always been a reader, but I've always been a slow reader. As a result, I rarely get as much reading done as I'd like. There are so many books I want to devour, and I'm hoping I'll more likely be able to do that in 2012 through setting this goal.

Have a place for everything in new home
One of the hardest parts of keeping my home clean and organized is not having a place for everything. With our upcoming move back to AZ*, I want to start out right and make sure everything has a place so we can have a cleaner, less stressful home:)

Journal everyday
Not gonna lie, I did pretty dang good at journaling this year. Probably the best I've ever done in my life. I'm going to give most of the credit to my One Line A Day journal, though. Seriously, the least pressured I've ever felt to document my day.

Prepare dinner at least 4 times a week
I used to be really good at this. Then we moved. I'm hoping I can get back in the habit.

Decorate new home (especially our bedroom)
I always have tons of ideas for decorating, but then my perfectionist side kicks in and I end up not doing anything in fear of it not turning out how I want it to. But I hate having things look unfinished. Basically, I'm crazy. Let's put an end to this.

Learn how to better use my camera
I need to put more time into trying new techniques, trial and error, and basically just taking more pictures.

Be a more organized blogger
I remember there was like one week or two last year where I had my whole week's worth of blogs all ready to go on a Saturday night. It felt so amazing! I need to do better at planning out posts, organizing sponsors, and all that jazz. Any tips?

Are you a New Year's resolution person, too?
What are yours?
Who else is excited for the new year?!

p.s. I'm doing a giveaway over at Lauren's blog. Be sure to check it out!

*Yes, over Christmas break, while at home in Arizona, Cam and I found a place to live and a couple job opportunities. Yippeee! (Probably what I'm most excited for in 2012) Peace out, UT!
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