When choosing where to stay in Prescott, we took a lot of things into consideration before making our final decision.
Important things like:
Free breakfast?
Close to yummy food places?
Easy to find?
Pretty colors?

After much research and deliberation, we came upon the historic Hotel St. Michael.
And it did not disappoint.
Free hot breakfast each morning? Check.
Close to yummy food places? Check. (including 2 candy shops!)
Easy to find? Check. (it's at the corner of downtown/downtown)
Pretty colors? Check. (tons of original historic architecture and neon sign)
Ghosts? The hotel is rumored to be haunted. You be the judge.
check out my mad creepy photo-taking skills

But on a seriously scary note, our first night in Prescott freaked me out a ton 
(and it had nothing to do with the haunted hotel). 
When we got home from dinner that night, we got to the hotel and pulled into the parking garage. It was basically empty, which scared me a little since we had seen a bunch of homeless people hanging out there when we left. Where were they hiding now? (I have irrational fears of the homeless/hobos). As we were about to park next to another car, we realized all of its doors were opened and there was a dude laying unconscious, sprawled on the ground next to the vehicle.
I wanted to scream.
Was he dead?! What was going on?!

Basically, both of us freaked. Cam didn't say anything at first because he didn't know if I saw the guy and he didn't want me to freak. Too late. We were both super scared. What if whoever did that to that guy was still in the garage?! We booked it into the hotel to call for help.

I had to go the bathroom (yeah for pregnancy!), so I went up to our room while Camaron called 911*. While Cam was on the phone, he went back to check on the guy (more brave than I'll ever be). Luckily, the guy was alive. Apparently, he was underaged and had gotten drunk at a bar and gotten in a fight with some people and they followed him to the garage and mugged him. He came to when Cam came over and let Cam know his friend was coming to pick him up. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad this kid was alive, but what you doin getting drunk at like 9pm on a Monday night and then driving home after picking on people who are going to beat you up?

Thanks a lot, drunk kid. As if I wasn't already afraid of the dark enough.

*Did you know you can't call 911 using Google Voice? Cam uses it on his phone to save minutes. Luckily, my phone is non-fancy and knows how to call 911


  1. That is hilarious/horrible. I hate haunted things, so way to be brave!

  2. Freaky. Both the story and the picture. Did you take that picture? if so you did a good job capturing the freaky hotel feel.

    I am glad you found my blog. I guess I am some what of a hidden gem? Ha. I have blogged since 2006 but just this year wanted to get myself "out there". It makes me happy when people find me.

    If you click on the 'musique' tab it will bring you to all my past music posts. I sure love music and love sharing it.

    I am happy to now have your blog. :)

  3. That photo gave me creeps; looks like the place in Shining!

  4. prescott sounds like a pretty rough town to be drunk that early in the week!


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