Catching up on Netflix

Ok, this list may seem sporadic and random (maybe it is), but I know I'm not always in the same mood each time I'm scrolling through Netflix for something to watch. Hence, this list hits just about every Netflix mood: documentary, romantic comedy, thriller, musical, comedy, and Saved by the Bell.

Waiting for Forever
Confession: I haven't even watched this movie ...yet. But, hello? Rachel Bilson and a super cute premise? The only thing that worries me is that the guy kinda looks like he's a magician. Anyone else seeing this? Please don't let me down again, Netflix. (Seriously, this weekend I started like 3 movies and gave up on all of them) If it turns out that this movie is a dud, you should watch Waiting for Superman. It is nothing like Waiting for Forever, but it's a really good documentary about the failing public school system. Seriously, it's good.

Being Elmo 
If you or anyone you know ever watched Sesame Street, then you will love this. And you will cry. And you will want to watch it 3 more times. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary.

Saved by the Bell
Always the right choice.

State of Georgia
Another confession: I have never seen this either. I almost didn't even know it existed (I have vague memories of some sort of commercial advertising this show when it first came out). Sure, it only lasted one season, but I just love Raven. Always have. Always will. 

Whenever you are feeling messy, or down on yourself, this is one to watch. You'll instantly feel like, "hey, maybe I'm not such a disgusting bum!" Sometimes you just need that.

Now you don't have to Youtube it!

The Skulls
Pacey from Dawson's Creek+secret college society+some semi-scary/thrilling stuff = watch this movie.

Step Into Liquid
A perfect step into summer movie. I love this movie. Love it. I don't know how many times I've watched it. The cinematography, the old guy who surfs everyday for over 25 years, the crazy tow-in surfers ...I just love this movie. If you're a fan of the Endless Summer, then you will love this too.

Queen: Rock Montreal & Live Aid
The only full-length Queen concert ever filmed. Sometimes you just need a little Freddie Mercury in your day, ya know?

Planet of the Apes (the original)
Charleton Heston and Dr. Zaius at their finest. You'll never look at monkeys the same again.

My Fake Fiance
My favorite of all the Joey Lawrence/Melissa Joan Hart ABC family original movies.

Any Netflix recommendations I should be watching?


  1. That is so funny that hoarders makes you feel good about yourself, it totally stresses me out and gives me anxiety! hahaha

  2. Love this list. Who knows how many hours I might waste catching up...

  3. I do like Rachel Bilson but that movie looks a little lame. She has made some bad movie decisions after leaving the OC. Have you ever watched Roswell? Its a tv show that used to be on the WB. Its got aliens and a love story so yeah its great.

  4. waiting for forever is a total BUST! don't watch it! i rented it from the redbox last year and it was bad.

    i have tried to watch so many films on netflix and i have only watched 1 that was worth keeping on for the duration of the movie. i would recommend the film, but its rated Repent so i don't think you would be interested.

    back to reading books for me!

  5. Nice tips ! :) Some I've never heard of before..
    Hehe I feel exactly the same whenever I watch Hoarders - like "maybe I'm not the worst case after all, pheoow.. Oh what a nice bag on ebay!" ^^

    x Satu
    Indie by heart

  6. I thought that Waiting for Forever was creepy. But that's just me. A friend of mine loved it. I think the story line is just a tad bit odd.


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