How To Calm a Fussy Baby

Baby won't stop crying and fussing??
Sounds like you need the help of a professional.

A professional WWF wrestler, that is.

Today, I discovered that if I bring Fox within two feet of this 6 foot+ cardboard cutout of Hulk Hogan, he automatically calms down. I don't know if it's Hulk's red/yellow spandex tights or his overall calming demeanor, but I'm sure glad he's around (even if he does still freak me out at night).

One Week Later

Yesterday was one week since Fox's birth. I cannot believe how incredibly fast one week can fly by. I feel like we just came home from the hospital yesterday! It's amazing how much can change in just a matter of only seven days. Here are some of the things that I have noticed are now different than they were just a week ago:

Camaron are I are now pro diaper changers.

Camaron is a master burper. He's even made me burp when he's burping Fox.

My body is adjusting to Fox's schedule. Sometimes, I even wake up a minute before he does.

Bodies are so amazing. It's been so crazy how fast my body is warping back into its old self. (confession: I kinda miss my baby bump. kinda).

I don't think I've ever been so tired in my life, yet I struggle taking naps.

A week of no cooking! I feel soooo blessed to have so many thoughtful friends (not to mention, amazing cooks) who've really helped us out a ton this week. I can't thank you enough.

I've only gone outside once this week. Oops.

Sometimes I just look at Fox and start crying. I seriously love him so so much.
It makes me think of this clip whenever I start tearing up.
Also, this week marked Camaron's first day at ASU. Fox was very supportive.

Happy one week, little cutie

How Wonderful Life is While You're in the World



Remember in my last post how I mentioned that things have been a little crazy emotionally lately?
Well, I wasn't kidding. And it has now gone far beyond just crying in every movie and show I watch.

Last night (at midnight), I started bawling because I just really wanted some chocolate cake.
Camaron came over to see what was wrong and I tried really hard to stop, and I was basically ugly cry/laughing at that point because I knew how ridiculous I was being. 
But I just couldn't go to bed without chocolate cake.

This will stop after baby is born, right?

p.s. Yes, Camaron went to Walmart at midnight and got us a fudgy, chocolate cake to eat. I think he had been waiting(excitedly) the whole 9 months for a crazy craving like this to hit. 
I sure love that husband of mine.

Running Out of Options

Yes, this is Camaron's shirt. Pretty sure my closet is about done with me and my 39-week pregnant measurements. Let's just say, it was getting ridiculous, people. And I really hope I didn't permanently stretch out all of my pre-preggy clothes that I've been trying to make work the last couple of weeks. My mom will be happy I've finally given up on em.

Oh, did you catch that? Yes, we are in the 39th week. The last week (hopefully). I wouldn't say I'm at the "get this baby outta me!!!!!!" point yet -although, I've been getting closer to it as the last couple of nights have been a little rough for sleeping. Really, I feel incredibly blessed that my body has been transitioning into this last little bit of pregnancy so well. Of course, I'm only talking physically -we won't get into emotionally. But honestly, I can't wait to meet our little baby. It's becoming so real, yet it's still so hard to comprehend how close we're getting to actually having a baby. I don't know if that makes sense.

Saturday was my last day of work. It was bittersweet, as I've really come to enjoy my co-workers. But it is so nice to not have to worry about working right now. Mostly, I'm just trying to stay busy finishing baby's room, cleaning the house, getting freezer meals ready for post-pregnancy-craziness, and having fun with our friends and families. This is such a strange stage in life. I know I'm in for a lot of changes. I really don't know what to expect, so I'm trying to prepare the best that i can. 

p.s. highlight of the week: opening our front door one night to find a giant Hulk Hogan cutout standing there. I screamed and tried to hide. Hulkamania.

Life At 38 Weeks

-Sleep, sleep, sleep (I feel very ok about this, as I usually have to get up 3+ times during the night to visit the bathroom)

-Morning cuddles with husband (best part of the day)

-Breakfast together before hubs goes to work

-Catch up on the internets

-Catch up on PLL (Pretty Little Liars -aint no shame ...ok, a little bit of shame)

-Get ready for the day and go to work (don't be fooled, the term "get ready for the day" is used very loosely here)

-Have tons of fun being 38 weeks pregnant at work (It's my last week, thank goodness)

-Come home and make dinner while waiting for hubs to finish up at work (all whilst sweating profusely)

-Eat dinner together or invite friends over or go over to friend's (this step varies throughout the week)

-Netflix it up together until we're too tired to watch any more episodes of Scrubs

-Pretend like we're going to read for a little bit, but then realize I'm too tired to look at words

-Sleep, sleep, sleep


One Year Later

The other night, I decided to look in my journal to see what I had written in it last year (it's a five year journal). On this weekend last year, we were just finishing up packing and gearing  up to stuff the moving truck for our big move up to Utah. I can't believe that happened a year ago! I totally remember the morning that we filled the truck. Some of our neighbors and friends from church came over to help and the whole move was finished in about 45 minutes! It was so great -especially since it was so hot. And I had picked up Krispy Kremes for everyone, but ended up eating the majority of them on our drive up north (which was just fine).

This weekend (in the present), Cam and I are happily back in AZ, Camaron and I are both working, we had breakfast for dinner with friends, watched the Olympics, doggy-sat our neighbor's super-cool dog, Camaron drove all the way down to Benson for a music video shoot, I ate the most amazing grilled pizza, and we tried to convince baby to make his debut (mostly Camaron, though. So impatient, that one).

Do you remember what you were doing a year ago? It's so crazy how life changes so much so quickly. ...And now I really want some Krispy Kremes (or to just watch this video)
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