Born in the USA

We woke up and enjoyed a juicy watermelon breakfast bonanza with friends.
Still in my pajamas.
It then began to sprinkle.
I put on some pants and Cam and I went out to play in the rain.
Best. Weather. Ever.
Came home and left the door wide open. 
Then opened all of the windows.
We napped together under the cool breeze that July 4th brought for us.
Woke to pulled pork sandwiches that Cam had slow-cooked for 12 hours the day before.
Only thing missing was cole slaw.
Put on our red, white, and blue then went to Cam's parent's for some ice cream.
Went to Walmart for some chips and potato salad.
Had grilled steak, grilled corn, and all the fixins at my parents.
Including patriotic cake.
Put on our swimmies and headed to another BBQ.
Ate bacon n' cheese-filled burgers and IBC root beer.
Swam like a pregnant woman -cause I am.
Ate homemade apple pie.
Got on the roof to watch fireworks.
Learned I shouldn't climb on a roof when I'm 33 weeks pregnant.
There was no finale. :(
Raced home and showered.
We missed the movie showing we were aiming for, so we watched Bones until the next showing.
Went to The Amazing Spiderman at 11pm.
Loved. It. (yes, more than anything Toby McGuire was in. Go see it)
Came home and somehow ended up in bed and fell asleep.
Had Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA in my head all day.

Best 4th of July ever?
The jury is still out -especially since Camaron and I professed our love for each other for the first time on this holiday 2 years ago. Well, technically, that was July 3rd, so...

*I stole that pic of fireworks from the internets. Once I was on the roof, there was no way I was climbing down and then back up again just for my phone


  1. aha "swam like a pregnant woman."
    i just like this list and this post and america!

  2. Love this :) and that you climbed up on a roof while pregnant. You go girl! Three cheers for perfect fourth of july days, and for america and stuff ;)

  3. Dang sounds like you had a really delicious and relaxing day! I still can't believe you climbed on the roof. 33 weeks pregnant! PS I have a crush on Spiderman after seeing The Amazing Spiderman. I also loved Emma Stone in that.

  4. This sounds like one tasty fourth. And I'm pretty sure it was the best bc I professed my love for both of you my heart.

  5. watermelon & cake? gimme. i love the line, "swam like a pregnant woman" -- haha! what a visual that makes. xo.

  6. It was a great 4th! Glad you had such a fun-filled day. Dad and I just love that picture of Bowski.

  7. the way that pooch is eyeballing that hunk of meat is classic. :D


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