That one time when we caught the skunk

I didn't get any pics of the skunk here's a cute pic of a Fox instead:)

In case you're new around these parts, here's a little background on the skunk.

Ok, are we all on the same page now? Ok great.

Well, Pepé and his kitty friends (Cam saw a cat once) have been visiting our vents at least once a day ever since the first incident. Even though it was creepy to hear an animal crawling in the ceiling above me whenever I'd be making lunch for myself, I finally decided I didn't care. Whatever animal was up there, it wasn't hurting anything. It was probably just escaping the summer heat. Maybe it just really liked what I had done with the place? Who knows, but I just decided that maybe it wasn't a big deal anymore.

Until the day I smelt some stank.

It was very light, but it was there. Pepé must have sprayed earlier that day and then decided to come relax in our vents afterwards (spraying can be very stressful). You can hang out in my vents, but only if you don't stink. I thought we went over this.

So we let maintenance know about our stinky visitor and they had animal control set up a trap/cage outside our house for Pepé. The cage sat out there for a couple days and continually freaked me out. I didn't want to walk outside and find a mad, caged skunk, preppin' to spray anything that moved. I just don't have enough tomato juice to handle that right now. But whenever I would peek my head outside to check on it ...nothing. Who designed this "trap?" Why would an animal just walk into this cage-thing in the first place? They'd have to be pretty dumb.

Well, apparently skunks are pretty dumb.

We came home from dinner Saturday night and the door to the trap was shut. I stayed in the car (bravely) with Fox while Camaron checked out the situation. He gave me the affirmative -Pepé was caught. Animal control couldn't come by until sometime the next day -so I basically freaked out imagining the skunk getting mad and then Fox suffocating from skunk stank all night long.

When we left for church early Sunday morning, we hastily walked past the trap. We noticed there was a large hole dug under the cage. Great, Skunky dug himself out during the night. That or he just tried really hard to get out. Whatever happened, we were late for church so we couldn't really check it out.

When we got home, the cage/trap was gone. I'm just hoping it was animal control that picked it up and not some punk neighborhood kids ...although that would be quite a prank -putting a skunk in your friend's bed.

Now, let's just home Pepé didn't have any friends.

*imagine how confusing this story would be to someone who didn't know I named my child Fox

Fall Wreath DIY

Fall wreaths are kinda my thing. I made one last year around this time and loved it so much that I kept it up all the way until last night. It was a great wreath and a great friend, but let's be honest, it was kinda gross. It had faded a lot in the sun and was very dirty from the summer dust storms. I think part of the reason I left it up for so long was because I felt I could only replace it with a wreath that I loved equally or even more. 

Well, last week the day finally came. 

I made a wreath I may be liking even better than last year's
I like it so much in fact, that I want to share with you how you can make your own:)
I guess I'm just thoughtful like that.

//Supplies needed//
A wicker wreath -found at any craft store
1/4 yard wool felt in whatever color you prefer
glue gun

First, cut out some circles in various sizes from your felt. You can use a round object to trace your circles, or do them free-handed. They don't need to be perfect. Each circle makes one rosette for your wreath. So, cut out as many as you want.

For each circle, you will cut a spiral into it starting from the outside going in. As you're cutting, make the spiral wavy. When you get close to the center, finish by leaving a circle shape in the middle 
-this will become the base of your flower.

Next, begin rolling this long strip of felt, starting from the end where you first started cutting. Keep it tight as you roll it up. Finish by placing the center circle under your flower. If you want your flower to look more loose and open, then roll it a little looser. Use the hot glue gun to glue the round base to the bottom of the flower -this will hold it together.

Arrange them on your wreath however you like. I only covered about 1/3 of mine, but it also looks cute completely covered. You could also add felt leaves too! Once it looks good to you, glue everything onto the wreath and use a ribbon or string to hang it onto your front door.
*trick: I always press a flat thumbtack into the top of my door (not the front of the door, the top), 
and then hang my wreaths from that.

I spy two silly creepers


Courtesy of the iPhone

 That one time when a ton of relatives were in town, so we decided to ransack Barro's Pizza

I saw a picture of a pumpkin ice cream sandwich on the internetz, and that was it. Off to Slickables -our go-to amazing ice cream sandwich place. 

 So much to think about.

I've been growing my bangs out just so I could see what a middle-part looked like on me. 
Last week, the day finally came. It was fun, but I've heard rumors the bangs will be back soon.

We mixed it up last pizza night with some homemade margherita. 
...And then we made it again the next night:) -fresh basil is where it's at. 

We got a sneak peek at fall last weekend. We'd be fools not to have picnic'd it up!

Fox's new favorite things are his feet. 
He's always kicking them around and I keep finding him just staring at them.

Fox Faces

The worst thing in the world (not even being dramatic here) is when you have to go to the bathroom really bad ...and then this kid starts busting out faces like these. You're killing me kid! Ok, more like you're killing my bladder.

In other news, here's an incident that happened last week -and I'm pretty sure this is only a sneak peek at more to come. So, we had dinner at a neighbor's home last week with a few other couples. We brought Fox along, of course. Dinner was AMAZING! And Fox was perfectly behaved (for the most part). But the best part of the evening was when one of the ladies mis-heard Camaron and thought the baby's name was Andrew (Camaron thought she was asking what my name was. When he told her Andrea, apparently she heard Andrew). I guess she became confused when she heard the rest of us repeatedly refer to the baby as Fox
She turned to me toward the end of the meal and asked where the nickname Fox came from.  Camaron and I quickly chimed in that it wasn't a nickname -it was his actual name. That was when we found out she thought his name was Andrew, so Camaron cleared that one up as well. Later on, she pulled me aside and quietly said, "He's joking with me, right?"
This woman could not grasp that our child's name was Fox. 
Come on, lady. You're only making this more and more awkward for yourself.

Can I really blame her though? This was part of why choosing Fox's name was so difficult for me.

 No name felt right at all until Fox became an option. Honestly, I'm not sure how it got thrown in the mix. But there it was; a name that I liked the uniqueness of. And I liked that it was still simple. And let's be honest, I've loved Foxes since I watched The Littlest Fox when I was five. But I knew a unique name could lead to misunderstandings, questioning, and possibly bullying (seriously, why do these kids have nothing better to do?). This is where reluctance settled in and why I was determined to keep our baby's name secret until he was born. 

But now the reluctance is gone. It left the first time I saw little Fox's face:)

P.S. Have you ever seen a baby sneeze?
Well, now you have.


Blessing the Fox

Yesterday was such a wonderful day. We woke up extra early to get ready for church. We knew we couldn't be late -it was Fox's blessing day! So we made sure his little bow-tie was on straight, his dress shirt onesie was nicely ironed, and he wore actual shoes for the first time in his life!

We made it to church on time and were ecstatic to see most all our family and friends there to show their love for little Fox. Camaron was able to give Fox the sweetest blessing -too bad I bawled through the whole thing. Afterwards, we were blessed to enjoy one of the least-awkward testimony meetings I can remember.

The amazingness does not stop there.

It continued on full-throttle at my parent's house once the meeting was over. We got to enjoy a glorious brunch with everyone. AND I found out my cousin and my sister-in-law are both pregnant!!! Yippeeee!!! More friendsies for Fox!

Oh, by the way, you see Fox in the above photo? Yeah, that's how he was looking all morning. Asleep. It was wonderful. So, basically, if you want yourself a well-behaved baby for early-morning church, simply keep them up until around 1am on accident the night before. But, then again, maybe that's just what works for our family.

The day also included hearing Camaron's little brother speak in his ward (He just returned home from the Tennessee, Knoxville mission). And then a family/friend get together for him at Cam's parent's house that evening. Which later led to playing mafia with the cousins until way past Fox's bedtime (again). Basically, we were on family-overload this weekend (which is just fine long as I get to eat plenty of food).

Wreaths, Headbands, and Naps

I feel my best when I am productive. Doesn't everybody?
Sometimes, especially lately, I've had a really hard time feeling productive and/or accomplished. With a newborn in the house, I've had to train myself to use any free time I am given for napping. And it's been great. I have gotten very good at it. Unfortunately, all this napping has not helped me cross anything off of my ever-growing list of things to do to turn this house more into a home.

Well, this week, I decided I need to start shaping up. I need to plan naps a little better (because there's no way I'm just going to give up on naps) so that I can still get things done around this place ...instead of just moping around in my pajamas* until three in the afternoon.

I finally bought some fall decorations and set them up, I bought supplies to replace the wreath that's been hanging on our door since last fall, and I have everything I need to design some newborn headbands for a couple of friends who have little girls on the way. Today is a headband/wreath-making day. No nap until I get a few things done around this place.

Now let's just hope little baby is cooperative and wants to nap later today when I finish all of this. Because, honestly, he's the one who is really in charge of what goes on around here.

*pajama days are still going to happen. Maybe we'll just cut it down to three times a week?

Welcome Home!!!

Today was an especially exciting day.
Not only did I finally find the charger for our camera,
but Camaron's little brother came home from his mission!
He has been in Tennessee for the past two years teaching the people of Knoxville about Christ. I cannot believe he's home already, it really feels like the two years just flew by. Although, when Craig left, Camaron and I weren't even engaged yet ...and now we are married and have a baby! I guess a lot can happen in just two years. Craig is doing awesome (still not quite as tall as Cam, though) and we're all excited to beat him in Super Smash Bros ...just like old times.

My favorite parts of the pics above:
Candace taking a pic of Fox in the last photo
Fox's face in the photo with all of us (and Cam's dad trying to photobomb us)

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