Birthday Birthday Birthday

Birthday posts are standard around these parts. So, without further ado...

Happy birthday, oh Camaron of mine!!!

Here are 24 reasons you're my favorite 24 year-old:
1. You can make slow-cooked sweet pork like it's nobody's business (and it isn't)
2. You know all the words to The Cranberries' Zombie
3. You've eaten and loved (or pretended very well that you loved) every meal/dessert I've ever made for you 
4. I've never felt like a single parent in the middle of the night. You're always up for helping me out with little Fox
5. You love puppies (Not as much as I do. But, then again, who does?)
6. You understand my love of all things gummy
7. Inclusion of others is your specialty
8. Even though you're not a huge fan of getting your picture taken, you always pose for me
9. Your beard is red. Nuff said.
10. You love dancing with your wife, even when we're the only ones shaking it at your former-boss' kid's communion party
11. You are the prince of clean dishes
12. You enjoy wearing ties. And you wear them well
13. You're a great friend to everyone you meet 
14. Fox is super cute ...I'm sure you had something to do with that 
15. You jumped at the chance to feed my pregnancy cravings ...and buckle my shoes when I couldn't reach my feet anymore
16. You read all of my blog posts
17. Going out and trying new things is one of your favs
18. You're an incredibly hard worker
19. Best cuddler award goes to
20. You enjoy partying as much as Andrew W.K. 
21. Funniest person I've ever met (I'm talking about you here)
22. You understand the amazingness that is Billboard Dad
23. You're the best daddy ever. I'll never be able to calm Fox as quickly as you do -and I have his food supply
24. I couldn't even imagine a better husband for me. Love love love you!!!

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  1. camaron in a rock star! all the words to "zombie"? for real? you got a good one, purple shorts!


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