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Ok, so by looking at the title and photo in this post, I technically should have posted this before Saturday night, but I'm basically a useless blogger on weekends. So, let's just pretend that the title and photo are still very relevant, not outdated. Thanks!

Is it just me, or did 2011 completely fly by? 
Seriously, how is it 2012 right now??
2011 was an amazing year, but something I kind of regret about it was not making any resolutions for the year. I've never been real big on resolutions, but I usually make one or two each year. Not in 2011, though. Now, with so many fellow bloggers looking back on how they did in keeping with the goals they set, I sort of regret not making any. I am a big believer that goals are much better reached when written down, so this year, I'm making some (and posting them).

My New Year's Resolutions
2012 edition

Read 30 books this year
I've always been a reader, but I've always been a slow reader. As a result, I rarely get as much reading done as I'd like. There are so many books I want to devour, and I'm hoping I'll more likely be able to do that in 2012 through setting this goal.

Have a place for everything in new home
One of the hardest parts of keeping my home clean and organized is not having a place for everything. With our upcoming move back to AZ*, I want to start out right and make sure everything has a place so we can have a cleaner, less stressful home:)

Journal everyday
Not gonna lie, I did pretty dang good at journaling this year. Probably the best I've ever done in my life. I'm going to give most of the credit to my One Line A Day journal, though. Seriously, the least pressured I've ever felt to document my day.

Prepare dinner at least 4 times a week
I used to be really good at this. Then we moved. I'm hoping I can get back in the habit.

Decorate new home (especially our bedroom)
I always have tons of ideas for decorating, but then my perfectionist side kicks in and I end up not doing anything in fear of it not turning out how I want it to. But I hate having things look unfinished. Basically, I'm crazy. Let's put an end to this.

Learn how to better use my camera
I need to put more time into trying new techniques, trial and error, and basically just taking more pictures.

Be a more organized blogger
I remember there was like one week or two last year where I had my whole week's worth of blogs all ready to go on a Saturday night. It felt so amazing! I need to do better at planning out posts, organizing sponsors, and all that jazz. Any tips?

Are you a New Year's resolution person, too?
What are yours?
Who else is excited for the new year?!

p.s. I'm doing a giveaway over at Lauren's blog. Be sure to check it out!

*Yes, over Christmas break, while at home in Arizona, Cam and I found a place to live and a couple job opportunities. Yippeee! (Probably what I'm most excited for in 2012) Peace out, UT!


  1. heeyyyyy! I journal every day for a year too!!(:

  2. i'm with ya on the book resolution. i'd love to read 30 book in a year as well.

  3. i hear ya on the great feeling you get from being organized in your blogging! i also love books and want to read more this year. so i have decided to combine the two and will be hosting a monthly 'book club' link up on my blog where others can link their posts about books, books, books. i am super excited about it and hope it will keep me on track with my resolutions!


  4. gahh! journal writing is so hard for me, but blogging is so easy! what the heck!? What are your tips! :] Happy new year! can't wait to catch up on the rest of your posts!

  5. Goodluck with your resolutions :) happy new year! x

  6. What did I miss you were coming back? You hinted at it but I thought you were joking. Glad you were not and that you really are coming back (you are coming back right???)! I need a journal that makes me write something every day. I need to come up with good 2012 resolutions. Better late than never right? It's only the 4th lol.


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