Sorry, I tried.

Confession: I've been wanting to post on here ever since last week, but the only things I have to post about are pregnancy-related. I keep putting it off in hopes of something else coming up, but if you have ever been 9 months pregnant before, you understand my problem; EVERYTHING is pregnancy-related right now. So I apologize if you're sick of posts dealing with pregnancy right now (does it seem like EVERYONE you know is pregnant right now, too?). Well, anyway, I never get sick of em, so I'm sure you'll find a way to deal with the preggy posts too.

Three more weeks from today, my friends. That is how long we have until baby's due date. I hope baby can wait that long, because I so do not feel ready yet. It's finally starting to hit me that I'm going to birth a baby (I know the word birth is uncomfortable in that sentence, but I really need to start facing the facts). I'm going to have a little baby with me all of the time. I'm going to be driving with a baby. I'm going to be sitting next to a baby at church. I'm going to be going to the bathroom next to a baby? (I still don't know how all of this works).

One big comfort has been baby's nursery. At least we have that just about ready to go. I'm really loving how it's coming together. My favorite is how Camaron and I will always pause for a minute as we pass by baby's room and look in. It's fun to look at and imagine its future little inhabitant. Over the weekend, my parents came over and helped install some shelves in the nursery -because my parents are awesome and realize that Cam works all day long, and I don't know how to use a power drill correctly. Oh my goodness, I had no idea what a difference shelves could make! Nursery pics coming soon!

Also, over the weekend, Cam and I packed our hospital bag so that we don't have to worry about that anymore. And, baby now has a middle name! Did I ever even tell you he has a first name? He does! Sorry to keep you in suspense, but it's still kinda a secret. I'm very self-conscious about things like this, and it took us long enough to come up with this one name. I'm just afraid that if I hear someone's opinion, I'll change my mind again. But if you see Camaron, he'll tell you:) I made that his job.
Things are getting real up in here, people.

I Know It's Wednesday...

But this weekend was just so great, I want to blog about it some more.

The baby shower on Saturday was just so great for tons of reasons -one major one being that I had been putting off doing much in the baby room until after the shower. It seems like a good idea to not buy anything for baby until after the shower would probably be a better idea, however, if only we hadn't planned the shower so close to the due date. Let's just say, I was sooo excited to finally be able to really get started putting things together and clean, decorate, etc...

I was out running errands that evening while Cam was still working on the baby room. The best part of my evening was when I received a text from the husband with this picture attached
I'm pretty sure I laughed out loud when I saw this. Cutie Camaron is so ready to be a dad.

Later that night, our Bradford friends invited us over for ice cream and balloon boy reminiscing.  It was wonderful. And really funny.

Then, on Sunday, Camaron and I gave talks at church. We were asked to speak on pioneers. Due to a lot of uncontrolled(?) factors, my talk ended up only taking 5 minutes of our allotted time, so Cam got to speak for the remaining 25 minutes. Oops. Well, at least that boy likes to talk and does it well.

That night, my family had our traditional Christmas in July celebration. We started making it a tradition a few years ago. It's a completely secular tradition, but I love when we get to do it:) The night included frosting Christmas cookies, having a gift exchange, some festive decorations, and playing fun games.

One of the best parts of the night was that this is the gift Camaron's dad ended up with. I don't think he's ever seen any of the new Batman movies, but he did a great scary Batman voice. Sure, it sounded more like the Old Spice guy, but it was still great.

Now I really want some more Christmas cookies.


THE Baby Shower

Oh. My. Goodness.
To say I was excited for my baby shower on Saturday is a vast understatement.
Let's just say, the first thing Cam and I said to each other that morning was "Happy Baby Shower Day!"
Two of my best friends and my sister put it all together ...and they rocked it.
Everything was so cute, and so yummy, and so much fun!

Thank you soooooo much
Mary, Bethany, and Alyssa!!!


SEEING all kinds of red and yellow. It's becoming my home's favorite, I think.

HEARING Camaron taking interesting calls for his job, and lots of these guys today on the ipod

TASTING the best crepe topping ever. Add sour cream + powdered sugar. Heaven.

SMELLING remnants of Camaron's slow-cooking-magic from last night. This sweet pork is sooooo delectable. Recipe here

TOUCHING a paintbrush after a way-too-long hiatus

**inspired by Ashley's post today**

Drip, drip, drop

One of our friend's sisters just had a baby this weekend (sorry, that was a confusing sentence).
She told us that when she went into the hospital, around 10 other girls came in at the same time to have babies too! They thought that was kinda weird, so they asked the doctor and he said that it is common to go into labor during rainstorms because of the drop in barometric pressure (or something like that). Uhhhh, guys, it's monsoon season in AZ right now. Aka, it's going to be storming a lot over the next few months. I'm due next month. Things might be getting a little crazy up in here!!!

p.s. This is why I love my job.
I had a work meeting on Wednesday. I was a little late (as usual). It was really weird, because I couldn't find anyone when I got there. The lights to the room we usually met in were all off. Someone mentioned that everyone was meeting in the back room, so I went through the darkened room to get to the back room. As soon as I opened the door to the darkened room, the lights flipped on and I heard a loud "surprise!" I was so confused. I wasn't sure if it was for me, or if they had been waiting for someone else or something. As I looked around, it really started to sink in. Blue balloons, a basket of diapers and baby gifts, a gorgeous cake ...My amazing co-workers had thrown me a surprise baby shower! Not gonna lie, I started crying when I realized what was going on. It was the best work meeting ever.


Last month, I ended up doing a lot of blog designing. I've been loving the ideas and challenges thrown my way throughout the process (as well as the awesome bloggers I've gotten to work with). I just thought I'd share a little of what I've been creating lately with you today 
(Yes, I've been a little obsessed with watercolors and aqua/mint green lately. eh)

 Check out her blog here

 Check out her blog here

Check out her blog here

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34 weeeeeks and hot tan lines

Remember that one time I went to the beach two weeks ago and wore expired sun block? 
Oh, don't worry, I still have plenty of the amazing sunblock left -just incase you want your legs to look as hot as mine do right now. 

On a completely different note, this skirt may be the most comfortable purchase I've ever made. I don't know why, but throughout this pregnancy, I've found myself avoiding maternity clothing. Mostly, I've just found them to be kind of a waste of money and big elastic waistbands freak me out. I finally gave in one day and bought some maternity shorts (mostly just because I needed more shorts anyway). They're glorious! What was I thinking?! And now this skirt???? Let's just say, if you are pregnant, will be pregnant, or just want the most comfortable piece of clothing ever, get yourself one of these.

Born in the USA

We woke up and enjoyed a juicy watermelon breakfast bonanza with friends.
Still in my pajamas.
It then began to sprinkle.
I put on some pants and Cam and I went out to play in the rain.
Best. Weather. Ever.
Came home and left the door wide open. 
Then opened all of the windows.
We napped together under the cool breeze that July 4th brought for us.
Woke to pulled pork sandwiches that Cam had slow-cooked for 12 hours the day before.
Only thing missing was cole slaw.
Put on our red, white, and blue then went to Cam's parent's for some ice cream.
Went to Walmart for some chips and potato salad.
Had grilled steak, grilled corn, and all the fixins at my parents.
Including patriotic cake.
Put on our swimmies and headed to another BBQ.
Ate bacon n' cheese-filled burgers and IBC root beer.
Swam like a pregnant woman -cause I am.
Ate homemade apple pie.
Got on the roof to watch fireworks.
Learned I shouldn't climb on a roof when I'm 33 weeks pregnant.
There was no finale. :(
Raced home and showered.
We missed the movie showing we were aiming for, so we watched Bones until the next showing.
Went to The Amazing Spiderman at 11pm.
Loved. It. (yes, more than anything Toby McGuire was in. Go see it)
Came home and somehow ended up in bed and fell asleep.
Had Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA in my head all day.

Best 4th of July ever?
The jury is still out -especially since Camaron and I professed our love for each other for the first time on this holiday 2 years ago. Well, technically, that was July 3rd, so...

*I stole that pic of fireworks from the internets. Once I was on the roof, there was no way I was climbing down and then back up again just for my phone

Monday Thoughts

It is now July. Baby is due August 21. I am having a baby next month. Whoa.

The nesting stage may finally me kicking in. All I want to do today is clean, clean, clean! This is not normal.

I keep having dreams where I have the baby. The first one was a few weeks ago. In the dream, I just woke up and was in the delivery room. I had apparently had the baby the night before, but had no recollection of it. I was kinda mad that I couldn't remember how it went. Then, last night I dreamed that I had had the baby, but I was wrong. Everyone was like, "uh, no you didn't." And I felt dumb. I guess that's what I get for reading birthing books right before bed. Any dream interpretors out there?

Oh, another dream I had (not baby related) was the other night. In the dream, I was at Disneyland with all of my family (except Camaron for some reason. Sorry Cam!). And as my brother and I rode past my mom on Splash Mountain, she handed us the cutest little puppy! I held him for the whole ride and was extra careful every time the ride got crazy. When Camaron woke me up, I still had my arms in the "holding puppy" position. How can you possibly top that dream??? Disneyland AND puppy?!?!

What would you wear to a maternity photo shoot? One of my friend's older sisters asked if I wanted my pics taken for free so she can expand her portfolio. I may need to go shopping.

We watched the second half of the George Harrison documentary the other night with friends (and I cried. A lot). Afterwards, it suddenly hit us how young the Beatles were when they broke up. In 1970, Paul would have only been like 28! Beards really make men look older. It's a fact. I had no idea they were so close to my age -they accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. Whoa.

The only plans we have for the fourth of july are to eat BBQ and watermelon. I'm ok with this.
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