Valentines HeartThrob {Brissa}

Hey lovelies! Valentine's Day is next week, and I thought a fun way to celebrate this day of  love would be to take a fun look back at some of our favorite loves. Our favorite "Heartthrobs" if you will. Today's heartthrob post comes from a blogger who never ceases to amaze me with her awesome video-finding skills and make-me-laugh skills. Brissa is a gem and I am so proud to share this post with you today. Enjoy!!!

when andrea asked me to write
a heart throb post
i had a bit of a breakdown.
the 90s and early otts were prime heart throb time
and there was no way i was going to be able to pick just one.
there were too many hotties growing up
and i was too indecisive to set my sights on just one.
in this case, 
being indecisive does not make me a skank.

in no particular order,
i present you with the boys who starred in my dreams
and made me wish i were famous just so i could kiss them.

justin timberlake.
we all know homeboy brought sexyback like a boss
but i think we need to remember
the days when he wore turtlenecks, colored shades and ramen hair.
this was the justin that first stole my heart.

benny "the jet" rodriguez.
i think benny was my first real crush.
he was such a man.
he pickled the beast, rocked the baseball tee,
and taught me my first swear word.
oh benny, i love you more than words can say.

jack and eric.
let's give some credit to the producers of boy meets world.
it's like they knew when eric was going to start getting ugly,
jack was going to start getting hott.
they sure know how to keep us pre-teens hooked.

andrew keegan.
the classic bad boy.
every girl hated him and couldn't help but love him.
so hott.
so, so hott.

chris trousdale.
don't judge me.
i was young and dream street was hott.
don't worry,
i have since admitted to the error of my ways.
jesse mccartney 4 lyfe.

leo a la growing pains.
mama mia.
mike started getting older and it wasn't realistic for me to love him.
instead of letting me get depressed, mike (that gem of a man)
 found a boy living in a supply closet of the school and said,
"brissa, i found him for you. take him, love him. he is yours."
he was perfect parts bad boy, sweetheart, hair and 90s.
leo has always been a man.

mama mia, indeed. So many good finds in this post. Who was your biggest heartthrob growing up???


  1. oooh, great list! We had many of the same crushes!

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  2. mmm. so many hotties.

    thanks for letting me reminisce and share my love for every boy who had a pulse back in the 90s. but really...they were SO HAWT.

  3. These were some of mine but my biggest had to be JTT!

  4. Leo was and still is my number one crush.

  5. Andrew Keegan. Love that man.

    Ok, what was up with Dream Street? It was like, "Let's see how far we can take this boy band thing. Straight into Pedophile Land. Whoops, too far." At least Jesse McCartney has had a somewhat successful career since then.

  6. Oh my.. oh my.. oh my.. Ramen Hair? That will be the best thing I hear all day long.. maybe all week.. Victory to Briss.

  7. I was in love with these same beautiful boys... especially andrew and leo :)


  8. I love this! Um picture of Justin Timberlake could not be any more awesome! love it!

  9. JTT for the win.


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