A G-Rated Birth Story -Told by Mom & Dad

Our little Fox joined us two weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon at 4:07 pm. He's been soo much fun and sooo much cute that I don't even care that I've lost sooooo much sleep taking care of him (he's a baby, what do you expect? -I have to keep reminding myself of this).

*This is a collaboration of both Camaron's and my versions of what happened the day Fox was born. Warning, this is long. I kept it this way though because a great comfort to me when preparing for birth was reading the experiences of others. And I want to remember as much about this special experience as I can. I won't be offended if you skip to the pictures at the end or whatever though:)

text=Camaron  text=Andrea

(Saturday, August 18, 2012) 
So I had just gotten off work, and needed to return an external hard drive one of my 
coworkers. Andrea’s sister, Bethany, had come over, so I figured it would be fine if I left 
the house for a bit. Just as I was leaving my coworkers house (which was about twenty minutes away), I 
got a call from Andrea, where all she said was that she was bleeding and scared. In scary situations, I always tend to plan for worst-case scenarios, so I had all sorts of horrible thoughts as to what was going on. Kind of like in scary movies that don’t show the monster, where the audience’s imagination makes the monster scarier than anything man could have created, so the lack of information I was given took my mind to all sorts of dark places. That got me pretty worried, so I made it home in about ten minutes. 

Bethany had left to go pick up dinner, so Andrea was all alone when I got there. She wasn’t near as bad as I had imagined, she was sitting and could walk and talk, but she was also crying. 
Andrea asked for a blessing, and after the blessing I felt much better. One thing I 
remember now, though, is that the blessing didn’t say anything about the baby, it was all 
about Andrea, so I was a little worried that there wasn’t any promise that the baby would 
be ok. Now I can see that the baby wasn’t mentioned because there wasn’t anything to 
worry about, but again, when things are scary, I always envision the worst scenarios.
After the blessing, Andrea’s mom and Bethany showed up, and we decided that I should 
take Andrea to the hospital. We got there, and six hours (that’s right, six hours) later, 
they determined nothing was abnormal and sent us on our way. While there, Andrea 
started getting contractions, but Hospital said they were pre-birth contractions (they had 
a term for it, but I don’t remember what it was), and that it could be days before anything 
started happening. So they gave Andrea some Ambien to help her sleep and sent us on 
our way.

After the crazy night before, I awoke Sunday morning probably around 5 or 6 am -although it didn't really feel like I had just woken up, as I had been up so many times during the night trekking it to the bathroom. I could really feel my contractions now. I could tell when one was starting, dying off, and then a new one coming on. I began using my contractions app on my phone to time and keep track of them. It kinda made me sick every time I would have to reach for my phone to press "start" whenever a new contraction hit. They weren't horrible or anything, but my hip was killing me (baby had dropped the day before and was resting on my hip nerve or something. It was no bueno), and with each new contraction, the already wrenching hip pain was greatly heightened. So I laid there for an hour or so just feeling the contractions and keeping track. They were around 4 minutes apart I think, but I can't remember how long they were lasting, I just know it didn't feel like it was time yet.

So I kept myself occupied. I drew a warm bath (I had been told this would help with the pain). It felt sooooo nice. I have no idea how long I was in there, but I know I could have stayed in there forever. The whole time, I kept my phone close by so I could keep pressing start whenever another contraction came along. I just deep-breathed through each one. I had been planning a natural birth since the beginning, so I had read Ina May's book and the Hypnobirthing book, and let me tell ya, these women know what they're talking about. Breathing through the contractions really made them easier to get through. My hip pain was a whole different story though.

Finally (around 8 am), I decided to wake Camaron. I calmly told him we should probably start getting ready to go to the hospital. My contractions were getting pretty strong, around 3 minutes apart. He asked if he had time to shower. I figured "eh, why not?" I still didn't feel any need to rush or anything -I really didn't want to get sent home again. So after the shower, Cam made us some toast and we kept getting ready for the day and I just kept timing myself. Something felt a little funny, so I went to the bathroom to check myself. 
"Uh, Camaron ...I think my water just broke." 
Now we quit our dawdling around.

We grabbed all our stuff and were getting it in the car when it suddenly hit me. 
"I think I'm gonna be sick" was all I could muster out as I ran to the bathroom. 
"Good news, Cam. Your toast is just as tasty coming up as it was going down."

So Camaron, me, and a barf bowl began the drive to the hospital. The pain in my hip was pretty excruciating at this point, and I could barely keep it together each time a contraction hit. We arrived around 9 am. At the hospital, we were admitted quickly (so, so grateful for that. I owe it to being there the night before). In triage, they confirmed that I had definitely gone into labor. I was 100% effaced and dialated to a 4. As they were talking to me, I probably mentioned 16 times that my hip was killing me. Eventually they brought up that I had previously stated I was planning natural, they just wanted to confirm that this was still the case. "Nope!" They laughed a little at how easily I had changed my mind. But it wasn't an easy decision. If it weren't for the hip pains, I know I wouldn't have gone for an epidural, but the pains were just ridiculous. I had even previously told Cam that if I changed my mind about going natural, he would make me wait ten minutes and then check with me again to make sure it wasn't just the contractions talking. It was so cute that he remembered this and checked with me earlier to see if I was still sure. I had contemplated it all morning and knew that changing my mind was ok.

Originally Andrea had really wanted to do a natural birth (which meant no pain-relief drugs), but in addition to her contractions, she had been having an insanely painful feeling in her hip (we were told later that the baby was probably resting his head on a nerve), so she opted to get drugged. That was 
actually pretty nice for both of us, because before they sedated her, she was kind of like 
Christpoher Lloyd’s character in this clip.

The epidural could not have come soon enough. Camaron laughs at how once I got it, It was like night and day. Basically, once the hip pain was gone, I was a normal person again. Not long after that, I was moved into labor and delivery.

After that, things went pretty smooth - well, about as smooth as giving birth could go. 
The doctor was on his way back from being out of town, so Nurse Annie got Andrea 
started on pushing. She did a great job, and although I was pretty sure I wasn’t gonna 
watch, when everything started going down I couldn’t look away. It was just so cool! 
Then the doctor showed up and helped her the rest of the way, and seeing the baby 
come out was pretty mind-blowing. Since babies are all soft and squishy and stuff, when 
he came out it looked like one of these.
He just slid right out! And he was perfect, and wonderful, and everything that is good in 
the world.


  1. i loved reading both point of views...congratulations, he is adorable! you look so proud! (as you should be!) :)

  2. I LOVE you guys and am so thrilled about your foxy new family addition!! I can't wait to meet him!

    1. I can't wait for you to meet him either! Fox party!

  3. okay Cam's side clips were so funny. and I love Fox.

  4. Roger Rabbit, huh? I'm not sure how much I can trust Cam's side of the story since he said that he beat me back to the house on Saturday night. I was totally there before him. :)

  5. So adorable! And I love the name. Love the way you told the story. Congratulations!

  6. i didn't think that was long and boring at ALL! good description and inserted visuals (ha, ha, ha). and dang girl, you look good for just having had a baby!

    1. Thanks, J-baby! And you should so come down for Thanksgiving:) I live way close to your bro and sis now, and we could teach Fox how to hammer throw a frisbee

  7. Oh I love that you wrote this from his/her perspectives. So so happy for you guys!! I can't wait to come see you and meet him!

  8. So beautiful! I loved this, Andrea! What a great idea to have your husband right too!

  9. I LOVED LOVED this. It's making me tear up, and I don't even know you guys. How sweet. Thank you for sharing :)


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