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Actual Valentine's Day 2012 vs. Better Than Valentine's Day 2012

Valentine's Day this year was a little different than most.

It was Arizona's 100th birthday!!!

It was so great! I loved the drive home from Utah seeing Arizona Centennial signs all along the AZ highways. It made coming back that much better.
To celebrate, Camaron and I (and a couple of our favorite buddies) went to Arizona's 100 years of Love celebration. It was thrown by one of our local radio stations and we got free food, drinks, pictures, dancing, and a horrible wedding singer. It was awesome.
They even had a wedding vow renewal ceremony (I laughed through the whole thing).

 freshly renewed vows

 Camaron sayin he loves me or something. Me being distracted by lights


We loved this cake:)

Lovin on our cake

We had a ton of fun, but I was a little bummed we didn't really plan anything or do anything else for V-day together this year (mostly because we didn't have a car and Cam had to go out of town the next day)
I just really like planning and getting excited for holidays:)


No celebration is complete without its own soundtrack (fyi)

Better Than Valentine's Day 2012 was born!!!
We celebrated our new fav holiday this past Friday night and I took charge since 
Camaron did the honors last year.
This was so fun for me; I love planning out surprises (who doesn't??).
I wanted to focus on what I knew Cam would love, so we did a bunch of our fav AZ date night things,
but Camaron had to put some clues together first to figure out what we'd be doing
(Valentine's dates aren't complete without some amount of cheesiness)

It was a night of yummmy subs, amazing ice cream sandwiches, pug shirts, getting confused, street musicians, hiding candy, cool movie, soggy popcorn,  and laughter.
I highly recommend BTVD. I can't wait to do it again next year!

*note: the same old man ended up in locations 1-3. He was our date night stalker. Every date night needs one.
**other note: Camaron did surprise me with flowers on BTVD. What a sweetie.


  1. Aw this is so fun! You guys are adorable. Glad you had a great V-Day

    - Sarah

  2. You forgot to post about our "Better Than Ash Wednsseday" Celebration!

  3. i love this post. amazing, amazing, amazing.

    love, rach.

  4. I love this idea! So creative, and you've inspired me just to go out of my way to plan a creative date night with my husband. Sometimes it's easy to get in a "date night rut," and when you put in that little bit of extra effort, it makes such a difference.

  5. That cake was pretty good, not gonna lie. It was almost as good as that singer was bad. That still haunts me. That picture of you guys renewing your vows is so funny! We were talking through the first part of what the guy said, and couldn't catch up to him so we were laughing too. People probably hated us. Reminds me of 11th grade English class :)

  6. Gah how fun! Your graphic designs are spanfrankentastic! Now I'm going to go hunt me down an az cake...

  7. you need to list the playlist of BTVD somewhere cuz i love me some cheesy camandrea tunes!


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