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A Night of Lanterns

A few nights ago, Cam and I went on a double date with his little sister, Candace, and her beau, Trent.
We went to a pizza buffet (you know how I feel about buffets) 
Then we planned to go out to Utah Lake to set off some Chinese lanterns I had purchased a while back
(Tangled-inspired, of course) 

In the end, it was too late and too cold to drive all the way out to the lake, so we figured 
"why not just launch them from our driveway??"

I know, genius.

It wasn't until right after we let the first two go that we realized this may not have been out greatest idea.
Flames floating above hundreds of rooftops.
We panicked a little bit, but then the lanterns just kept rising and flew soooo far.
I couldn't believe it.
Then we saw their little, distant flames flicker out.
Huge sigh of relief.

...Then we let the third one go.

It began floating and we cheered it on.
Then it paused.
It then began it's descent.

Ahhhhh!!!!! We all freaked and tried to figure where it would land.

It magically ended up landing on our next door neighbor's roof and the flame went out upon landing.
Bigger sigh of relief.

In the end, although it became scary for a minute or two, we had such a fun night.
You can order some of the cool Chinese lanterns for yourself here. They're less than two dollars each!
(just make sure you don't launch them in a densely-populated residential area!)


  1. Those are so lovely! I would have been scared too :-)


  2. I've never tried out chinese lanterns before! I believe that will be added to my to do list.

  3. I have always wanted to try those! I wanted some for my wedding but I was afraid of the park catching on fire. lol

  4. hahahahah.
    what if you caught that house on fire?!

  5. Is it weird that I have always wanted to do this?

    It's on the bucket list fo sho.

    I have an irrational fear about setting the world on fire though when I do it, kinda like my debit card being declined even though I know it won't.

  6. what the...FUN! PS it also reminded me of how they did this on bachelorette and painted on theirs before they set them free. Bachelorette...Tangled...2 completely different shows haha. I guess I watch too much trashy tv to think of that before Disney :/

  7. How fun! Tangled is the greatest. Good thing you didn't set someone's house on fire haha

  8. best idea ever! too bad they didn't explode on your neighbor's roof. that would have really been memorable


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