Let The Craziness Begin

Ok, so apparently pregnancy can cause crazy dreams. People keep asking if I've had any and I'm always bummed I don't have any craziness to share with them. Well, today I have something way better than a crazy dream. This is Andrea. Crazy in real life.

Here's a little background:
Ok, since moving into our new house, basically everything has been set up or put away. It's so nice! And I know I have Camaron to thank for the majority of it -especially since the only thing that hasn't really been put away yet is a big pile of my clothes next to my side of the bed (uhhh, I'll take care of it tomorrow?).

Now, onto last night:
Last night, I stayed up a little later than Camaron finishing my book. He was out cold when I finally turned off the light and pulled up the covers. I laid there waiting to drift off to slumberland. The only thing I don't like about falling asleep at separate times is that I get paranoid with every little sound I hear in the house as I lay there awake. That happened for like 2.3 minutes last night, then I fell asleep. At around 2:30 am, something woke me up. I opened my eyes and waited for them to adjust. Slowly, something came into focus next to the foot of the bed.
Not just a dog, a poodle! A HUGE poodle!
It was standing next to the foot of the bed, looking like it would pounce any second.

Here is a very detailed illustration using a very high-tech drawing software

To put it lightly, I freaked.
I quickly began poking and prodding Camaron to wake up.
"Camaron, Camaron! Uh, wake up!"
He finally woke up and I pointed to the foot of the bed and could barely speak.
"Dog! There's a dog in our room!"
He leaned forward and started looking where I was pointing.
How was Camaron not seeing the HUGE dog standing right there. Wow, Cam was really out of it.
"Right there! Next to the foot of the bed!"
"I don't see anything."
I was freaking out, cause I didn't want the dog to freak out, so I whispered a little louder,
"It's right there! By my side of the bed! It's a poodle! It's right th- uhhh oh."
As I had leaned forward to point out the intruder to Camaron, the "dog" came more into view and I realized I was crazy.
"Oh, never mind,  it's the pile of clothes. I swear it looked like a poodle!"

It was the clothes!
 I'm nuts. Plus, our bedroom door was closed the whole time -How could a dog have gotten in? 
I'm super nuts.

Another very detailed illustration using a very high-tech drawing software
Cam suggested we switch sides of the bed for the night so the pile wouldn't scare me anymore.
I gladly obliged.

I have a feeling Cam isn't going to let this go for a while...


  1. hahahaha - this is hysterical!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVED this!

    Don't worry, I sleep-walk/see things that aren't there all the time, pregnant or not. It's a good thing I don't sleep with a gun nearby or I'd probably end up shooting a lot of shadows and furniture.

  3. I've had some pretty crazy pregnancy moments so far...and once I had a similar experience to yours...but it was before I was pregnant. Haha.

  4.! You just made my day. I literally laughed out loud-I can't stop giggling about this. Esp too because it's something I would do-pregnant or not! And those illustrations are supurb!! Love that he suggested you switch sides so the pile of clothes wouldn't scare you lol :)

  5. ha ha ha! probs should have put away those clothes before you went to bed. that'll teach ya!

  6. did you know there is such thing as an actual fear of dogs?

    for real! it's a phobia.

    this is hilarious.

  7. bahhh! crazy dreams ohh boy -these drawings are hysterical!

    happy weekened lovey!

  8. i just started following your blog and i must say this was a fabulous introduction. seriously. i laughed. out loud,even. mostly because it was a poodle. and that's funny to me because they are way more pretentious than they are scary. oh i loved this. so glad i'm following you now. :)

  9. Bahahahaha! Love it!

  10. Lol! I don't remember how I stumbled across your blog, but I'm glad I did. You literally had me laughing out loud just now, (insert ackward stare from the hubs). I'm not even pregnant and have crazy experiences like this. So inknow how you feel. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh my goodness this is hilarious! I don't know how many times that has happened to me. It shows how paranoid we are.

  12. Haahahahahahha I am laughing out loud right now. I love this!! Cute blog! :)


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