It's What We Do

I love the idea of having simple family traditions. Having something to look forward to every holiday, season, or even something weekly that you know your family does. Camaron and I started the tradition a month or two ago of having a weekly pizza night. Every Wednesday night, we either order in, pick up, or bake pizza for dinner. I got the idea from Stephanie and am looking forward to the day when our future little ones will all be covered in flour as they "help" out on family pizza night. Although we don't have a lot of other traditions to compare it too yet, this one is probably my fav.

Our biggest goal is to one day get our pizza to look like this

Do you have any fav traditions your family does or that you plan on doing?

p.s. if you follow me on instagram, you'll quickly notice that my life is pretty consumed in food (pregnant or not)

Next Month

Hello all of my wonderful readers!

June is fast approaching and I wanted to let you in on this:

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I'm so excited for June! Summertime, vacations, baby bump growing even more... I hope to hear back from you soon! These spots will be going fast, so reserve yours today:)

Also, if you're ever interested in doing a giveaway, email me! I'd love that:)

Hello Third Trimester

I'm at 27 weeks right now (aka the third trimester).
I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going -actually, I cannot believe how fast this year is going.
It is most definitely summer here in AZ, and a week from today is June first!!!

As with most of my posts lately, this one is a little scattered. Please bare with my pregnant brain.

I had my second glucose test on Monday. The big, fatty three-hour test.
It really wasn't that bad, just long and boring. I read Wayside Stories while I was waiting. Yes, I am 9 years old. Do you remember those books? They're so funny! I bought the set for Cam last year on his birthday. I was/am very proud of my gift-giving abilities. Oh yes, and they called last night to let me know I passed the glucose test. Yipppeee!!! Donuts for dinner!!!

Any fun plans for the weekend?
The baby's crib came today!!! I am thrilled to actually start working on setting up the nursery (yes, it is still acting as our storage room right now). And, one of my best friends just moved back into town, so I'm excited to play and be an immature pregnant woman all weekend. Top that.

Late night scanning

Last night, Camaron reminded me that we needed to go to Target. I knew we needed something there, but couldn't remember what. Camaron started giving me clues (he obviously knew why we needed to go and was very excited about it). He started shooting things with a fake gun, then the word "baby" was uttered. It took me a while, but then I finally remembered. 
Baby registry!

I love that Cam was so excited to go. We had a lot of fun scanning things with the cool gun at the store when we were engaged, so we were both looking forward to getting to do it again.
I had somewhat of a list at home to give us a little help figuring out what to register for, but I definitely forgot to bring it with us to the store. So... we just scanned everything!
It was so much fun!

The only thing I wish we could have scanned more of, was books.
I'm so excited to read books to little baby:)
Any book recommendations for little ones??

DIY Mini Milk Jug Vase {Amy}

This month, I'm highlighting my amazingly talented sponsors with their own guest posts. 
Today's comes from the super fun Amy over at The Charming

What a super cutie idea!
Thanks Amy!


Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes {Danielle}

This month, I'm highlighting my amazingly talented sponsors with their own guest posts. Today's comes from the oh so talented Danielle from over at Taking Notes ...Coast to Coast

Today you folks are in for a treat! (Literally) I wanted to share my favorite cupcake recipe because a) it's delicious. Duh. b) no one can resist peanut butter/chocolate baked goods, and c) it is the very first recipe I ever shared on my own blog!

So let's begin, shall we? Here's what you'll need to make the perfect Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes.
The Cupcake:
miniature peanut butter cups
1 box Fudge Chocolate Cake mix instead
3 large eggs
1/4 c water
1/2 c oil
The Icing:
1/2 c creamy peanut butter
1/4 c butter, softened
2 c powdered sugar, sifted
3 tbsp milk
1/2 tsp pure vanilla
1/8 tsp salt

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Place paper baking cups in each of 12 regular-size muffin cups. Remove foil and cups from candy pieces. Set aside. Prepare cake mix as described on box using the eggs, water and oil. Fill each up about 2/3 full with batter. Place 1 unwrapped candy piece, upside down, on top of batter in each cup. Lightly tap piece down into batter. 
Bake 23 to 25 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center of cup comes out almost clean. Cool 5 minutes; remove from pan. Place on wire rack; cool completely. Make icing by placing peanut butter and butter into medium bowl. Beat until light and creamy. Add powdered sugar, milk, vanilla and salt. Beat on low speed 1 minute; scrape bowl. Beat on medium speed until smooth and creamy. Spread about 2 tablespoons of icing on each cupcake leaving the edge un-iced.  Top each cupcake with a peanut butter cup. 

I baked these cupcakes for my work's Christmas party and they were an absolute hit! Everyone loved the fact that there was a whole peanut butter cup on top of the cupcake, and then when they discovered the hidden one inside they became simply giddy! (Or maybe that was all the sugar...) Either way, I hope you enjoy! Ok, now stop by my blog so we can be friends!

Ok, YUM! Thank you so much, Danielle!
I am salivating.
More sponsor guest posts will be popping up throughout the month:)

How Do You Choose???

The only fancy-ing of a phone I've ever done was that one time when I 
glued little crystals to my phone four years ago. 
I've never bought a case for a phone before 
(I don't think I've ever owned a phone that could wear a case before). 
How does one choose???

Yes, I like stripes.

Braided Headband DIY {Jessica}

This month, I'm highlighting my amazingly talented sponsors with their own guest posts. Today's comes from the uber cute Jessica over at Swenson Love

this is probably the easiest tutorial out there! but that is how we like it right!
here for you is my braided headband tutorial! 

you will need:

 4 strands of leather strips about 36 inches long each

 your head, or a friends...

i sewed the the four strands together just to keep them in place while i braided, if you have a different method you would rather use go for it!! make sure there is about 7 inches of lose strands.

braid the four strands until you reach the length you need to go around your head.

tie a knot at the beginning and end of the strand (remember you need about 7 inches of lose strands on each end) like so...

pull super tight! the lovely thing about leather is that it holds. yay!

take the strand that you used to tie the knot and pull it aside. trim the other three. the long strands will be used to tie at the back of your head.

there are so many ways to wear this way awesome headband! i chose to wore it like this...

Doesn't that headband look flawless on her?
I love this. Thanks Jessica!!!
More sponsor guest posts will be popping up throughout the month:)

Best Mother's Day Ever

Yesterday was the best Mother's Day ever. Sure, it was the first time I've ever truly been able to really celebrate, but trust me, it was the best.
I know you want to know all about it, so I will now break it down for you.

First of all, Camaron planned ahead. He asked me the night before exactly what time I would prefer to be woken up on my big day. He also asked me, hypothetically, what I would want for breakfast, if I could choose what I would be eating for breakfast the next day.

So, Sunday morning, I woke up to the smell of sizzling bacon and waffles. Camaron even made his famous buttermilk syrup! (Ok, it's technically my best friend's mom's recipe. But Cam is pro at making it) We got to enjoy the yummy breakfast together, then Camaron presented me with my mother's day present.
FYI: the only hints I gave him for presents I would want were a motherly book and yummy candles.

Camaron had me close my eyes and then hold out my hands. I felt him place something flat and hard in my palms. Boy was I surprised when I opened my eyes to this

Let's just say this was a little step up from my 3-year-old flip phone that I got for free when I lost my previous phone. Just a little bit.

Oh my goodness! I'm not gonna lie, I cried. (Then again, I cried while watching Bones last night too) Nevertheless, I was so shocked and excited that I probably would have cried even if I wasn't pregnant.

Sweet little Camaron then told me that he had been wanting to get me an iphone for a while (apparently my "vintage" phone was embarrassing him). And when he found out he won the MCC video contest (thank you again to all those who gave our video tons of views), he knew exactly what he would be putting that prize money towards:)

p.s. All day, Camaron basically let me do whatever I wanted and wouldn't let me lift a finger -always reminding me "it's Mother's Day!" What a guy. I need to start brainstorming for Father's Day.

Now we can be Instagram friends!

This Woman

This woman:
Is the best cook, the best sewer, the best driving instructor, the best tutor, the best cross-worder, and she gave me my awesome hair.
I'm proud to be her doppleganger.

Love you Mom!!!
Hope your Mother's Day was fabulous!

p.s. I may be a little biased. Especially since she also gave me her super easy-going pregnancy genes. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that I also got her easy birth/labor genes as well.


In Defense of Short Courtships {Elisabeth}

This month, I'm highlighting my amazingly talented sponsors with their own guest posts. Today's comes from the gorgeous Elisabeth. 

In Defense Of Short Courtships

Hi - So I'm Elisabeth, and I blog over at La Vita e Bella

A little bit about me:

1. I love icecream, my husband, and the color blue.
2. I detest running long distances, lose-lose situations, and not being able to fall asleep at night. 

3. I could spend my whole life dancing, eating, and traveling and be perfectly happy. 

Ben and I met on December 6, 2010
we were engaged May 6, 2011

and we were married August 6, 2011.

It all happened a bit fast. The speed of it would scare me a little, until I remembered what it felt like to be with him; when I’d known him a week it felt like six months. When we’d been dating a month it felt like two years, and by the time we were married, I couldn’t remember life without Ben at all.
Prior to Ben I was a firm believer in dating someone for a long time. I was okay with short engagements (because I figured once you knew, you knew, and you might as well get married), but I was determined to date someone for at least a year, and see them in every season.

Well you see, the problem was that Ben simply swept me off my feet. Our first date was decorating gingerbread houses, our second, a holiday concert in an art museum. The first few months were filled with ice-cream, rock climbing, late night conversations, lots of cuddling, wide-eyed phone calls home, perpetual smiles, and “I love you”s. 

I’m so glad I chose to get married at age 20.

Now, I’m not saying all you single people under the age of 22 go up and marry the first boy you meet, but if your knight in shining armor rides by on a white horse, don’t be too scared to let him sweep you off your feet.

Beautifully written, Elisabeth. Love all of her gorgeous pics. Mine and Camaron's courtship was pretty similar. What do you think of short courtships?


Bowling {Aunie}

This month, I'm highlighting my amazingly talented sponsors with their own guest posts. 
Today's come from my adorable sponsor, Annelise. 

Well hello, HELLOOOO!
My name is Annelise, and I'm that super-awesome
girl who is really popular on my own blog, Aunie Sauce.
Not like I'm tooting my own horn or anything...
What DON'T I blog about?
Parenting, DIY crafts, recipes... and most other helpful things.
What DO I blog about?
Life, style, faith, poetry, and my saucy self.


I didn't used to think I was all that saucy.
Until I began blogging and I swear, this whole new personality just erupted.
I NEVER used to think of myself as stylish.
In fact, I still think I have the most quirky sense of style.
However, many of the posts on my blog are about me and what I'm wearing.
Go figure.

I NEVER before had any sort of faith in God, let alone in myself.
And now I blog all the time about my faith and what God does for my life.
Would you just look at that.

But would you like to know what I have ALWAYS known about myself?
Boy-oh-boy... I am a ROMANTIC.
Like-- over-the-top, kissy face, huggy buns, mushy-moshy romantic.
I sobbed during the Notebook and got mad at my boyfriend at the time because he wasn't like Noah.
I cry during AT&T commercials, for goodness sake!
I told myself I would never, NEVER settle until I met that "one guy" who would sweep me off my feet.

Ladies and gents, I met that dude last year, and my life has been a whirlwind of awesomeness ever since.
He makes me swoon.
He cooks me dinner.
He surprises me at work.
He will even rub my little tootsies... and he really hates feet.
He kisses my neck.
He makes me the cutest love CD's.
Oh, and the things he says?
Holy moly... he is just over the top with cute phrases.
"Can I keep you?" is my favorite one.
He swears he made it up... though I totally told him it's from Casper.
Either way, it's to-die-for preciousness.

Anyway, I'm sure I could go on and on about how wonderful this dude has been in my life...
But I'll spare you just this once.
Maybe you'll pop on over to my blog and see what I'm all about and realize that I don't only talk about mushy-moshy romance stuff.

But, until then... I'm going to share with you a little poem that I wrote for that very special dude. I entitled it "Bowling" and it's just a tiny representation of the love we share. I hope you enjoy it and I hope to see you soon!

Ten striped pins.
Nine frames left.
Eight lanes full.
Seven guiding arrows.
Six eyes watching.
Five slices of pizza.
Four glasses of beer.
Three dollars a game.
One marbled ball.
Two birds in love.

- For Daniel -


So, so cute! Love Aunie's spunk!
Thanks girl!!!
More sponsor guest posts will be popping up throughout the month:)

How to be a Princess {Lauren}

This month, I'm highlighting my amazingly talented sponsors with their own guest posts. Today's comes from the lovely Lauren. 

"They can't order me to stop dreaming." --Cinderella

Hi there Andrea's readers! I am sooo thrilled to be guest posting for her today. Isn't she the cutest thing ever?

My name is Lauren and I blog over at My Happy Thought. (

Some of my friends and family members call me the Polka Dot Princess. The reason is actually quite simple. I just ADORE polka dots and well, every girl is a princess of course!

Currently, I work for a company called Pirate and Princess Parties and I entertain kids at birthday parties as Snow White and Ariel and in doing so I have learned a bit about what it takes to be a princess...

First off...

1}If you happen to be lost in the woods, just find a cottage full of dwarves. They are very hospitable.

2} Quick fixes are never a good idea. Never make deals with sea witches or eat an apple to make your dreams come true.

3} Love comes in the most unexpected places. Your prince may be disguised as a beast, a frog or a street rat.

4} When in doubt, sing! Any emotion can be expressed through a great Alan Menkan song.

5} Feeling lonely? Play dead. Prince Charmings are always wandering around looking for comatose maidens to make out with.

6} Being nosy may in your favor. Feel free to tresspass and go into that room he told you not to. You might find something magical!

7} Be careful what you eat off of. You never know what woodland creatures have been licking them clean trying to be helpful.

8} A princess' hair does not get flyaways. She gets gentlyfloataways.

9} A princess should beware of fruits and vegetables. Pumpkins tend to turn into carriages, apples turn out to be poisonous, peas tend to give you uncomfortable sleep.

10} When older women are ugly, they are super trustworthy but when they are are pretty, watch out! They are evil.

11} A true princess never trips or falls- she merely saunters vaguely downwards.

Ok in all seriousness, it can be difficult to be a straight up "fairytale" princess like that but it is possible to act like like a beautiful, kind and successful 'princess'.

Here is a list of qualities of a REAL princess:

she is kind

she is beautiful on the inside, and cares about how she presents herself.

she is gracious, understanding, and forgiving.

she cares about animals and children, and in general all people's comfort

she looks for the good in life and in people

she trusts

she believes in herself

she is honest

she is hopeful, even in the presence of evil

she does not tolerate evil

she shows respect to all creatures
she mediates and attempts to help people get along

she lifts up her man {prince} she supports him, and believes in him

she is easy to please and enjoys life

she is generous

she is joyful

she accepts help and is grateful

Each day I try to be a bit more princess-like. I think its a marvlous goal to work towards.

"No need to curtsey-- just show your adoration with chocolate!

Come visit me at My Happy Thought! I love making new friends!

Lauren, you are such a princess! And I love it! This had me crackin up (and now I really want to watch The Little Mermaid) ! Thanks again, Girl!

Stay tuned for more amazing sponsor guest post throughout this month:)

DIY: Personalizing your TOMS {Janee}

This month, I'm highlighting my amazingly talented sponsors with their own guest posts. Today's come from Janee of Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard

Hi Everyone!

I've owned my navy blue Toms since 2006 when they first came out. But I've hardly ever worn them because I always feel so weird wearing navy blue shoes with navy blue jeans. I guess it makes me feel like I'm wearing a onesie on my bottom half only, hehehe. This last week I finally decided to add a little color to my Toms so I can start wearing them again. Perhaps you'd like to make your Toms a little extra special too?

What you will need:::

A pair of canvas shoes
Fabric paint
Q-tips {or paint brush}

I went with some pretty low key colors for my Toms because I didn't want to constantly feel like my shoes clash with my outfit. {Actually, if we're being honest, The Beard told me I needed to go with low key colors because he knew if I chose a bright color I'd feel like I needed to match it. At least he understands my neurosis right?} Since mine are navy blue I chose white and baby blue. 

I didn't want to completely cover any sections of my shoes and I also didn't feel confident enough in my sketching abilities to really do anything elaborate so I decided to just go with some cute little polka dots.

For starters I took the lid off the fabric paint and dipped the Q-tip directly into the paint bottle. I discovered that the canvas absorbed more of the paint than I expected so I had to get a quite a bit of paint on the Q-tip for it to really show up well. 

I began with the heel and sporadically placed dots of white paint. I skipped the middle portion of the shoe which I wanted to leave as it was and moved to the front part. It was really hard for me to place the dots randomly and not form a grid, but I think I did ok!

After I'd put as many white dots as I wanted I filled in the empty sections with baby blue dots.

At this point I thought I was finished but decided I just couldn't live without at least a tiny pop of contrasting color. What better place than the tags? I carefully stuck a piece of masking tape behind each of the tags to keep paint off the canvas behind them.

Then I used a paint brush to give the tags a very thin layer of paint so the letters would still show through.

Ta Daa! 
Now I have personalized Toms that will go with a wide variety of outfits. Just a splash of pattern and color was exactly what they needed.

I hope you have fun painting your Toms as well!


Thanks, Janee!!!
Love the orange pop she added at the end. Genius.
Stay tuned for more sponsor amazingness throughout this month:)
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