Bowling {Aunie}

This month, I'm highlighting my amazingly talented sponsors with their own guest posts. 
Today's come from my adorable sponsor, Annelise. 

Well hello, HELLOOOO!
My name is Annelise, and I'm that super-awesome
girl who is really popular on my own blog, Aunie Sauce.
Not like I'm tooting my own horn or anything...
What DON'T I blog about?
Parenting, DIY crafts, recipes... and most other helpful things.
What DO I blog about?
Life, style, faith, poetry, and my saucy self.


I didn't used to think I was all that saucy.
Until I began blogging and I swear, this whole new personality just erupted.
I NEVER used to think of myself as stylish.
In fact, I still think I have the most quirky sense of style.
However, many of the posts on my blog are about me and what I'm wearing.
Go figure.

I NEVER before had any sort of faith in God, let alone in myself.
And now I blog all the time about my faith and what God does for my life.
Would you just look at that.

But would you like to know what I have ALWAYS known about myself?
Boy-oh-boy... I am a ROMANTIC.
Like-- over-the-top, kissy face, huggy buns, mushy-moshy romantic.
I sobbed during the Notebook and got mad at my boyfriend at the time because he wasn't like Noah.
I cry during AT&T commercials, for goodness sake!
I told myself I would never, NEVER settle until I met that "one guy" who would sweep me off my feet.

Ladies and gents, I met that dude last year, and my life has been a whirlwind of awesomeness ever since.
He makes me swoon.
He cooks me dinner.
He surprises me at work.
He will even rub my little tootsies... and he really hates feet.
He kisses my neck.
He makes me the cutest love CD's.
Oh, and the things he says?
Holy moly... he is just over the top with cute phrases.
"Can I keep you?" is my favorite one.
He swears he made it up... though I totally told him it's from Casper.
Either way, it's to-die-for preciousness.

Anyway, I'm sure I could go on and on about how wonderful this dude has been in my life...
But I'll spare you just this once.
Maybe you'll pop on over to my blog and see what I'm all about and realize that I don't only talk about mushy-moshy romance stuff.

But, until then... I'm going to share with you a little poem that I wrote for that very special dude. I entitled it "Bowling" and it's just a tiny representation of the love we share. I hope you enjoy it and I hope to see you soon!

Ten striped pins.
Nine frames left.
Eight lanes full.
Seven guiding arrows.
Six eyes watching.
Five slices of pizza.
Four glasses of beer.
Three dollars a game.
One marbled ball.
Two birds in love.

- For Daniel -


So, so cute! Love Aunie's spunk!
Thanks girl!!!
More sponsor guest posts will be popping up throughout the month:)

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  1. Aww. She's so cute. I love reading her blog. Thanks for hosting! Your blog is super cute! :)


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