Valentines HeartThrob {Mauri}

Hey lovelies! Valentine's Day is next week, and I thought a fun way to celebrate this day of  love would be to take a fun look back at some of our favorite loves. Our favorite "Heartthrobs" if you will. Today's heartthrob post comes from one of the cutest little bloggers I know, Mauri from Classy and Fabulous. She has filled this post with tons of yummy 90s eye candy. Enjoy!

First of all, I'm just tickled to be guest posting on Andrea's freaking sweet blog-(what up guuurrll)! Seriously, it's truly an honor to grace this totes adorbs blog with my presence to talk about some juicy LOVE stuff in honor of Valentine's Day (yeah I just used totes and adorbs in the same sentence-so sue me)!

I've loved a lot of guys in my days starting at a young age. Haven't we all...wait, or is it just me?? Well we've all had a few heart throbs that we've fallen in love with-some of which may have even made it to the wall of hotties in our bedroom or the front of our school binders. Maybe they were even loved to the extent that we doodled our first name with their last name-you know, to make sure that if/when we married them it sounded good, flowed right, and our initals looked good :)

Today I am going to confess to you my undeniable love I had for someone who still holds a special place in my heart. Even despite them not loving me back and it not working out...I still loved him dearly and would love to tell you about him and why I loved him so much.

Meet Jonathan.
Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
I called him JTT though (no big deal-we were tight like that)
Isn't he dreamy?!?!?

From this first picture you call tell right away there are many things to love about him
More specifically:
- Love the flowers. Even though he never sent me any- I forgive him
-LOVE his shirt and vest combo and overall sense of style (nuff said)
-Love his tanned skin
-Love his smile
-and most importantly, I LOVE his hair.

He was also a really great actor. I loved that about him! I loved watching him in the movies, especially in Man of the House. He sure looked good dressed up as an indian in that movie! I always knew he would be the perfect boyfriend-I could just tell.

Some other things I really love that he did:

 Lion King- Simba's voice- LOVE when he would sing "I Just Can't Wait to be King" Don't act like you didn't sing along too because you just loved his voice so much! 

      Home Improvement- definitely the cutest one of the 3!

Any movie with him in it was good. How could you not want to watch that eye candy?? I loved them all!

I also loved his modeling skillz:


I really loved those fold old posters I would get of him too. You know, the ones from  BOP, Tiger Beat, YM, Seventeen, etc. Those looked awfully good covering the back of my bedroom door. I loved when they would come out with new pictures of him that I HAD to have to add to my collection.
Such a dream boat!!


I'm sad to report that we did not get married.
But he will forever hold a place in my heart as one of my first loves!

And lastly, in honor of Valentine's Day, I leave you with this little vintage gem of a card!


"If you would be loved, love and be lovable.” - Benjamin Franklin

Stay tuned for more Heartthrob posts all this week!!! Who was your biggest heartthrob growing up???


  1. i love jtt. like so much. mmm.

  2. JTT!!! Oh my, I had such a crush on him too!

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  3. JTT was my #1 heartthrob as a kid. Love him.

  4. i didnt know he played Simba!!!!! =O

  5. I loved him too! That card is so cute!

  6. Oh I crushed on him so hard for so long. I was obsessed--even with the Lion King. Had posters all over my room.

    Boy did this take me back!

  7. oh he was so my favorite. every year i have to watch I'll be home for christmas. Seriously the best.

    check me out


  8. Hahaha how funny- i totally didn't know he was Simba! x

  9. Mauri, I am sorry to tell you this but I must. Although JTT is incredibly awesome and he did do Simba's voice, he didn't actually sing any songs. It was some girl. My best memory of him was when he was coming to town, but I was so depressed that it was on a Sunday. We called the place he was coming to probably 20 times to make sure it was really on a Sunday.

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  11. @Bethany
    Ok I had to Wiki it because it was bothering me. It said this:
    During his run on Home Improvement, Thomas voiced the role of young Simba in the 1994 Disney film The Lion King

    So did he just do the voice but didn't sing and they had a girl sing that part?? I'm confused. My dreams are slowly being crushed haha!

  12. oh yes he was the best! I had so many posters of him plastered on my walls as a pre-teen. He was the only heartthrob I ever wrote a fan letter to :)


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