Beach Trip Traditions

Ok, first off, I completely forgot the camera for this trip (just be happy I remembered clean clothes -it was a very rushed morning of packing). Enter: Instagram.

Every summer, my mom, sister, and I visit Oceanside, CA for a relaxing, bonding, good time. Ok, the word "bonding" is weirding me out. Basically, we just have fun and do the exact same things each time we go. On our first trip, we just made a lot of good choices, so now we follow suit every summer.

First, the snacks. No trip would be complete without some form of gummies, red vines, Albertson's cookies, and chocolate. This summer, Mom decided she wanted to be healthy, and it almost ruined everything... until we guilted her into buying all of the aforementioned goodies anyway.

We stay at the same place every summer. It's right on the beach, so I get to hear the ocean all night long as I drift to sleeeeeeeep.

The view from our front door. See, told you it was right on the beach.

My mom loves taking walks. Occasionally we join her (most of the time, she's just too fast, though). But when we do join, we always hit up the pier. On this trip, I made a new friend!

 Another tradition we've stuck with from the beginning has been our choice of restaurant. We always go to the same Thai food restaurant and the same pizza restaurant. We branched out one time, and it was no bueno. This time, while at the Thai restaurant, we ran into some friends from home. Random!

We always spend the majority of our time relaxing on the beach. And let's not forget the never-fail-tradition of me getting horribly sunburned. Happens. Every. Year. When will I learn?

Until next year, sea breezes and crashing waves.

It's almost July...

Woohoo! Who else has been loving June? Otter pops, hot dogs, late night concerts, movie nights, sweaty backs from driving... ahhhhh, I love summer. Not to mention, the photo above is the actual view from my front porch right now. I'm in Oceanside, CA with my sister and mom for our annual girls beach trip. It's the best 
(tons more photos to come -some of which may include me trying to pretend I fit into my non-maternity swimsuit).

Speaking of June, it's almost over :(  
But, that also means that sponsor spots are open for July :)
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Swenson Love

I'd like to introduce you to one of the cutest bloggers (who also happens to be a sponsor on this here blog). Jessica is so adorable and blogs over at Swenson Love. I got to know her better through doing a blog design for her. Love her style and cute little family:) Swenson Love is full of DIYs, gorgeous photos, and tons of inspiration. Be sure to check it out!

1. It's summertime! Do you have any fun trips/plans for this summer? YES YES YES!!! I have TWO siblings getting married this summer in Portland, my husband's family reunion at Lake Tahoe and a lot of boating, swimming and camping have been planned! 

2. What things do you look for when you choose a favorite blog to follow? I usually look for blogs that have the same interests and themes as my own: mommy, fashion, craft/diy blogs are my favorite (aren't they every body's!)

3. Which blogs do you follow most/inspire you most? My daily reads (besides yours of course *wink*) are BlueBird by Miss James, Little Almanac by Kendra, Rockstar Diaries by Naomi, The Daybook by Sydney, and for me the most inspiring is The Wiegand's by Casey. She often brings me to tears and gives me goose pimples. She is amazing! 

4. I love the native american theme of your blog!* Where did it come from? Have you ever seen a real buffalo? Thank you! You did an AMAZING job designing it for me! I am half Native American (my mother is full and my dad...isn't any. HA!) I LOVE my heritage and really try to embrace it. I have seen a buffalo! I have touched one and...I've even eaten one. It was very tasty. 
5. It's just about halfway through 2012 now (crazy, I know), How are you doing on new year's resolutions? Any big plans for the second half of 2012? Um...resolutions?? HA! Seriously though, I didn't do resolutions this year. Is that lame? I just wanted to make this year better than last (which was pretty amazing) and so that has been my only goal. 

6. How/when did you start blogging? I started blogging about four years ago. I started a blog mostly for my parents. I left home for collage over 800 miles away from them so it was a perfect way to keep them up to date with my life. I made my blog public this past January and I am so glad I did! I have LOVED getting to know other bloggers over the past 6 months!

7. I love your photos on your blog. What kind of camera do you use? Any photo/photoshop tips? Aw thanks!! I have been quite obsessed with photography since I was a little girl. I use a Canon Rebel EOS. It's a great camera! I have loved it! My number one photography tip would be TAKE YOUR CAMERA OFF AUTO! You will spend a lot of time Google-ing and YouTube-ing at first on how to shoot using the Manual setting but it is so worth it!

8. Tell us a bit about you and your adorable family:) Oh man...where to start and how to end! Well, I married a boy named Mick, he is pretty amazing! I didn't want much to do with him at first but he was quite persistent and I fell in love with that and him. We dated for a little while and got married about 11 months after our first "hang-out/date". We were married in Portland and made a baby about a day or two later in Mexico. We got back and I thought I had picked up a parasite because I was just so sick and all food made me vomit. It was just a baby though. WHEW! HA! Getting pregnant so soon after we were married wasn't in our plans and has been a bit of a struggle at times but it has ended up being the best thing to happen to us! We love our little man! His funny personality and love for bread and rap music just brings SO much joy to our lives and we can't imagine life without him. 

9. I loooove your shop. How did you get into sewing/fashion design/being super cute? HAHA! I started sewing when I was about 6 or 7. I would make barbie clothes out of toilet paper and string so my grandma gave me some scrap fabric, needle and thread. I taught myself to sew and for my 14th Christmas my parents bought me a sewing machine (which I still use). I have been sewing on a daily basis. My Etsy shop has been a wonderful success so far and I am so grateful and humbled by it!

10. What are your favorite posts to write on your blog (crafts, family, events...) ? Well, if you were to go through my blog it is 95% about my Kenny boy. He is my life and I LOVE being his mama! I've been trying to branch out and post about other things I love like fashion, recipes and craft tutorials.

Thanks, Jessica!!!

*That statement wasn't meant to sound like I love her blog that I designed. Not giving myself props here, people.
I just meant that I loved the theme of her blog (which is all her, not me)

THE Awkward Film Festival

This past weekend launched the first-ever Annual Awkward Film Festival
-hosted by yours truly and husband-
Oh man, it was so much more amazing than I ever could have imagined.

The films, the food, the people... pure, awkward magic.

There were brothers,


Things to stuff your face with,

 One of our sponsors was Slickables Ice Cream Sandwiches. Next time you're in Tempe, hit them up. YUM.

And of course the moment you've all been waiting for...
I now present unto you the film that out-awkwarded the rest;
The winner of the 2012 Awkward Film Festival

Our winner and his awkward trophy 
(It wouldn't be so awkward if I had taped the extras on with stickier tape -trust me, they were amazing)

Now, who's ready to start filming for next year's fest????

The Great Kiss Off

While living in Utah, Camaron and I had the opportunity to help out on the set for a super cute short film. Camaron was the production assistant/art department, while I helped out with makeup and eating all of the food on set. The film ended up being in the LDS film festival and did really well. They just released it on Youtube, so now you get to see it! 
Seriously, it's short... and funny... and my lip prints make a cameo (0:20)...


Hair Extensions and the 30 Week Mark

1. My hair is at a length right now where I just have no idea how to make it look presentable. So, 98% of the time, it's in a jr. high bun. This is not to be confused with a cute bun (ie top knot or anything of the like). No, it looks like a jr. high girl did it who just made the transition from her mom doing her hair all of time. Being pregnant is hard enough on the whole body image concept, so I had very little difficulty in deciding to purchase some clip-in extensions for days when I want to look a little glam. I got them here for a steal! They don't look the most natural in these pics, but that's prob because my hair is in dire need of being colored:)

2. The 30 week bump. I was made aware by my friend, Mary, that I wear stripes all of the time. These pics again prove her to be right. Stripe fetish? You know it.

3. Cam is always such a good sport about taking my pics, so I asked if he wanted me to take any of him. Apparently, he does just fine taking pics of himself.

4. My face. 

5. & 6. Each day, my feet become harder and harder to find.


All you have to do is take one look at this first pic and you know this weekend was a good one.

We had tonz of funzies Saturday night when we went with our Jenny and William friends to Lolo's Chicken and Waffles and stuffed ourselves with everything that makes this world good 
(ie fried chicken, waffles, butter, syrup, gravy, mac n' cheese, blue Kool-Aid)

Then we laughed/chuckled/giggled/chortled/tee-hee'd the night away at Jesterz Improv where our dear Mandy performed/rocked it. Seriously love that place. And Mandy.
 pic stolen from @shmandyface

We even got free candy whilst waiting for the Impov-ness to begin. 
The weekend just kept getting better and better.
 pic stolen from @JennyBSnaps

...And then I hit 29.5 weeks. 
This pregnancy is flying by. I know I say that all of the time. Deal with it.
The other day while I was at work, I began thinking about when I'll be ready to pop (about 2.5 months). I'll probably be working if I'm still feeling good. That's when it hit me:
  What if my water broke at work?!?! 
You just can't explain something like that away. Even I'd be grossed out. 
Anyway, those are the things I worry about at 29.5 weeks.

Happy Monday!
Wanna be insta-friends? @picsoandrea


I have the day off today!!!
So here is what I am doing (or at least planning on doing)

Finishing the design for my baby shower invites 
(yes, I'm a nerd and wanted to design my own -but that's the only thing I'm doing for it)

Making one of these wall pretties for our dining room/corner. They're normally made of wood and cost like $30 on Etsy, but I'm just going to try my hand at making one out of foam board. I'll let you know how it goes.

Using this tutorial to make my own giant Mesa Temple print for our front room. I love this vintage print:)

To those of you who are worried I may be over-doing it today, set those worries aside. I mean, I still haven't even changed out of my pajammys yet.
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