Growing into my pants ...and other baby updates

I'll hit 24 weeks tomorrow. 
A perfect time to go on a little trip, no? With Camaron starting his new job next week, and me getting bigger by the day, we decided to go on one last road trip before we're officially parents and things get majorly crazy/busy. It's just a mini trip (only like 2 hours away), but I am so excited! We're going up to Prescott and staying in a haunted hotel! (I don't know why this brings me so much joy) 
And temperatures are looking like they'll be around 75 degrees the entire time we're there!

Ok, back to business. I've definitely hit the pregnancy stage where clothes that comfortably fit are becoming scarce. I've been fastening my pants with hair ties, pencil skirts are a thing of the past now, and pants that were once too big are now the perfect fit -luckily, they're a minty green color and I'm so happy I can finally wear them! (I can't believe I'm glad I grew into my pants)

 and I'm lovin on this reverse crown braid I found on Elsie's blog. It's my new go-to-do

 These are the pants (they're at Forever 21 right now for cheaps!). They run a little big, so go for about a size smaller than you normally would.

...and here's my face! 
For some reason, it seems like all the pics I post of myself on here never include my face. I don't know how this happens. I mean, look at that face. Who wouldn't want to look at that? Sorry for depriving you* And of course I'm in the the obligatory "look, I'm sitting cross-legged and I am with child" pose

Happy Monday!

*I'll make it up to you somehow

Keeping Creative

I don't know about you, but if I don't write an idea down, I'm very likely to forget it.
For me, basically, if I don't write anything down, I forget it
(hence why I forgot to go to a work meeting on Tuesday. Oops!)

After the whole work-meeting-forgetting-fiasco, I decided enough is enough.
I busted out the Yellow Submarine journal my sister gave me over a year ago and began filling its pages.
Also, it seems like ideas come easier for me once I begin jotting them down on paper.
I'm a listing machine!
Blog ideas...
Party ideas...
Vinyl Design ideas...

Things are getting creative up in hurrrr!

Catching up on Netflix

Ok, this list may seem sporadic and random (maybe it is), but I know I'm not always in the same mood each time I'm scrolling through Netflix for something to watch. Hence, this list hits just about every Netflix mood: documentary, romantic comedy, thriller, musical, comedy, and Saved by the Bell.

Waiting for Forever
Confession: I haven't even watched this movie ...yet. But, hello? Rachel Bilson and a super cute premise? The only thing that worries me is that the guy kinda looks like he's a magician. Anyone else seeing this? Please don't let me down again, Netflix. (Seriously, this weekend I started like 3 movies and gave up on all of them) If it turns out that this movie is a dud, you should watch Waiting for Superman. It is nothing like Waiting for Forever, but it's a really good documentary about the failing public school system. Seriously, it's good.

Being Elmo 
If you or anyone you know ever watched Sesame Street, then you will love this. And you will cry. And you will want to watch it 3 more times. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary.

Saved by the Bell
Always the right choice.

State of Georgia
Another confession: I have never seen this either. I almost didn't even know it existed (I have vague memories of some sort of commercial advertising this show when it first came out). Sure, it only lasted one season, but I just love Raven. Always have. Always will. 

Whenever you are feeling messy, or down on yourself, this is one to watch. You'll instantly feel like, "hey, maybe I'm not such a disgusting bum!" Sometimes you just need that.

Now you don't have to Youtube it!

The Skulls
Pacey from Dawson's Creek+secret college society+some semi-scary/thrilling stuff = watch this movie.

Step Into Liquid
A perfect step into summer movie. I love this movie. Love it. I don't know how many times I've watched it. The cinematography, the old guy who surfs everyday for over 25 years, the crazy tow-in surfers ...I just love this movie. If you're a fan of the Endless Summer, then you will love this too.

Queen: Rock Montreal & Live Aid
The only full-length Queen concert ever filmed. Sometimes you just need a little Freddie Mercury in your day, ya know?

Planet of the Apes (the original)
Charleton Heston and Dr. Zaius at their finest. You'll never look at monkeys the same again.

My Fake Fiance
My favorite of all the Joey Lawrence/Melissa Joan Hart ABC family original movies.

Any Netflix recommendations I should be watching?

Good Reads?

My favorite nighttime routine?
Reading a great book that often leads to me staying up later than I should.
It's the best.

Unfortunately, the books I've had my heart set on reading next are on hold behind a fatty line of requests at the library. So, it's looking like it may be a little while before I can get my hands on my planned-out reads.

...and I'm going crazy!
I need my nightly reads. Yes, we own tons of books(seriously, it's ridiculous), and I could easily just pick up one of those again, but I'm craving some new literature in my life. 

I even went as far as to search out a list online of top recommended YA novels 
(they just really speak to me, ok?).
Wow, the list of condensed descriptions that came along with each recommended read was entertaining literature in itself.  Each description either left me laughing or thoroughly depressed.
A few prime examples:

Dowd, Siobhan. Solace of the Road. 
Holly Hogan had had enough. She dons a blonde wig, hits the road, and becomes Solace, a street smart, tough teen ready to take on the world.
Williams-Garcia, Rita. Jumped. 
When Trina unknowingly insults Dominique in the hallway, she’s in danger of being jumped after school. Leticia could warn her, but she’s reluctant to get involved.
Davies, Jacqueline. Lost. 
Essie, 16, sews all day for pennies at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory to help feed her fatherless family and now to forget her little sister's death. Then the fire happens.
Hernandez, David. No More Us for You. 
Carlos has a cheating girlfriend, a mystery man urinating on the floor at work, and a friend in a coma. Can Isabel—still grieving her dead boyfriend—help him cope?

Need I go on? Cause I totally could. And I kind of want to...
But I will restrain myself (for now)

Ok, back to the point of this post. I need your help. I know I always ask for your help, but it's only because you never let me down.

Ok, book recommendations?  Hit me up!
(I'll take any and everything right now)

Surprise Visitor

This is exactly what Cam and I saw (see, Cam saw it too. I'm not crazy) last night as 
we pulled up to our house.
animated gif

Yes, that is a skunk climbing up some stucco-pipe-thing connected to our house.

What the what??!?!

First of all, we don't live in the forest or in the middle of nowhere (exactly) where skunks just run around rampant. The last time I saw a skunk was probably when I was an EFY counselor up in Flagstaff (2 hours away) almost 3 years ago. So, my first reaction was, "Whoa, a skunk!" 
Then quickly switched to, "AHHH! He just climbed that pipe into our house!!!"

We freaked. We couldn't even get out of our car for like ten minutes because we were trying to figure out what to do. All we knew is we did not want to go inside the house (and we also wanted to see if the skunk would come out). Then we threw rocks at the pipe for a little bit to see if we could scare Pepe out. Nope. We then called the housing office and they sent some kids over to check it out. Not even kidding, they were younger than Camaron -that's young, people. They didn't do anything. 

So, as it was pizza night and Cam and I were starving from building it up for ourselves the whole drive home, we decided to just suck it up and go inside and make pizza. So we did. And it was great.

We still can't figure out where that pipe the skunk climbed leads. Probably the attic, where skunky is tending to its 50 skunk babies.

p.s. yes, those are really the colors of our house. And yes, that is really how awesome our landscaping is. Jealous much?

Right Now.

Right now, I love:

When Camaron gets to feel the baby kick. They both love it so much! And I do too!

That Camaron finally heard back from Apple ...and got the job!!! I don't know if I ever told you about that. Well, he applied to be an at-home advisor like around Christmas, then heard back from them the week we moved home to AZ, then got a second interview a little while later, then went through a background check a little after that ...we waited about a month ...then they offered him the job!!!!!!! It's so perfect for us right now since Cam is in school and I could really use an iPhone:)

That my mom is soooo excited to be a grandma. I feel like she will go head over heels 
for anything that has to do with the baby. 
Prime example: She is probably more stoked than I am to make this quilt together for lil baby

That nobody stole anything from our house the other night when we left the door open and were gone for like three hours. As in, the door wasn't even closed. Oops.

How I am getting maternity clothing cravings. All I want is a cobalt blue maxi skirt that I can wear the entire pregnancy. One that has pleats and is flowy, but won't make me look ginormous. Is that too much to ask?

My hair is at the stage where it's like, "what up? I know I'm too long to look cute straight, but I'm too short to look cute curled. Deal with it. p.s. nice homely bun." My hair can be such a skeez 

That I totally feel like I can handle work right now. I never get too tired there, or panic when I'm the only one at the front desk. It is such a blessing.

Looking at cutie little boy clothes. 
1. 2.

And I just love AZ right now. Perfect weather, nearby family, and yummy Mexican food:)


Let The Craziness Begin

Ok, so apparently pregnancy can cause crazy dreams. People keep asking if I've had any and I'm always bummed I don't have any craziness to share with them. Well, today I have something way better than a crazy dream. This is Andrea. Crazy in real life.

Here's a little background:
Ok, since moving into our new house, basically everything has been set up or put away. It's so nice! And I know I have Camaron to thank for the majority of it -especially since the only thing that hasn't really been put away yet is a big pile of my clothes next to my side of the bed (uhhh, I'll take care of it tomorrow?).

Now, onto last night:
Last night, I stayed up a little later than Camaron finishing my book. He was out cold when I finally turned off the light and pulled up the covers. I laid there waiting to drift off to slumberland. The only thing I don't like about falling asleep at separate times is that I get paranoid with every little sound I hear in the house as I lay there awake. That happened for like 2.3 minutes last night, then I fell asleep. At around 2:30 am, something woke me up. I opened my eyes and waited for them to adjust. Slowly, something came into focus next to the foot of the bed.
Not just a dog, a poodle! A HUGE poodle!
It was standing next to the foot of the bed, looking like it would pounce any second.

Here is a very detailed illustration using a very high-tech drawing software

To put it lightly, I freaked.
I quickly began poking and prodding Camaron to wake up.
"Camaron, Camaron! Uh, wake up!"
He finally woke up and I pointed to the foot of the bed and could barely speak.
"Dog! There's a dog in our room!"
He leaned forward and started looking where I was pointing.
How was Camaron not seeing the HUGE dog standing right there. Wow, Cam was really out of it.
"Right there! Next to the foot of the bed!"
"I don't see anything."
I was freaking out, cause I didn't want the dog to freak out, so I whispered a little louder,
"It's right there! By my side of the bed! It's a poodle! It's right th- uhhh oh."
As I had leaned forward to point out the intruder to Camaron, the "dog" came more into view and I realized I was crazy.
"Oh, never mind,  it's the pile of clothes. I swear it looked like a poodle!"

It was the clothes!
 I'm nuts. Plus, our bedroom door was closed the whole time -How could a dog have gotten in? 
I'm super nuts.

Another very detailed illustration using a very high-tech drawing software
Cam suggested we switch sides of the bed for the night so the pile wouldn't scare me anymore.
I gladly obliged.

I have a feeling Cam isn't going to let this go for a while...


I go in to work today.
Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I rocked a job interview? -well, sorry to leave you hangin, but I did end up getting the job! (Told you I rocked it)
It's as a front desk person at a children's swim school.
Random, I know -Thank you, Craigslist.

I don't know about you, but I love getting new jobs, just not starting new jobs. I don't like the awkwardness of being the newbie. Everyone knows you're new, and they get to watch as you struggle to find the pens, try to figure out prices, or just stand there wondering what you should be doing.

The other day, I seriously just stood there blank-eyed as my boss explained some sort of deposit stuff. I had to ask her to repeat it like 3 times because I had no idea what she was asking of me. D'oh!
Not gonna lie though, I've been catching on pretty fast (except that whole deposit thing. Still have no idea).
The hardest thing right now is the phone greeting.
I've had like 5 jobs where a specific phone greeting was expected of me. I worked hard to memorize and make those greetings second nature whenever I answered a phone at those jobs. 
My favorite: "It's a great day to get in shape at 24 Hour Fitness Sport. This is Andrea. How may I direct your call?" 
What a mouthful. Who wants to hear all of that when they are calling their gym?
Anyway, I seriously have to pause for a sec anytime I pic up the phone now, and go through all of the previous greetings that are now second nature to me until I remember the new greeting I've just been assigned to use.

Overall, I am liking my job. I feel blessed to even have a job, let alone one I can handle while being 5 months pregnant. And if I weren't working, let's just say (thanks to the Easter bunny) I'd probably look like I was 11 months pregnant right now. 

How do you handle new jobs? Does it take forever for you to catch on, like me?
Favorite phone greeting?

Weekend Photo Sesh






Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of taking some photos for one of my favorite people. 
For Mother's Day, my friend Rachel loves giving her mom pics of all of the grandkids in the family, 
and as I love playing with our new camera, I jumped all over the opportunity to snap some cutie pics
 of these cutie kids.

At the last minute, we decided to move locations to the Mesa LDS Temple. Even though it was Easter Pageant week and there were people everywhere, it was so fun to shoot pics of the kids in their springy clothes in front of all of the beautiful flowers on the grounds. 

That last pic is my fav. This kid was so funny and animated. I don't even care that there's an arm in the shot, people all over the background, or that his cousin looks sad; I laugh every time I see this picture.

Camaron Alone in a Photo Booth

Last night was my best friend's older sister's wedding. It was a gorgeous event. Camaron and I helped out with some of the videography, so we were able to enjoy the whole evening with her family, friends, and pulled-pork sandwiches. It was wonderful.

One of our favorite new wedding trends is photo booths. We can never pass them up.
Camaron and I attacked the booth first. Later on, Ralynne and I graced it with our presence. Camaron was in line behind us. I thought he wanted to go in with me again. 
I was wrong; he wanted to go in alone. 
And boy am I glad he did. Check out this amazingness:
An alone make-out session AND huge LOST reference?!?! This is why Camaron is my fav.

And here were some other crowd pleasers:

Happy Easter Weekend!!!!!

Gross Gross Gross Gross Gross

Favorite thing about living in our new house:
waking up to the sound of little kids driving around their Power Wheels outside

Least favorite thing about living in our new house:
bugs (specifically roaches)

Ok, our house isn't infested with pests (or even close to it -I've only seen 2), but we've just been extremely blessed that in our previous 2 homes, we basically never saw any bugs. The fact that I never ran into a cockroach in the middle of the night probably coincides a great deal with how great our first year of marriage was. Not even kidding, I HATE cockroaches. So much.

I killed one last night. Yes, be proud of me. It was horrific. You've never seen a pregnant girl jump so high/far in your life (or at least I haven't). All day I've been researching how to rid our house of these horrible creatures. It sickens me. Again, I HATE them.

I dare you to name something grosser than finding roaches in your home.
Rats? I have no quaffs with. 
Spiders? Charlotte's Web will never let me despise them. Some Pig.
Ants? Please. Sure they can be annoying, but gross? No.
Maggots? Yes, these are gross. But they don't scurry across the floor or keep me from getting up to go the the bathroom late at night, so we're cool.

Sorry about this post. Even I am grossed out. shudders

Disclaimer: I'm sure if I actually found any of the above-listed pests in my home, I would freak out. I'm not a machine.

OOOooooo We're Halfway There...

I feel it's always a good idea to title a post with a shout out to Bon Jovi.

Well, here we are at the halfway point (I seriously can't believe it, time is flying!)

Camaron at 20 weeks

Me at 20 weeks

Baby has been kicking up a storm! Luckily, they're just cute little kicks right now
 (not the rib-splitting ones I've been warned about that should be coming in a few months)
Camaron has even been able to feel them a couple of times.
I love feeling him move around. Cravings-wise, it's really difficult to tell what constitutes as pregnancy cravings. I would get cravings before I was pregnant all of the time, so it doesn't feel different yet. Right now, I am really in the mood for Thai food (pad thai, to be exact), and glazed donuts are always on my mind (again, nothing new).
This is just me, being grateful for my husband. 
If things like this make you sickly, feel free to tune in tomorrow: baby bump pictures!!! (Everyone loves those)

Camaron is a really funny person
 (If you already know him, then I'm simply preaching to the choir)
I love it when he thinks I'm funny. 
I mean, I know I'm funny*, but it's seriously the biggest compliment when someone you find really funny finds you really funny. Am I right?

I love when we both just laugh/giggle/chortle at each other for so long we don't even know how it started.
That was basically this whole weekend.

"We're just so perfect for each other" -Camaron last night
"I really want some donuts" -Me last night

Take that, and add in the amazing words spoken by the leaders of our church at General Conference this weekend, and that is basically why I loved this weekend so much.

Well, that and the fact that my mom made her cherry bars last night. MMmmmmm drool.

*It's healthy to think yourself as funny, right? 
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